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Glutton for punishment

I'm getting my car serviced this morning, and I'm taking Mia with me. Doesn't that just sound like a laugh a minute? Have to run so we can set in traffic for an hour before our appointment, so in the meantime, head on over to find out why Chris is in the dog house this week.

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before I go over... even moreso than for the cookies on the computer desk (the cocksucker)...?

Wow! I hope that doesn't take long. I can't imagine Michael sitting and waiting for that.

Maybe there is a starbucks close by?

Ew. That doesn't sound fun. When I get my car serviced that is my special time to read in peace.

haha. i love the southern "set"

I can't imagine sitting in any kind of enclosed area that didn't have Sprout or Elmo on for any extended period of time with my son...It would undoubtly turn into a battle of sorts and probably result in me have a breakdown of some kind.

But Mia's older and I'm sure you're more than capable...did you say you had to sit in traffic for an hour on your way there? So, an hour car ride BEFORE the repair shop? UGH!

i'm a big collector of cups. and my husband takes pictures of them and sends them to my office. :)

So least it's Friday, right?!

Except when its way-too-friggin-cold to spend the day outside ... I usually make car repair trips into an outside day. I drop the car off in the morning ... and then MsMiss and I take the stroller and just wander around town for the morning/day as needed. Have a little breakfast someplace, hit the library, go play in the park, have nap in the stroller while I walk along a very nice walking trail ... its too bad I don't do it more often when the car DOESN'T need to be fixed, it might be fun. :-)

Car servicing is the most boring thing EVAH. As bad as vacuuming. I feel for you. Hope it went well....

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