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Use your words

Welcome to Whiny Day! No no, don't thank me, it was Mia's idea. Since I seem to be facing a day of whining with no break in sight, I figured we may as well all join in the fun. So far, Mia has whined because there was too much milk on her cereal (or maybe not enough milk on her cereal, it's hard to tell since she is still basically non-verbal) and then because she spilled her yogurt and then because I dared to eat breakfast myself. That was followed by a meltdown over not allowing her to put my toothbrush in the toilet and then ten solid minutes of ear-splitting whining over wanting to change her socks eighteen times.

For myself, I'm whining about the fact that I have lost over six pounds and my old jeans still don't fit. Or really, they fit, but make me far more of a hoochie mama than I care to be on most days, to say nothing of the muffin top.

ETA: Also! I ordered 200 pictures from Target yesterday so I could update Mia's photo album, which I haven't touched since June, and they aren't ready because the idiot teenager who works the photo lab didn't show up this morning so now I am going to have to do housework at naptime instead of sitting on my ass filing pictures.

Your turn, whine away about anything you like. The only rule is that you have to use actual words, because I've already had an hour of nothing but "maaaammmmmaaa maaaammmmmaaa maaaammmmmaaa" and frankly, that was quite enough.

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I don't wanna go to wooooooorrrrkkkkkkkk!

I would like to whine that I am hungry but there is not a damn thing in our house that I want to eat. Well, nothing vaguely healthy (because making a batch of brownies sounds perfect!) and I am trying to be good because I still have 30 pounds left of pregnancy blob to lose (which is an entirely separate whine).

Are these the jeans with the holes in them? Try a mini skirt.


My mother in law drives me craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy......and Lady didn't take a naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap yesterday and I had to deal with all of the whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiining. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

I hear ya. I've been dieting as well and running and doing 100 sit ups a day and tried on my capri's from last summer and ripped the belt loops when I tried to get them over my big fat ass. Makes me want to quit the diet and eat the two untouched boxes of girl scout cookies.

I donnnnn't wannnnna stay here at woooorrrrk. It's only ten thirrrrrty!

I've been silently whining since last evening, when I made the idiotic decision to eat a barbecue sandwich. I don't know what in the world got into me, because I know better. I have had indigestion since then. But then, it ALWAYS gives me indigestion. Duh. I don't normally eat a tremendous amount of meat, and they always put too much meat on the sandwich. I didn't even eat the whole thing, but dammit, it's stuck in my craw. Pepcid AD and Gaviscon haven't worked yet. Waaaaaaa! I sure hope next time I'm struck with such an idea, that I remember how this feels.

You lost 6 pounds? Wow. That's cool. I'm jealous. And don't you hate the muffin top thing. That's NOT cool.

Dude's daycare got flooded yesterday after torrential rain all weekend. I have to take the day off to look after him while the daycare carpet dries.

I want to go to woooooooooooooooork!!!

I am sickkkkkk. My head hurts, my nose is running. I have a headache. I have court for the next three days. then I have a two week traning seminar on how to be an adoptin worker and HELLO I have been doing adoption work for the last 6 months! Also? we ran out of cookies and that is really pissing me off.
By the way, I am on WW and working out and I have lost four pounds. FOUR FREAKING POUNDS! Life is not fair

My house is a wreck, there are boxes everywhere, Shepherd refused to nap yesterday, I haven't showered in days, mostly because my normal shower time, Shepherd's nap, has all but dissapeared... also, I could shower at night, but I'm so worn out, I just collapse in the bed and sleep. What else? Oh yeah, I'll whine till kingdom come about our stupid apartment's policy on giving a 60 day notice... not 30 day like normal apartments, but SIXTY. For crying out loud. Who know's 60 days ahead of time that they're moving? Oh, that, and I have to steam clean the carpets, which I KNOW they're just going to rip out (they've been ripping out carpet of the other apartments in our building when they are vacated. So $$ down the tube for us when we steam clean.... *sigh*

I don't waaaannnaaa go run errands! I wanna go to the park! It is actually nice here!!!

though I have gone from a size 22 in dress pants to a size 8 (loose :-D)I must say that I am not too happy over the state of my belly.

I think it is time to give in and wear a body shaper. Yes, I did say it "body shaper." The horror, I am only 26.

I don't wanna clean my house anymore. I don't care that we are trying to sell it. Who cares if there is mud tracked through the living room? I don't care about the dirty dishes. I don't wanna do laundry. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME! (Ok, that was more of a tantrum than a whine, but whatever.)

I want to do soooo many things with my house but I don't have the money. Tile, hardwood floors, new deck, start from scratch on the backyard. Oh, and I need to decorate (no, I'm not gay). And all this after I took a $7k/year paycut....*sigh*....

I want a new compuuuuuuterrrrr! I'm tired of sharing one. Oh, and I want my little dude to get back on his sleep scheduuuuuuuuule. We made the mistake of being suckered this weekend when he let us sleep late, plus the time changed, and he's been off ever since. son hit me in the face several times and then he goofed around at breakfast and then he found the receiver that controls the sound on the tv because my husband left the cabinet open and he pushed all kinds of buttons and the sound disappeared and I had no idea how to fix it and my husband is at work 45 minutes away and said I'd just have to 'deal' without the tv today and I maybe cried a little bit but then I finally fixed it and after that the baby bit me and then got his head stuck between the pack n play and a cabinet and he cried.

He's now IN the pack n play. I think he's making up for being so good yesterday.

I just want to go back to bed.

At least you're on your way to those jeans fitting just how you want. Think positive thoughts!

I do enough whining on my own blog, no need to clutter yours up. ;)

Although... this is the perfect opportunity, and you did say "anything you like" so....

I want the full feed in RSS. I know you've said a hundred times that you don't want to do it because you don't want pictures of your kid to show up on porn sites importing your feed as content (and I can't argue with that), but honestly, it would be pretty easy to filter the pictures out of the RSS. (I've had to bug other blog writers I read to put them back in! :P) It sounds like you know a fair bit about web programming (RE: moving your and chris' sites to a new server or whatever), but if you're not familiar with Regular Expressions I would be glad to help you out. :P

Yeah I get to whine!!!

My whine of the day is the same one I have everyday. There are just not enough hours in the day to do everything I want. I either need to become independently wealthy so I don't have this work thing to get in the way or I need something that makes me only need 2 hours of sleep a day. I would prefer the first one as I love to sleep LOL :)

Michael has croup, 4 days before his b-day extraganza, and I have a trial, so I had to make Doug stay home with him.

It never fails.

Mia eats cereal w/ milk? I should try that.

Beeeeeettttthhh! Why is it that when I get the wild hair to really CLEAN - which is any mornings I have off from teaching - that I get good and in the mood, and then I have to stop, take a shower, and go to my other work? The inner housewife gets shoved under the bed. And she only wants to come out and play in the mornings. It's not faaaaiiiirrrr.

I send my steam cleaning sympathies to Corinne. I don't mind steam cleaning the apartment I'm living in, but if I was moving out? Hell no. That's what my deposit was for!

Fine, I'll whine! I! WANT! TO! GO! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME! I want someone to make me a homemade chicken salad sandwich with chunks of walnuts and apples on toasted bread with lettuce and onion and also some baked potato wedges with that. Then I'd like to take an uninterupted nap. I also want a pedicure and manicure and for my hair stylist to fit me in now! this week! not next! AND, AND, AND! I want someone to come paint all the trim in my house and not make me do any of the work. thankyouverymuch.

Right now I have one kid home sick with whatever's making the rounds. I have one who hates me and isn't speaking to me at the moment because "you just don't understand, grandma". (That's the 14 year old). So far, all is well with the youngest but she's at school and the day isn't over yet.

Not exactly a whine, but I put my husband back in hospital last night. He'd only been out for 3 days.

The sick one just walked through here naked (or almost). I believe she was wearing panties. I'd better stop whining and see what's up with that.

My husband is in Mexico this week. Without me.


I am bored. I am tired of wearing only sweatpants to work. I am tired of my work consisting of only holding my laptop and moving words around all day. But I am happy, happy that I get to be my own boss and that people want me to mess with their words!

But I would like to go outside. I would like to wear makeup. I would like to go to the mall. Oh yeah. We don't have one. Target maybe! Oh yeah. We don't have one.

I am tired of living in a little town without a mall and a Target.

I think I need some chocolate.

I want my kid to learn to talk. I don't care that she's only 10.5 months old, she needs to learn to do something other than scream to get what she wants. And while I'm whining, I also want my other kid to learn to shut up occasionally. She neeeever stops takling. I really don't want her to tell me about every single bite she eats. I just want her to shut up and put food in her mouth. waaaaaa.

oh a chance to whine.

I am so sick of stupid people. I don't mean smart people who act stupid. I don't mean uneducated people....I mean STUPID, plain old stupid. Stupid chick I work with, lets just call her Sha-Nay-Nay, tells a co worker that if I call her in to work in the D department, she's not going to do a god damn thing all day. So when I call her in to work in the D dept, I take her to the supervisor and lead persons and say, Sha-Nay-Nay, has these restrictions and she's also told a co-worker that if we put her back here she's not going to do a god damn thing all day, so help me watch that situation. Sha-Nay-Nay promptly says, I don't like you threatening me like that... Like what? That you might have to WORK to receive your $13.57 an hour? Oh my god..... Sha-Nay-Nay has also told me if she see's me outside of work "I'll show you what's what." I can hardly wait.

I'm also sick and flippin' tired of finally getting an evening out to have a few drinks with the girls and getting a waitress who is operating at the top of her capacity to take one drink order at a time. Seriously, we ordered 5 margaritas, two diet cokes and beer in the bottle. Does that take four trips back to the tabel to "confirm our orders"?

Oh I feel so much better. Thanks Beth.

*throws self on floor* My boss just called and ended my mini vacation short, and I have to go in to work tomorrow...* wipes sleeve across face* Mean Boss man...

Okay, here ex who isn't ready for marriage and real grown up committment keeps thinking he still has the right to expect me to be in a dead-end relationship and "service"'s not fair that he keeps messing my heart!!! I couldn't sleep last night and now I am soooo tired and I don't have the excuse of a baby/toddler keeping me up..and with my 7 lb weight loss I still can't fit into my jeans either without the muffin top. Aaaahhh, thanks!

why does my husband confuse the floor with the dirty laundry hamper...everytime! Why can people not properly close a bag of opened chips! Why do I hate putting gas in my car. HATE. IT.

What kind of mother are you not letting your child put your toothbrush in the toilet!? : )

My whine is legit today - my ankle hurts. I feel down a few steps this morning. And it's hotter out than forcasted - I'm hot.

How is it that I suffer from no injuries while training for roller derby but sitting at my work computer makes my wrists feel all stabby? I wish that pre-carpal-tunnel were a large obect so I could slap on some skates and padding then knock that bitch down!!!!

I don't want to go to school, philosophy sucks, my back hurts, I'm tired and cranky and my hair's a mess. But that last one's probably cuz I haven't showered yet. Oh and I *really* don't want to write a philosophical essay OR a psychological research paper - one in the next 24 hours (OR ELSE dun dun DUN!)

Was paged to work at midnight last night. Worked for an hour and then got up at 5:15am to run.

I want, dream about, long for, one excellent mid-day nap at my house when no one is there. I think that might cure all my ails.

MsMiss' whine-de-jour: her dried apricot bits had to be served in a bowl, rather than just on her tray, like usual. Of course, no sooner did I present said apricot bits in a bowl did she then proceed to dump them out of the bowl. But - at least she did put half of them back in the bowl, a few were eaten, and a few were thrown on the floor. So it goes.

My whine? My darn headache medication isn't working, and though the headaches went away for a while, they came back. But, yesterday my doc upped my dose ... so there is at least some hope ... does that still count as a whine if there is hope?

I want four hours of consecutive sleep. *whines*

why is it so nice on weekdays and raining or cold on the weekend? weather pisses me off!!!!

Can I still whine about the time change? Because yeah, I hate it. And so does my (non-night sleeping) baby.

i. want. cookies.

Too many teenagers at home for Spring Break make sex an impossibility. I wrote about it. Check it out while Mia's napping...if you are so inclined.

why the hell can't you pick your dirty underwear off the floor?

I would just like to say, without any whining, that I love the fact that you have a Walt Whitman quote on your blog. I love Walt Whitman.

I did everyone else's laundry and now I have to do mine. Why can't some one do it for me? And while they are at it, why can't they cook dinner too. I am sick of cooking everyday and trying to come up with something different, and tasty, and easy to make.

Don't forget to go on over to tomorrow for Wednesday Whining if y'all have any leftover whines you need to get rid of.

I threw up for the first time today, at 12 weeks, 3 days, just when things are supposed to start getting better. I figured since the only other times I threw up while pregnant were around 6-8 weeks, I was in the clear. So much for thinking.

Hey, you asked :)

I'm quite happy to whine! I've damaged the tendons and a nerve in my forearm (this happened on Boxing Day so nearly 3 months ago) and I've been off work for the past 5 weeks with nothing to do! So bored! So frustrated! Been to see my doctor again today and I'm off now for another 2 weeks. Need something to do! Daytime tv sucks and I think I've watched all our DVDs at least 5 times. The only plus is I'm getting lots of sleep. But the pain isn't too great and neither is not being able to do much.

That's my rant for today anyway!


Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeethhhhhhhhhh~ My house is messsssssssssy! I keep tearing the house apart in an effort to redistribute and reorganize while separating our stuff, and in effect, all I keep doing is creating little piles all over the place which I have to step over as I haven't finished nearly half of the projects I've started in the past week or so. And I don't liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike it!!!!!!!

Ugggghhhh! I got a jury duty summons in the mail yesterday. I know it's my civic duty and everything, but I don't wanna go to jury duty!!!

I have a hellish eight hour take home exam tomorrow and I need to study and so I have been stuck inside all day when it has been SEVENTY-THREE DEGREES AND SUNNY here in Chicago. In March. And I had to miss it. Boo. But it does feel nice to whine about it

WAH! My 6mo old won't go to sleep. I'm sooo tired. I've tried rocking, nursing, and all forms of soothing but tonight she is Un-Sleepable. Wahwahwah. I just want her to settle in so I can have some dinner and a glass of wine. And then hit the sack myself. Uch.

This is the rarest of rare occasions when I can't really think of anything to whine about. Oh wait, nevermind, I have jury duty next week. That's something pretty sucktastic.

I'll spare you the whining because I too heard it all day. I could whine about my sore throat that feels like a swallowed a porcupine, or that my head feels like someone poured hot lava all over it or the fact that my child has been running fever off and on for oh two weeks now, but I did say I would spare you right. Back to what you were doing...

Wah!! I need to get laid!!!

Whine whine whine!!

I am patiently waiting for this guy to call me about setting up an interview because I want to get the hell out of my job. I feel desperate. I wish I could just up and quit but I need work lined up first. And THAT makes me whine.

I can totally kick your ass with the whining!!!! I even posted about my day here..

This is a first -- I have nothing to whine about.

After years of a serene work environment I find myself on the set of a soap opera at work. Last week I revealed that I'm pregnant and my director responded with, "What does this mean to me?".
Since that lovely conversation I've been on the hotseat.

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