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Mia Monday #62: I'm Too Sexy for my Infant Car Seat Edition

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So you kept telling her to get her finger out of her nose, and she just kept it in there, in fact, shoved it up further and laughed maniacally?
I knew it.


It's amazing how they try to fit into anything. My daughter has rediscovered her Bumbo chair, long after its dismissal to the "place unused things go" (thanks to a friend bringing their infant son over). And, she insists on trying to fit into her doll stroller, despite warnings that it will collapse under her weight.

Nonetheless, they are excellent photo ops, as demonstrated above. :)

Aren't we all?

LOVE the finger in up the nostril! So I know my son isn't the only one.

WIth pictures of Mia with her finger up her nose, we can safely say that Paternity has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt! ROFLMAO!
She is so cute!

When my boys do get caught in that act, I tell them, "Stop Wigglin your eyeball".

Did you superglue her fingers to her face?


The finger, it fits RIGHT IN THERE! It's like nostrils are finger-holders. So comfy.

I love it. All kids love to stick their fingers up their noses. (Most adults, too!) On that note, happy third blogiversary, my favorite Beth!

I like to pick my nose, too. But I'm not nearly as cute as Mia when I do it.

Happy 3rd blogiversary!

So cute. I just noticed she totally has your nose! She looks so much like you!

She so totally looks like you! Nose picking and all! (teehee!) I love the vacant expression in the third photo. So appropriate for being photographed with her finger up her nose.

Oh! I know! I can visualize what happened now:

1. Oh, what ever shall I do this week for my adoring public that is cute?!
2. I know! Teehee!
3. I'll put my finger up my nose.. like this!
4. I know Mommy's looking at me, I'll smile for her while she is telling me to take my finger out of my nose!
5. I wonder if anyone is still looking at how cute I am now?

Such a thoughtful pose!

Now that's a picture she'd hate you for in 15 years. Miss Mia is getting so big, it puts her growth in perspective next to her infant seat...
cute mia monday as always. :D

Aww... how cute! Kisses being thrown in the first one... then it's all down hill from there...

She's getting so big. But I'm sure you know that.

Wow. Yeah. The finger up her nose thing. I think she's been hanging around Chris a little too much there... :)

I've come undone: So gorgeous, yet so undeniably human...

isabella is all about the bouncy chair. she loves to stuff her giant body in it!

hehehe now I have that Right Said Fred song stuck in my head. She is adorable as always :)

The first one is like, "oops, oh my, I'm too big." Love it.

Happy Blogoversary! Glad you're here.

Ha! Mia shows us all how cute nose picking really can be.

Hah. I totally love that top one.

Looks like we have a nose picker on our hands. That's awesome.

nice! mine has recently discovered the joy that is picking one's nose. she is trying to discover the joy that is 'pick daddy nose,' but thankfully, he won't let her.

As my high school ag teacher once said, "Sometimes, you just have to dig them suckers out - blowing doesn't always work."

Hi :-) JuJu said I must come here today and see how Mia is growing. My goodness! And so lovely. Despite the... yeah. :-)

They're at the nose-picking age, now, aren't they! ;) LOVE IT! The pictures are, as always, CEEEEEUTTTIE!!!

ha ha ha...absolutely priceless!

that is SOME amazing ability to stay focused on one's own nostrils she's got there...

She was trying to let everyone know that she knows where her nose is. Too cute.

it's like she's trying to "shhhhhhh" everyone.
too cute!

Look at that smile! She must have found gold...

Or some of yesterday's pudding. Mmmm, nose pudding.

Has the finger followed the nose down to the mouth yet? Or is that only my gross daughter?

Not trying to poke fun here, but I've never seen Mia look more like Chris than she does in the third photo down - yeah, with her finger up her nose . . . .

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