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Which would be a great name for a band

I have been desperately trying to think of something to tell you about other than my Angry Demon Child and the Teeth of Despair, although actually she is mostly back to Angel Princess mode despite the fact that she is still covering her toddler pillow with sad little bloodstains on a daily basis. I thought I might tell you about how I spent half of nap time yesterday checking all of Mia's dolls and animals for anatomical correctness, and the other half on my hands and knees scrubbing the hardwood, but one of those things is a little embarrassing, so I decided to skip it. (It is also a little embarrassing to note that until I got spell check in my browser I had been misspelling embarrassing for my entire adult life.)

Instead, I will tell you that I found out yesterday that we will be having a niece rather than a nephew come July or so, and that I have spent a goodly portion of the past week wondering whether little people are offended by Little People and also why all the female Little People are wearing poofy skirts and petticoats, which I think is an unsafe choice around farm machinery and someday one of those Little People is gonna lose a leg in a combine and that won't be pretty, no not at all.

(Mia just handed me a three-hole punch, a pack of cd labels, a cherry Chap Stick, one of my very own hairs, and a pencil eraser, so if any of you can think of a rockin' craft project involving those items and only those items I am totally prepared.)

Oh, right, I'll stop stalling. I was looking at my stats this week (which I rarely do, because it just makes me care and I try hard not to care) and noticed that I do more traffic over here than at the other place by, um, several orders of magnitude. And I don't expect the traffic to be the same, but I sort of started wondering why it was so different. So, if you read over here and not over there and if there is a reason for it and if you don't mind telling me what it is, I would appreciate hearing it. Unless it is rude or you want to tell me that I suck, which you can just keep to yourself. Oh, ok, if it is rude and likely to make me cry I guess you ought to tell me about it just so I will know, but in that case maybe you could email it to me so the entire internet doesn't have to share in my shame? Anyway, just wondering.

Whoops, have to go read, let's see... Biscuit's New Trick, which will be the seventeenth time through a Biscuit tome in the past 90 minutes. The glamor, I tell you, sometimes it just about does me in.

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I read both but mostly comment on the other one.

I read at both sites but probably comment more over here because the other site tends to be a bit more oriented around younger kids versus just parenting and life in general.

I don't know why I don't post over there, I read both. I guess because I feel like here I'm visitng you in your home and not at work, which is what it feels lke over there, sort of. Not that you aren't high-larious over there too, because you so are. I can't put my finger on why I don't comment over there, but if you were holding a gun to my head, I'd say this. mmmmkay?

Have a spiffy weekend. Stay warm.


I read both but do more lurking on the other one.

Embarrassing. Did you leave out the extra "r" or the extra "s"? Sometime I type it and have to double check to make sure. It looks odd.

I read both and comment at both, but I'm very haphazard at my commenting. I tend to comment all the time for a week or two, then get lazy for a while. I am very lazy. Very.

I always thought "5 Smooth Stones" would be a great name for a band. Like David and Goliath when David picks up 5 smooth stones.


Mmm.... biscuits. Also, I totally read both places, so I am not part of the problem.

I read here every day. I don't make it over there every day, most likely because I don't have it on my blogroll. How lazy is that?

You could totally make a Little People replacement toy, Chapstick Girl, out of chapstick, CD labels and a pencil eraser and your hair. The hole punch is for making patterns in the CD labels!

I only read here, and have only gone there, maybe twice. I am not a mom, and I think there is more of a mom-blog than here. Here seems to be more about you, life, and cactus.

I admit it. I read here every day but only sporadically over there, and it's not because I don't love you (I would totally make out with you anytime you say), but because I'm not a mom and I don't relate as much to the topics sometimes. When I do visit there, though, I tend to read through the past several posts and get caught up, but I rarely comment 'cause I don't think I can really offer the perspective that you or your readers in that forum probably want. So nothing personal, 'kay?

Oh, also? I can't help but wonder if it's the scrubbing of the floors or the checking of the dolls' genitalia that embarrasses you more. Just curious. For me, it'd be the floors.

hmph...i dunno.
i guess over here you are the real you. over at your other blog, there's a lot coming from other people - like the advice questions and the fabulous fridays. i like other people all well and good, and who doesn't love cute kids...but i read you for stories about you and your life and mia. and more of that is over here...
although i loved the teeth pictures over there yesterday!! :)

i do go to both sites...i'm sure you know that since you can see my scholastic ip address showing up...but i comment more over here because i got more to say, i guess.

make sense?

I read both, but I like this one better. It's less corporate.

Maybe it's just me.

I read both sites, but tend to comment a little bit more over here. not sure why, I just have more to comment about here. Like one person said above, this is more home and that work...I like heraring about everything you have to say though.

Did you know you were nominated for share the love blog awards? I voted for you in the topic, "blog I will read forever" or something like that.

I read over hear daily, sometimes I pop in over there (although not too much). Probably because I'm not a Mom and I feel like I "know you" more from here. And I like it when you swear. :)

What Carrster just said. :)

I read here daily and check in over there every once in a while. I'm not sure of my reasoning really, other than the fact I read here long before that other place existed. Well, that and I'm trying to reduce the number of blogs in my feed reader. I had so many I couldn't keep up anymore.

I read here daily and check in over there every once in a while. I'm not sure of my reasoning really, other than the fact I read here long before that other place existed. Well, that and I'm trying to reduce the number of blogs in my feed reader. I had so many I couldn't keep up anymore.

I read both but check here a lot more often -- partly because it's in my favorites and the other isn't, but partly because you could write here at any time of day and maybe even more than one post in a day (oooh!), but there it's just once per day and so if I read it once, I'm done for the day. I also think you're more real here, and I like when people just write about their life.

So, pretty much what everyone else said. :-)

I look at the other site sometimes, just to be nosy really, but I read this one more regularly as I have it in my head that the other site is more about parenting and being a mum, and I'm not a parent.

The writing is different. And there's no fish over there.

I usually just read this one. First I read RudeCactus, then I click the link on that page to come over here. I usually don't read the playground site b/c I don't have kids of my own yet so it just doesn't seem relevant. But I started reading this blog before you had Mia, so I keep reading it because a) I like your writing/sense of humor and b) the kid is so freaking cute!

If your stats are down at the other site and it's an issue, I'll try to remember to click in over there every so often. I'm assuming you get compensated in some way for that gig, and I wouldn't want you to have to go back to work at a 9-5 b/c you aren't getting enough traffic over there. Before you start thinking I'm nice, remember that people who work full time and raise kids update their blogs less often - and then what would I read when I'm supposed to be working? See, it's really all about me.

I read both places but you are way better over here. You are more laid back and speaking what is on your mind, the other places is more prepared and on topic I guess. Maybe it has to be, but I do read both places!

I pretty much read here every day because this one is cool. I sometimes read the other blog, but not really a lot. the other one is more centered around "mommies" and this one is more about you.. it's more "casual" or something. or maybe it's just because this blog is almost completely purple. ;P

I enjoy this one more because it appeals to a wider demographic and the writing is crisp. I do not own any breasts which if I did would attract me more to the other site. I do own two smaller versions of me, but the topics of conversation are college, learner's permits, teenage drinking, Beauty and the Geek, and Bones, in no particular order.
That picture of the pregnant woman who did a pumpkin on her stomach for Halloween is awesome though.

I love you long time at both places! I haven't made my bloggy rounds much, lately, and when I do I only seem to have the ability to focus long enough to read the first blog or two on my feed list, and since I was reading here first, I'm more likely to get here?

Oh, and sorry about the Return of Teething. Teething sucks.

I read both. And hey, I'll see you soon!

Along with one of your other commenters, I read here moreso than there because I am not a Mom and that seems to be more "kid/mom" related. However, I love your Mia stories here, but you pepper them with other thoughts that I can relate too.

I read both. I usually read the other one first as that one has a new posting first, then I flip over here throughout the day to see if you've posted. I don't comment here as much though.

Having said all that I think I know the answer to your traffic problem. At "the other one" you only post once per day, so once the post has been read most people probably don't go back until the next (business) day. Here you sometimes give us a big treat and post more than once, and/or you post at different times not necessarily first thing in the AM so people are checking in throughout the day to see if there is something new.

Wow, you've "dulurked" me with one question! It could be the cursing, or the purple, or some unconscious protest of all things Meredith Vieira;) I do really enjoy your writing...hope the Evil Teeth of Fury make it through soon.

I come out of hiding to misspell things...sorry!

This will make me sound like a horrible mother...but I like this site better than you other one, because I like reading about non-mommy things better than I like reading about mommy things.

See, I'm bad.

And about the teething...when does it end? My baby one have 3 teeth and I'm ready for it to be OVER!

I read over here because...

I'm a lazy ass. This is the link Chris has up so it's the one I follow. ;)

Because Meredith Viera makes me hurl and she is the co-founder of Club Mom.

I read at the other place every now and then, but most of the time I don't. I think it's because I'm not a mom, and so while that site is very entertaining (it is, I promise!) it's not something that I can relate to entirely. But if it's still there in a few years when I become a mom, I might pop in and say hi every now and then :)

Well, I read and comment and both, but I like this one better. Maybe it's the purple :P jk. No, like a lot of the previous commenters said it's because the other is more mommybloggerish and this is more hot firemen ;-) heh. But I do relate more to the life-in-general content you post here as opposed to the mommy stuff over at Clubmom.
And I really like Jef's idea for a band name.

I read this site because I find you so hilarious and I am not a mom (yet.. I hope to be soon, but mother nature has been unkind) so I don't read blogs that just have to do with parenting issues. Though I do visit when you post links to the other site (like yesterday with the Mia photos and when you posted the charity thing), I'm just not visiting regularly. Though if I am successful in getting knocked up, I will absolutely hang out at your "other" digs!

I'm looking for a non-ugly-non-creepy baby doll for Daya. Just so she can have the option to like or dislike them. (can you tell I was never interested in dolls at all as a kid?)

I was looking through ebay, trying to not be thoroughly creeped out and I saw an item description that read "ANATOMICALLY CORRECT FEMALE BABY DOLL"

If item listings were a physical room I would have run out of there so fast.......

I read both...but probably hang out here more...something about this site lures me back in for seconds.

Reread ali's comment above and pretend I reworded it and wrote it here as my comment also. ;)

Hmmm.. I read both places, but I don't think I have the other one bookmarked. I usually go over there when you send me that direction. If you are posting there on a daily basis and not telling me, then I blame you, as I cannot be held responsible for your lack of direction. haha Okay, I will go through the laborious task of bookmarking it! Happy now?! Good.

Someone mentioned being lazy. That's pretty much it for me. I have 100's of blogs that I read (and can't seem to stop, dammit) and I feel like I have a personal relationship with you here. The other place feels more workish to me. Interesting and I do read, but I just don't comment as much. Besides, I don't feel comfortable talking about how I totally want to do you when I'm over there. It's like I could be sued for sexual harassment or something.

Totally illogical, I know, but there it is.

I read both but comment here more often because as a non-parent I really have no parental advice or knowledge to dispense over there. This site is your own and I feel, I don't know, a bit more free to express my true feelings here as well. Does that make sense?

I mostly read here cuz here you are yourself as you write about your life. While you do that over there, it's more business like. I don't know how to explain it further, I hope you know what I mean. There is nothing wrong with the other place and you post good things, but I just prefer this.

You are way funnier here than over there.... Plus, I started reading you here and am more inclined to not move around. Call me lazy!

I like your personal blog more because it's, well, more personal. Plus, you tell me that you want to make out with me when I comment here and you are more professional over there. I also have this perception that there is a community already established that I haven't invested enough time in to really have a voice. I don't know why I think that, I can't say I came to that conclusion through any one post or comment thread. Call me crazy for purple, I guess. :)

I've just been introduced to this blog of yours. I didn't know the other was yours too. (I'm slow to catch on to things). That's my ecxcuse.

I haven't been here in a while (I mostly read this) and Mia is an angry demon child? When did that happen?!

"one of my own hairs" that's funny.

I have to admit, I really only read this blog unless you post a specific link to the other site. I'm not a mom, and the whole "Club Mom" site feels kind of... exclusive? Not welcoming? to non-mommies. I don't mean you or your writing over there, but the whole Club Mom site itself. (Linda/Sundry is another one of my fave bloggers, but I don't read her Club Mom site either for the same reason).

I love reading about Mia here, though! Hope those teeth come in soon so you all can get back to normal.

I must confess that I am more a lurker than anything, but I'm an equal-opportunity lurker. I lurk at both and occasionally comment at both, but I prefer lurking here because I feel like your true self comes out here more than at the other one. I hope you're not one of those people that hate lurkers. I always read with the intention of commenting later and then not getting to it.

I read both, I have both on my blogroll, and I comment semi-regularly on both. I haven't been commenting as much here lately because it's been hectic, but I'm pretty sure you know how that is.

I come here to check in and see how you, Mia and Chris are doing....I love reading about your life and feel like I can relate to you since our girls are around the same age.

With that being said, I read a lot of sites and I guess I just run out of time.

It doesn't mean I don't loooooove you though!!

I just started reading @ both sites. I usually have only commented here, but I'll try and give feedback @ the other. I think they are both GREAT!!!

I also tend to read this one more often largely because of my sheer laziness. I have a Blogs folder in Firefox that I click "Open All in Tabs". I don't have your other blog in that folder yet, so it doesn't automatically open. You know, 'cause it's so much work to right click and say "Add to Favorites"....

Mia sounds like quite a hunter and gatherer. You won't even need to own a vacuum anymore.

I'm more of a regular here than your other site. Its more that your other site is really for other Moms so I'm way out of the target audience. I do check occasionally though. Like if you haven't put up a new entry here and I need a Beth fix.

oh gosh, i guess it's because i'm not a mom. although, whenever you link to it, i often follow it and read.

I only read this one. Sorry. I am not a mom yet, so I don't really read all the ClubMom blogs. I did initally read yours and a couple of other ones, but I stopped because they are totally mom-related, and they didn't really pertain much to me. But I like to hear about Mia! So I stick to this one...

I don't have kids so I tend not to read your other blog. This blog has Mia News which is awesome but you also write about other things too. The other blog focuses on mommy stuff which is also cool but since I am not a mommy yet its not so interesting:-)

I love your writing, but you spend a lot of time on the other site talking about other people and letting your readers write... Fabulous Friday & such. I like hearing about you more and your readers less, and that's why I hang out here.

Never got around to clicking on the link to the other site. Will remedy right now. Adding to Favorites right after I type this.

I read mostly here because I don't have kids yet so a lot of the fantastic advice and stories you all share over there don't apply to me yet. So, I read here mostly and check there once in a great while. But I love seeing Mia and reading about your nightstand and shoes and whatnot.

I am evil and don't read your other blog, mainly because I was in a sorority, and constantly, I hear about parenting. This would be interesting to me, but I am not allowed to talk about what I know , even though I've taken care of kids on my own. Because I haven't given birth or have a piece of paper, I automatically know nothing. I don't have children in my life now, though I hope to have a child someday, but I don't want people telling me what to do. We all have in-laws for that already.

None of this applies to you, lovely Beth, but I've seen those blogs, and the readers are the ones that can scare me into actually turning off my laptop. No, really.

Yeah, I would agree with others that have already told you that it's because I don't have kids. One day when I do I'm sure that I'll be checking it out more. So now you know. It's nothing personal, just the stage of life that many of us are in right now.

I read both, but I read this one much more often and like this one much better. As mentioned repeatedly above, here you seem like yourself -- and I don't even know you. On the other site, you seem somewhat stilted, like a talk show hostess trying to project enthusiasm over the same old bits that she does every week -- on this day we do the advice column, on this day we do the kid photos -- even though she herself thinks they're starting to get a little boring. I know that at least one other blogger over at Club Mom just kept doing her regular blog instead of starting a whole new one -- is that possible for you? Can you just have this blog appear at Club Mom and drop the other one, so the whole Club Mom audience could be introduced to the real, casual, funny you? Plus, you would get credit for all of the traffic at this site over at Club Mom....

I guess I only read this site because one can only take so much mommy blogging. About half of the blogs I read are by Mommy Bloggers, and they all post at Club Mom as well. I'd just rather read about your more personal lives. Kind of like a stalker.

honestly? i prefer reading blogs where people can say "fuck" without getting yelled at by site owners. i don't know why, just makes people seem more real. that said, i still stop on over at the "other" site time to time.

My first time here so guess the question isn't really relative to me. BUT I know other Club Mom writers and I still never go there...not sure why. I kinda don't like the "club mom" thing even though I'm very all about mom crap. With that said, off to check it out.

And after my first 2nd there I just saw our kids were born the same month. So now I'll probably stop by there more often ;)

I hate your other blog. There I said it. Because I'm not a mommy? Maybe. Because I think you're more real over here? A little bit, yes. So, if I may wax zen about it all, let me say: over here, your blog is a part of being a mommy (letters to Mia, pictures of her every Monday, hotty pediatritions) over there, being a mommy is a part of your blog. If I wanted help with parenthood, I'd ask you to watch my kids. When I read a blog, no matter what the subject of it is, I want to read a good blog first and foremost. Honestly, the fish is a mommy blog as much as that one is -because that's a large part of who you are- but I like the writing over here better :) Do you direct your readers over there to this blog? They'd probably like it better too. I dunno, just a hunch. Hope this helps :)

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