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Mia Monday #60: Wet Hair, Elvis Jumpsuit, and Big Brown Shoes Edition

Mia never wears white shoes before Memorial Day.

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John Travolta's disco suit came to mind also.

Such a cutie!!

Thank you, thankyouverymuch!

omg - too funny - love the post title!

Tell her it's okay as long as they are "winter white".

She gets cuter every picture you post. I was actually going with Farrah Fawcett in the terry cloth jogging suits from the 70s...yeah, you probably are too young to remember those.

does she always have those red rosy cheeks?

Cute! Is she going through a growth spurt? She seems so much taller! Certainly it isn't just the shoes? I can't decide.


She's smart and doesn't want anyone to fug her for wearing white shoes.

I know I'm just not cool ... but I still can't accept what I call "external stitching" and/or zippers ... stitching and zippers should blend into the garment and dissappear ... not contrast.

But of course Mia totally rocks the look.

i wore that yesterday too :)

She totally works it, even with wet hair.

A true fashion statement.

Elvis NEVER looked that good!!!

elvis kicks butt!

i love it when little kids wear their parents shoes.

So cute :-) I know, how did you ever survive without my brilliant commentary.

She's getting so tall. How adorable!

Useless information: Emma has that same track suit in pink!

She's the king, baby! Uh-huh!

Such a cutie,... does she like high heels too?

nice shoes!
or are those technically mules? o no...slides?

OY! Love the hair, the shoes. So much cuteness -- I can't HANDLE it!!!

I have that outfit in blue...

Is that her lip twitching to just say "Thank you, Thank you very much!"?
Too Cute! She looks different each day.

Sorry I am late. Yesterday was a bad day.
Anyhow, beautiful as always, Miabean!

My favorite age. Aren't they fun?

She's so cute! I love the little belly and the big shoes.

Definitely the world's most beautiful child!!

Definitely the world's most beautiful child!!

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