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Mia Monday #61: The Slide Edition

When she finally gave us a break from running up and down the hill...

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I love the wind in her pigtails!

*sniff* I won't cry 'cause we're leaving, I won't cry 'cause we're leaving....... *sigh* I'm gonna miss that cutie patootie!!!!!!!

You went from snow to spring in a hurry.

I love the series of shots. Was that her first time on the slide or a regular occurrence?

i cannot wait for the good weather!! kids really just love being outside!!

Love the pictures. My son had a great time on the slides the weekend as well. :)

Love the one where she's in mid-slide! Pure bliss in those eyes :)

I wnat those pigtails.

Picture #4 should be entered into a contest! :)

I can't wait until K is old enough to go on slides, etc at the park. :)
Great Pics.

You know I put my hair up in pig tails like that this weekend and Hubby looked at me and said, "Are you okay?" I thought it was a cute way to keep cool while cleaning the house.
Mia, love, wear those pig tails now while everyone thinks you look cute. Apparently 48 year old cleaning ladies aren't.
Your Cyber Granny!

Nice slide show.

i love the piggy tails!

I tried to put my hair in pig tails like Mia's. Not nearly as cute as hers.....

I also love the wind in her pig tails. She has the most adorable smile. How do you not eat her up every day?

What a sweetie!

Great photos! Darling Mia! A budding gymnast perhaps. I love the shot where you can see Chris' hands, letting her be a bit of a daredevil (for her age) but SO ready to catch her if she starts to fall. Such a Dad moment.

ahhhh, not a baby anymore...

The combination of pigtails and pink sneakers is too much. I am dead from the cuteness, once again.

It looks like you had gorgeous weather for the weekend - as did we, but I mostly enjoyed it from my BED. Because I am lazy like that. Does reading a book on the back porch count as spending time outside?

oh! it looks like she had a blast. :D

spring has sprung for you.
Makes me hate you a little bit.
But the cuteness makes up for it (and your ever hott ass)

She is always got the biggest smile :)

It looks like it was a fun day at the park!!!

Looks like a fun time!!

Wow, look at that big smile. Love the pink shoes!

I love how hair gets all staticky on the playground equipment. Next time you shouldn't do ponytails and see if you can get an afro going.

LOVE LOVE LOVE! these are so cute!
the monkey also loves the slide. Isn't it, like, sooooo exhausting, though? They always want moh, moh, MOH!!! (moh=more)

Wow, you're having good weather too! It is amazing how she gets cuter and cuter every week!!

What a beautiful, lovely day.

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