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Mia Monday #63: Month Twenty Super-Fly Combo Edition

Mia Bean,

You turned 20 months old a few days ago, and since then we have driven 700 miles round-trip and attended your (Great)Grandma Lucille's 90th birthday party, spent your first ever night in a hotel and watched approximately six hours of Elmo DVDs. You were amazing on the trip, literally could not have been better, and it was a lot of fun to be able to take you with us. Your father and I had been dreading the trip a bit because we were worried about how you would respond. It is fair to say that you surprised the hell out of us. I think we both remember a little too well what a really difficult child you were for your first nine months or so and forget that you are now a stunningly happy, good-natured, even tempered person. I will try hard to remember that in the future.

Mia, I admit that it is getting harder and harder for me to write these letters to you every month. Not because I am any less in awe of you, not because I spend a second less marveling at the sheer amazingness of you, and not because I no longer feel that your every move should be documented for the joy and edification of posterity. No, the problem is that you are no longer an undefined lump of person where every new move or sound was a stunning accomplishment. Instead you are a person with a definite personality and seemingly limitless skills and abilities and each new thing these days just seems to make you more yourself, rather than seeming to make you something new.

And yet, there is always so much new that I can hardly decide what to say, what you may want to hear about years down the line. You are a very physical toddler. This month you achieved actual running, rather than your usual rapid stumble, and I have at times had to put on some real speed to keep up with you. You love to jump, although your little feet have yet to leave the ground. You like to climb ladders and swing and go down slides, all by yourself, of course. This month you left the idea of anybody helping you to do anything firmly in the dust. Nearly everything you do is accompanied by a forceful "Mia!," meaning "I'll do it myself, thank you very much." Those times when you want something you cannot do alone and come to me to ask for help, I can see on your face how much it pains you to do so.

You added a lot of words this month, so many that I can only roughly guess that you have 40 or so spoken words and somewhere around 100 signs. You've started trying to say words that you hear once or twice instead of having to be actively taught, which has lead to grape and cat and Boo (the cat) and Luke (the dog) and, to your father's great delight, iPod, among many others. You have also learned the concept of not. You will point to a hat and say hat, and then point to a potato and say hat while solemnly shaking your head. Hat, and not a hat. We spend as much time these days defining what things are not as we do defining what they are.

You like to tell stories, albeit simple ones, about what happened to you. Today at the playground you told me about how yesterday at the playground we saw the moon and a bug. If I tell you in the afternoon what to show or tell Dada when he gets home, you nearly always remember to do it. You like to play pretend games, like pretending to get snacks from these odd tube things at the playground and then feeding them to anyone who happens to be around. You are currently obsessed with boots, sheep, and armpits.

We have, at great long last, solved our sleep problems, I think for good. I never wanted to be a co-sleeper, not for any reason, just because it didn't seem like my thing. And so, I have spent months fighting the co-sleeping, feeling like a failure for every night that you did not finish in your crib. But I realized something this month - I realized that I like sleeping with you and you like sleeping with us and there is not a thing in the world wrong with that. Most nights now, you wake up five to seven hours after we put you to bed in your crib and I go and get you and bring you back to bed where you go straight back to sleep until a reasonable hour of the morning. We are all finally getting real sleep, it is working for us, and I feel great about it. I'm sorry for all those months that I resisted this for no reason that I can describe, but that is what you get for being the first-born. Some nights lately, you have even forgotten to call for mama and spent the entire night in your crib. I am happy on those nights, but I also miss you waking me up with kisses in the morning.

Mia Bean, being your mama is the greatest thing I have ever done, and I deeply hope that you will feel the same way about being my daughter.


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I love your Mia letters. She looks so much like you in the third photo!

Yea for the super-fly combo Mia Monday!

I love reading about Mia's months, she is 5 months older than Samantha and those 5 months always seem like soo much, it's funny that in a year or two 5 months will mean nothing. It is amazing how quickly they learn things. Samantha just started pretending that we are eating food from play cups, it is too funny. And Mia has great hair! We're waiting for Sam to grow more, she doesn't have too much yet.

Oh my goodness! She is such a big girl now! How did this happen? She is so grown up!!!
Thanks, Beth. A Monday without Mia would be like a day without sunshine!

Inspired by your letters to Mia I am now writing them for my own son; even at the age of 8 because it all slips by so fast. I miss him being Mia's age, but I also love what I discover about him as the years go by. I also discovered that I apologize to my mom a lot more for all the crap I put her through

she is so adorable in pigtails. what a wonderful letter. be sure to share it with her down the road.

that last one is so sweet, mia in mommy's (and daddy's!) image. priceless!

pigtails...omg, the piggies. Dear God, please let this bundle be a pink one...I need piggies! ;)

I just love that she says iPod. Someone's a daddy's girl ;-)

You write fantastic letters. I hope she appreciates all your great writing when she has her own blog.

Oh I always love reading your letters to Mia. This one really shows the beauty of being a mother.

And Mia, she's soooo adorable.

And, I love the last picture so much.


I love reading your letters to Mia. I think they are serving as a good reminder of what I am hoping to someday be lucky enough to have. And omg she is so stinking cute!! :)

Sorry, I just have to comment again that I love how on Rude Cactus Chris thinks the trip was 800 miles but you only have 700 miles. I think it was a longer trip for some Cactusfishes than others! :)

"Instead you are a person with a definite personality and seemingly limitless skills and abilities and each new thing these days just seems to make you more yourself, rather than seeming to make you something new." Beautifully said.

I hope you're happy with yourself, making this pregnant girl cry...

Which, lately, is not hard to do. But still. This is one of the best Mia letters, ever.

Love reading how Mia is growing every month, she looks so sweet in these photos.

I love that last photo of you two watching her in the mirror. Artistic, even if it wasn't meant to be. It speaks volumes.

Happy 20 Months, Mia! She's so lovely. I love the pigtails and the boots photos are adorable. I finally stopped my internal struggle against co-sleeping. I love snuggling with Sophie and she sleeps so well when she's in with us.

the pigtails! dear lord, the cuteness is killing me! i love this age. you can see the wheels turning in their head with everything they try to do.

I have never officially co-slept but I've woken up many mornings to find one or more girls cuddled up with me.

Even now.

That last picture (mirror) is wonderful.

We gave in to the whole cosleeping thing rather early. As a consequence, Harry would normally will sleep until 5:30 or so in his own bed and the last two hours in ours.

Now he will sleep pretty much the whole night in his own bed until 7:30. But still, when he is sick, or cranky, or it is just easier, he pretty much ends up with us the whole night.

Really? We don't mind. He won't be this little forever. I am completely okay with being kicked around a little and headbutted at night because I know that I am really, really going to miss it when he grows up.

Hot moms who are absoloutely gooey over their kids are hhhhawesome.

There has been some indecision in the past as to whether Mia looks like you or Chris. While I realize that you'll probably get many opinions, I think she looks like you - even more with each passing month. I can't believe that soon, she'll be two. TWO! Gosh...

I love reading your letters to Mia. They are just so sweet and I sort of feel like I know her, in a non-stalkery way.

Sexy boots :)

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