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Practicing my acceptance speech

For lunch, I fed Mia McDonald's french fries and globs of straight peanut butter. Forget what I said before, that Mother of the Year thing is mine.

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I like the fact that it's your previous post that's entitled, "Things of Which I Am Not Proud."


sorry, it's MINE.

For dinner Wednesday night, because I was exhausted and had a dizzy nauseous headache, dinner for me and Daya was a bowl of plain jasmine rice, both of us eating out of the same bowl with our hands while sittng on the floor.

When they're miserable, many of the "rules" go out the window temporarily.

I wouldn't have thought of french fries and peanut butter in the same breath but why not? Peanut butter is nutritious and an occasional french fry isn't going to cross her eyes.

Moderation - above all moderation.

There's protein! you're fine! heh.

at least she eats the peanut butter.... Shepherd won't touch the stuff...go figure

Welcome to the dark side! You've given in to your anger! Good! GOOOD!!!!


my kids have had pizza for supper 3 times this week, unless you count tonight--then it's 4.

and once they had bowls of grape jelly with marshmallows, because that's what they asked for and i was too tired to argue.

sometimes you just gotta.

Well, I've resorted to ice cream for dinner a couple of times.... ;-)

can that really be worse than allowing your child to use her chicken merely as a vehicle to deliver the ketchup? it may as well be a chicken flavored spoon.

On bad days or nights when I think I can't do it any longer and consider putting them up for bid on ebay, I give mine ice cream for dinner and let them watch a movie to fall asleep too. Then I get peace and quiet and can start to feel like I may not want to sell then in reality. I realize Mia is smaller than mine are...but really, french fries and peanut butter and Elmo videos are not much different from ice cream and the Increadables. Try not to feel bad about it. Tomorrow is another day and maybe it will be the day that Mia remembers that sleep is a wonderful thing. I hope she does, for all of yours sake.

My kids eat cereal for dinner more often than I care to admit. At least Mia got a little protein.

I see nothing wrong with that. It was at least more than one food group, right?

and that was my youngest regularly eats a glob of peanut butter on a spoon and cheese potato chips. I figure the good of the peanut butter counteracts the bad of the chips, so it's all good :)

You know what, that is perfectly okay if it made her happy :)

LOVE the title of your blog post!!! We all feed our kids meals like that sometimes.

What?! Peanut butter and potatoes are healthy. You will ace out the competition for sure.

As long as it wasn't bacteria-laced Peter Pan peanut butter, I don't see anything wrong with that. ;)

french fries come from the potatoe group, right?, and peanut butter comes from ??? another healthy group...Aren't we supposed to eat from the major groups.

No, I think I get the award: tomorrow we're having dress-up day -- for Purim -- at the monkey's school, and I'm not dressing her up!!!!

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