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Happy Third Blogiversary to Me!

In honor of which, I spent entirely too much of yesterday making a video of Mia shaking her booty. Trust me, people, you don't want to miss this one.

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Not many can shake their booty and eat a banana at the same time! Too, too cute!

Happy Blogiversary, Beth!

Yippee blogiversery! Thanks for being blorn!

Happy Blogiversary. I tried to find a vegetarian alternative to leather and all I could come up with are fruit roll-ups. What flavour do you like?

nothing cuter than baby dancin.
happy bloggiversary :)

Holy shit, that's a beautiful child! She looks so happy. Muy cute!

Happy 3rd.

Happy 3rd!!!

The video clip is awesome. She especially had it going on while eating the banana. It must have added to her rhythm somewhat. Certainly shows she can multi-task.

Yet another reason to want to have a child -- so you can teach them to do cute stuff like that!

Happy Blogiversary.

Cutest. Booty-shaking. Ever.

Happy third blogiversary!! :)

Happy blogiversary!

Cute video.

Adorable! Just what I needed to see this morning to put a smile on my face.

Happy Blogiversary!

And you don't look a day over 1.



Very impressive!

Happy blogiversary!

Love that little booty shakin' baby!

Happy Blogiversary! I have enjoyed reading it every day. I wish you many more happy years of booty-shaking! Could Mia GET any cuter? She makes me want another one so badly.

Happy Blog-iversary!

Thanks for sharing the video - that was priceless, and Mia is adorable rockin' out and shakin' her booty!

Happy Blogiverary!!!!

That cheered me up so much, I sent it to Forrest, who wrote back that it had to be the cutest video EVER and that it totally made his day.

That's the cutest thing ever! Happy Blogiversary.

Congrats on the baby booty shakin' and the 3 years of blogging:)

Happy Thrid!

She makes me want to shake my booty.

Happy Blogiversary, Beth! I hope you've enjoyed writing as much as I enjoy reading. And booty-shaking. Many happy returns of the day, of course.

Happy Blogoversary.

And thanks, by the way. I now have KC and the Sunshine Band stuck in my head.... But it's worth it. What a cutie pie!

Happy 3rd! And that is a great video!

I already said she's fantastic but that's okay. I'll say it again. Adorable too.

Happy 3rd blogiversary. May you have many more.

Happy blogiversary!!

Happy Blogaversary! I hope you celebrate(d)!

Happy Blogiversary!! I love the booty shakin'. There just isn't anything cuter than a dancing baby.

Too cute ~ Nate was doing aerobics with me this morning...he's such an adorable squater.

Happy Blogiversary!

Haha.. Thats adorable! Happy Blogiversary!

Congratulations. Great vid too.

Happy Third Blogaversary Sweetie!!! One of the joys in my blogging life was when I adopted you, Chris and Mia!

Happy blogaversary lovely beth! Mai is getting cuter and cuter every second.

Happy Blogiversary! You have the cutest child I have ever seen.

Awesome - best video evah! Happy Blogiversary!

Loved the video. Commented there as well and by mistake wished you a happy 3rd blogiversary there. It's great reading you...

Congratulations on your blogiversary! Here's to many more!

Yay blogiversary! That means I've been stalking you for nearly 3 years, I guess.

Re: video - AWESOME :)

Congratulations! Has it really been 3 whole years? Dude! Wow! How things have changed.

Happy Blogoversary! You're two years older than me :-)

Give me a C
Give me a U
Give me a T
Give me a I
Give me a E

You know what that spells and its true.

I love how she gets down looooowwwwww. And how she boogies with a banana.

Happy B-versary!

I usually get bored quickly from other peoples kiddie vids, but I watched that entire thing. pretty damn cute.

happy blogoversary.

and also, so glad i managed to catch the booty shakin'. Tres cute.

Happy Blogaversary to you!

Time flies, doesn't it?

Happy 3rd Blogiversary! I just had my first.

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