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The many faces of Dada

Mia calls almost every man she sees "dada." At first I thought she was actually seeing some resemblance between Chris and, say, a young Paul Simon. I've realized though, that with her limited vocabulary anybody she doesn't know is either a baby, a mama or a dada. She has no word for older children, just gives them a befuddled look and moves on to something she can identify. It does give me an occasional laugh, though. I was pretty amused when she found a bookmark in my nightstand and christened the figures "mama" and "dada":

And then there's this picture of "dada" from a refrigerator magnet. She likes to give this one high fives, too.

My favorite, though, was definitely yesterday when someone left an ad for some ridiculous upcoming exhibition on our door and I brought it in and gave it to Mia to color on. Meet Mia's new dada.

Looks an awful lot like Chris, doesn't he?

(This picture hangs in out living room, and Mia likes to share her snacks with Dada. Please ignore any resultant fingerprints or graham cracker crumbs. Also, my reflection.)

(Also, he did it again. I am still taking suggestions for appropriate vengeance.)

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Oh no, I had to giggle under my breath reading that as my little boy is napping next door!

I read that at your other place, and knew I had seen it before. But I have no davice. What's his excuse this time?

When my brothers were little they couldn't cope with me being an adult but not a parent. They would never acknowledge that I was a 'grown up'. I think they've got over it now although the 10 year old one did announce to me and my boyfriend that he wanted to be an uncle soon.

I love that picture of you and Chris and Mia! I always thought Mia looked like you exactly, but with the three of you there, I can see what a great combo she is of both of you!

The fun really begins when she starts calling perfect stangers Dada. One day Madeleine, then about Mia's age, called some random guy at Starbucks Dada, the look on his face was priceless.

Love the picture of the family - did you all take it or did you have it done by someone? Great shot!

That's hilarious! I do sorta see the resemblance though...

mia's new dada sure is smokin'

(ps. that picture of you guys is stunning. where was it taken?)

Live long an prosper.......

Such a cute family photo... I wish we could do as well.

Glad you got a clean butt. Really, that just makes my day.

Nothing beats the time Lady insisted that the Geek Squad guy she saw driving through town was Dada. Sweetie was thrilled to no end.

(Sweetie would like me to note for the record that he does not wear short sleeved button downs with ties, and a pocket protector)

My husband does that sometimes, drives me absolutely batty. The solution? Bring the baby into the room. :D Sully can't sleep when he's in our bed, because it's too exciting for him. There's Momma, Daddy, cat, Tem and Key-lees (pets), not to mention the bouncy bouncy bed, plus the window, and so on. And if you try to sleep, he lays on your chest, peers into your closed eyes and starts calling your name out.

That works for us. Usually after an hour of that, Sully is so exhausted that he'll go right back to sleep in his crib. Plus, Chris doesn't get to sleep that whole time either. :D (I also like the gal's suggestion of very carefully removing the last page.)

Hahaha. Dude, I'd so step on his yam bags. I also particularly like Phoenix's suggestion.

Michael does that too, calls perfect strangers Dada. And now he is calling anyone older "Gandma." People look at me look I am so strange.

I bet Mia's new daddy quite enjoys being called Daddy. ;)

Haha! I've seen Team Impact. You should see it for the amazing feats of strength. I like you family portrait too. It's really good. Chris does look like "Chris son of Spock, son of Savak".


Too funny!

Love the family photo!....beautifully done!

MsMiss doesn't call other guys Dada ... for her, Dada is an all-purpose expression of pleasure with what is before her. For example, seeing a favorite book: DADA! ... seeing a cute animal: DADA! ... the fabulous (in her mind at least) spinning gift card display at Target: DADA!

Some guys feel threatened by the multiple-Dada references of their child ... but I feel some pride in being an all-purpose expression of pleasure. :-)

Nate has started calling all men dada, too. It freaks me out a bit when he calls my father dada ~ we're really working hard to get him to say Nunnu (that's the name my dad's chosen to be called).

As for suggested punishment ~ is he a light sleeper? Maybe wait until he's sound asleep and paint his nails a pretty shade of pink...make sure to be out of nail polish remover.

My booger has a new game. It is designed to drive people insane. If you ask who you are, she will look around the room and answer anything, but who you are.

It goes like this.

"maegan, who am I?"
"No,not mommy, who am I?"
"Tithy (aunt tiffany)."
"No, who am I?"

Game repeats.
If it is her nanna, then she will insert Daddy and refuse to say nanna at all.

Of course doety means dog and hot. Haven't figured that one out yet.


This is too funny. I loved the first pic of mama and dada :D Do you sit around like that quite often :P LOL!

This is too funny. I loved the first pic of mama and dada :D Do you sit around like that quite often :P LOL!

I loved this! Adorable! And soooo funny!

What a beautiful family portrait!

I'm fond of tying knots into all of my husband's clothes when he misbehaves.

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