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Late night random

It's 10:40 and Mia is still asleep in her crib, and I have only been in once since 7:30. Can I get a hallelujah?

Do you guys ever read your own archives? Cause I just read my June and July 2005 and I think they were pretty funny, but now I wonder if I am weird. Hi, my name is Beth, and I read my own archives.

You know who you should read? I mean, other than the people I link to all the time? Jodi, who is my friend in real life and who has a son who Mia is in love with and who looks absolutely hot in a track suit which I covet because I look like an asshole in a track suit, and Swistle, who is one of those people who is going to be a "big blogger" very soon and you will want to be able to say that you knew her when.

Oh, and you should read lots of other people too. I'm thinking of making it a feature, if anybody is interested?

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i read my archives. in fact, i'm packing to move and came across a bunch of print outs from my blog. I don't know why i printed them out, but i wasted serious time reading some of archives just yesterday.

That sounds like a good feature, maybe I can work on making sure my blog doesnt suck a fat one anymore and you can feature me someday.

Hallelujah!! :)

I don't have time to read my archives :) I barely post anymore.

Wow, it's been a while since I last visited this blog and now you have 3 columns idea to make a feature...

WTG Beth!


I'll give you an "amen sister" for that.

I too read my own archives... sometimes they're moments of pride, others it's like "damn, what was I on that day?"

Thanks for the shout out. I didn't even realize you had seen me ina tracksuit, and yes, you would like totally hot in one.

I read my archives, if anything to figure out if I have written about something before, or do find a post to link to. But also, when I'm bored, I read the archives of someone I love to read, like you, which I have done.

I would love to see a feature! I like to find new stuff to read. And I sooo think Swistle is on her way to being a "big blogger" too. I've been reading her lately and watching those comment numbers go up and up.

you LOVE features!
Feature away!

Yay for a sleeping Mia Bean! I hope she kept it up during the rest of the night.

I read my archives from time to time - and it amazes me, the things I forget about until I read about them. So I think it's good to do. :) One day maybe I'll go back and put things in categories - I hate it when I'm trying to refer to an old post and I have to google what I'm thinking of - so weird.

I think that would be a great feature. I never click on someones blog roll becuase I never know what I am going to get. But if someone, that I enjoy reading, recommends another blog I usually check it out. Especially if they say what it is about.

Sometimes I read my archives to remind myself that I *can* think of something witty and interesting to say :)

great...something else to suck my time...reading my own archives. although i feel like if i go back to the beginning i'll be laughing at how awful it was back then...when i had 2 people reading.

I would love it if you told us who to read! I occasionally find myself having read the whole internet, and if you told me where to go to find new, quality internet reading? That would be awesome. I'm all about procrastinating efficiently.

I read my archives. It's not weird. It's like reading old "diary" entries. Or are we weird? I'm confused.

I often go back and read my archives, just to remember what was going on back at that time.

If you are weird, so am I!

I find myself reading my archives when I see that somebody else found them with an odd Google search. I'm always glad I could be there with information they weren't looking for.

I read my archives when I'm looking for a post to link back to. I don't think you are "that" weird! I'm always in the mood to find a new read...It could be fun. Or have all your readers give one favorite, that could be neat too.

I'm always interested in finding new blogs to read. I think it would be a great idea.

I am guilty of reading my own archives, only to see how far the babies have come from their NICU days. And thanks for the link to Swistle...I'm loving the site...and of course any mother of twins gets my read!!! Not to mention a mother of twins with other kids....and not just other kids....but pregnant with other kids! Holy hell...that woman should get "Mother of the Month" award!!!! And once I read through her archives she may get promoted to "Mother of the Year"!!
Congrats on Mia's sleeping. Both our babies just started sleeping through the night this month (they are 5.5 months old) and I am a new woman!!!!!!

Actually when you posted about your third blogversary (happy belated btw) I went back and read your very first few posts... It's interesting to see the difference...

I go back and re-read some older things I've written sometimes, but then I'm reminded that I don't like to be reminded about how... ahem... lame I am capable of being... :D

Oh! Not that I was intimating that you... were uh... lame... That wasn't what... I mean... I'm lame but you... are a goddess, well I mean...

Um never mind...

Yes, I read my own archives. That's one reason we blog, right? It's like my own journal.

And yeah...getting new blog suggestions is always good.

I read my archives sometimes. And I usually blush and cringe the whole time because GOD! Some of the things I write are embarrassing.

Also, yes, I like to read recommended sites. Especially when they recommend me. BWAAHAHA!

Congrats on the sleeping baby! Woo hoo!

And yes, please, for the feature.

Going to check out the new recommendations! Thank you!

I've read my archives a few times too, and have given myself a pat on the back for being funny, clever, or a good writer.

So yeah, I'm a freak too.

And a little narcissistic :-)

The feature sounds great, especially since I'm on the verge of closing shop...this blogging, what's it good for anyway?!!?

I would love it if you did that. I have become addicted to reading other people's blogs. I'm sick I tell you...sick....can't stop...must read. Check my blog out for a little blast from the past.

I went back and reread some of my old posts a while ago and I was shocked by how negative they were. Maybe I need to eat more broccoli or something. :)

I would totally be interested in being a feature! ;)

Make a feature...we will read.

and there is nothing wrong with reading your own archives...

I read mine...sometimes...but not often. Sometimes I surprise myself and sometimes...I wonder how I'm able to walk and draw breath and the same time.

Oh yes. I find the people I love best through the people I already know and love.

And Swistle rocks. I agree.

*blush* *kicking small stones near feet self-consciously*

I'd like that new feature. I always like finding new blogs to read, and there are SO MANY it's nice to get pointed in the right direction.

Yes! I would love the links to other blogs as a regular feature. Izzy "advertises" a new blog each week on her site & I love to go look at something I may not normally read.

Yes, you should definitely make it a new feature. I always love finding new blogs to read, and this way you'd pretty much do all the work for me.

I remember when I first found your blog. You had just delivered and had a picture with Mia on your tummy in a diaper and the title read something like 39 weeks. Just that picture has always had me coming back. I'll have to look through your archives and see if it's still on here. ;)

love that you used the word *feature*. It's so laden with specialness! I say, do it! I'm always looking for new reads.

another good feature? evil spambot day, where we all pretend we are evil spambots - in our real lives not in the comments. we could report back on our spammy antics and the results they yielded.

of course I'm kidding. kind of.

I read my own archives, mostly because in a lot of ways my blog is like my diary.

Great links.

I can't read my archives. Too embarassing.

I just tagged you for a meme!

just tagged you for the Real Moms meme.

(how 'bout...real moms read their own archives...bwah!)

cool idea:)

I'm always looking for new blogs to read. And it's especially nice if you get a recommendation from someone.

Sometimes I read my own archives. Amazing how things change.

I love reading my own archives. And sometimes they even come in handy...

Hoop: I never said (insert stupid remark here).
Tink: Oh yes you did! Let me consult my blog.
Hoop: Consult your blog? That's it! I want you to stop blogging.
Tink: I want you to stop looking at other womens' boobs. Want to play "Let's make a deal?"

It really is woman's best friend. ;)

I usually don't read my archives, but now I'm tempted.

I like seeing who other people read. It's a good way to find great blogs.

I can't seem to read my old posts....I've only been doing this a year, though, so they're not all that old yet. Still, though, I think the early ones would make me squirm....

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