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Bad Mommy and the Meanie Pediatrician

Yesterday, I left my 102-degree-fevered child to go out to dinner with Corinne and Sarah. When I got home, her fever had hit 103 and she had been crying for me for hours. I am a bad, bad mother, but dinner was fabulous. Don't you wish you were cool enough to hang out with us? (Which oh, you totally are, I just didn't have your number.)

Last night was long. Very long. Mia either could not or would not breathe through her nose, and the only way she would sleep was with her feet if my face. Which frankly, I was so wracked with mommy-guilt that I was happy to have some sort of punishment. She's better today, fever is down, she's acting great. But, she was acting great yesterday too, so I took her to the Hotty Pediatrician. He said what I expected, just a cold, no big deal.

At one point during our visit, Mia wanted glasses (the Hotty Pediatrician wears glasses, rawr) so I gave her my sunglasses. She gave them back and wanted me to put them on, so I did, and the Hotty Pediatrician said to her "oh, but I think they are much cuter on you." Burn. What does this mean? Doesn't he love me anymore? Wasn't he impressed that I'm fitting back into my non-fat jeans? I mean honestly, I brushed both my hair and my teeth before we went and had very little toddler snot on my shirt. I was looking just about as hott as I get these days.

I'm crushed. I would declare myself officially out of lust with the Meanie Pediatrician, except that dammit, he has a nice smile.

Although our waiter last night had a really nice ass. Maybe I'll trade, just until the Meanie Pediatrician comes to his senses.

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It's always good to keep your options open ;-) And I love glasses on boys - but somehow more so when they usually wear contacts. Odd, I think, but it just is. The last guy I liked (he's married now - eek!) wore his glasses once in a blue moon and it made me feel all special and trustworthy when he wore them around me. Sort of an intimacy thing. Weird, I know :P But hey, I

I'm sure he meant that they ARE much cuter on Mia. But they're more SMOKIN' on YOU. You see how clever he was, to communicate so subtley?

Knit him a doily. Pediatricians love doilies.

I want to be cool enought to hang out with you guys. And you do have my number.

I hope Mia gets better soon. You can trasfer your crush on the ped to my dad (for those of you who didn't understand that Beth was at my sons party this weekend and was enamored w/ my father).

You're lucky, our pediatrician is a woman! I hope Mia is feeling better :)

I'm jealous about your fabulous dinner. But not jealous about the sick toddler.

And Hotty Pediatrician just can't say how much he loves you in front of your daughter. You must understand that.

remember that whole alignment thing we noticed the other month when both Mia and MsMiss had bad days? Well, MsMiss has a cold as well ... however, so far, only low grade temps . Hope Mia shakes the cold soon ...
As for the waiter ... remember waiters have access to presumably good food and good drink ... and that can be a very, very, good thing. I say add him to the list ...

I like more than 1 flavor of ice cream...hint hint

He was just trying to get to you by flattering Mia. It was a ruse. A ruse!

Omigosh, he soooooo wants you! See, he was soooo thinking you looked cute in them -- and he wanted you to give them back to Mia because he couldn't take how hott you looked in them! Trust me!

Oh, decisions, decisions.... Really nice ass versus nice smile (and good with kids)....

I think the "love the one you're with" song applies here - there's time enough for appreciating all of them!

I have a fever too. 100.1 And I feel terrible. Not sure if putting my feet in hubby's face will work at making me feel better.
I think the hottie pediatrician blew it with you! Pretty dumb. Mia won't understand what he is saying for another year or so.

Your post was really funny, and then when I started reading the comments, I laughed out loud and had tears running down my face.

I have a few doctor crushes too...have you tried making him cookies? That's what I do. Doesn't really work, but it's worth a try.

Just another fine example of how stupid men really are.

You brushed your hair AND your teeth? This pediatrician must be hotter than I previously suspected.

I may have to switch doctors.

I say just add to the list of hotties. That way they can always be on a rotating list according to their degree of dedication to you.

Just a thought.

Exactly- he was flirting with you THROUGH Mia.

Besides, you don't want him to think you're just cute- that's for little girls. You want to be ravishingly, smokingly sexxay.

Oh!Oh! AND he was letting you know how hott you are because Mia looks so much like you but he couldn't call a little girl "hott." Right?

No worries.

Every woman needs to have a bevy of hotties from which to choose, because knowing men as we do, at least one of those hotties will have a bug up his ass about something and he won't stop bitching about it for eleventy hundred hours.

dude, I didn't even notice his ass... ca-rap! I missed out!

To heck with the meanie pediatrician, dump him for the waiter! Waiter's have access to the good food and good booze! So what if meanie pediatrician makes more money, sexy waiter has a trust fund and only works because of his exceptionally high work ethic, that and all the hot girls he gets to meet! Thats what I heard!

Pfft@ meanie pediatrician!

I'm a little behind in reading your blog, read this this AM and LOL, read mine from yesterday:

He can't see your eyes if you are wearing sunglasses.



618-558-4326. Feel free to call me the next time you go out for dinner. I have decent restaurant manners.

You are also welcome to pick up the phone if you would like instant absolution from your mommy guilt. I have a bunch of ideas about how to reduce it or at least help you cope.

Of course I could also just bring over a six pack.

Uh oh. Are you getting jealous because Mia got the compliment and not you??


You'll always have Clive.

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