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We're back!

700 miles later and we are right back where we started. Oh, what? I didn't tell you we were going? Sorry about that - chalk it up to a little healthy paranoia.

I was planning to ask whether any of you had ever been to Wheeling, West Virginia when it wasn't raining, because every time I've been to (or, actually, through) Wheeling it has been pouring down rain. Today, however, it was dry in Wheeling, although still gray and miserable and entirely deserted.

Just wanted to drop by to mention that Mia was a dream child the entire time and has also slept through the night three nights in a row, so all of you cross your fingers for us that this is some
sort of trend, ok? Thanks.

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welcome home!!!!

Glad you made it back safe and sound and sane ;-) Here's hoping Mia keeps up the good cheer for a long while yet!

Awesome -- so glad to hear that your trip was a good one.

When I was around 6, we were moving from NYC to Kansas, and we stopped for the night at a Best Western or something in Wheeling, WV. We were like the 1000th guest or something, and it said "Welcome to Wheeling, [My father's name]" We also got a fruit basket and a free movie in the hotel room. It was the coolest thing that had happened to me in my life at the time.

I announced to my parents that I wanted to move there, instead of Kansas.

What made the trip even more memorable was that I forgot the care bear that I slept with ever night at that hotel and never got it back. :-(

The West Virginia giveth, and The West Virginia taketh away, I guess.

And good news about Mia. We've never travelled overnight with our 2.5 year old. Your story gives me hope.

So glad to hear that your travels were happy. It can be nerve wracking!!!

I've only ever driven through Wheeling, either on my way to Columbus from Pittsburgh, or on the way to or from Lexington from same.

Will keep fingers crossed that it is a trend for Mia. I'm smiling because I've been through this with my two kids. It's so nice once they hit that cool age. :)

Can Sam come and rub her belly or something to catch that sleeping-through-the-night thing? Cause I am exhausted.

the only time i've been to west virgina was with my cousin who lives in Wytheville, Virginia and the closet movie theater was in west virginia (in another state!) and they poured us drinks out of 2-litre bottles. weird place, i tell you.

i'm glad your trip was good! and that Mia was well-behaved and that she slept! yay for sleep!

did i just write litre instead of liter?
i'm so freakin' canadian, it's silly...

she slept through the night?!?!?! you lucky gal you! now if only mine would stop trying to pick my nose.

If being on the road is what it takes for Mia to sleep like a champ, maybe you and Chris should rethink things and transition to a life on the road? Maybe with a big truck and an Airstream trailer?

I haven't had much coffee yet, so maybe my idea's a little off. :)

welcome back! I'm so glad Mia turned out to be a good traveller.

Glad you had a great trip! Crossing fingers that the sleeping's a trend! Listen to this, though, my friend's son is the monkey and Mia's age, and he's up every 2 hours, and up for good at 5:30am!!!! They've had sleep dulas try to help, etc., and no success! Feel better? ;)

I've never been to WV, but my Dad was born and raised there and man, he has some awesome stories. None of which are actually "good", just awesome.

okay, welcome back but where is the picture of our little darling? It's Monday, right?

She was good because I slipped into your room like a ninja and gave her benedryl. I'm sneaky like that.


Do you think if you moved to Ohio Mia would sleep better?

I've been to Wheeling exactly once as a child. I don't remember rain but I could be wrong.

I grew up with their radio station all the way from New York. Good old WWVA and old time country music.

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