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This one is not about snot

Hey, I think I saw Posh Spice driving a white minivan in the library parking lot this morning. Well ok, so probably not, but it sure looked like her. She's really porked up.

How freaking cute is this?

And this?

Pretty freakin' cute, that's how. I mean come on, hair twins! Hair twins is the most awesome thing you have seen all day.

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I missed the "not" in the title at first and had to reread the post three times. It was cute, no doubt about it, but I kept looking for the snot.

I just fainted and hit my head on the desk.

From the cuteness, of course. And it's your fault.

Hair twins! So cute - just like Joey and his hand twin on Friends!

And yes, I do remember too much about Friends.

But seriously, the hair is adorable!

Awww! I so miss the play kitchen days, when my girls would put the baby doll in the oven to roast for a few hours. And you're right, hair twins ARE the most awesome thing I've seen all day.

That is painfully cute, you are right.

P.S. Did you like my dig at Chris the other day about the coffee cups attracting spiders?

Awww, the cuteness!!

omg too cute! *faints*

So cute! (I was kind of hoping this one was about snot. But only so I could commiserate.)

cute piggy tail twins....but afros would have been funnier.

"Too." That's the answer to "How cute is this?"

That's entirely too cute!

Yup, I think you're right. Hair twins = endlessly adorable! :)

Oh My God! That is positively the cutest thing I have seen all day long! Thanks!

Hair twins and diaper tushies -- it doesn't get any better than that.

Posh in a minivan? Impossible! Porked up? Impossible! ;) I've missed you this week -- sooooo tired from soooo much going on this week.

I love that you posted this :) You guys are so great!

and piggie tail hair twins, to boot! teh cute!

Aw, sweet!

Perfect...a little sweetness with my morning coffee.

Andrea - I am so happy that you referenced Joey's hand twin!

Hey! We have that play kitchen!

YOU used to be my hair twin until I went all SoCal on your ass this weekend.

Now I look like Pamela Anderson.


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