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With a moo moo here

Yesterday, for reasons far too complicated and boring to explain, Mia and I drove out into semi-rural Virginia to visit a horse farm. I call it semi-rural because it is mostly farmland and vineyards with neighborhoods of million-plus dollar homes sprinkled throughout seemingly at random. Note for anyone who ever considers such a thing, before you move gobs of rich people out to the country, you really need to expand all those two-lane country roads, or everyone will spend hours a day sitting in traffic in their Hummers. Since I left early enough to miss the traffic, I just pointed and laughed.

The drive was nice. Mia behaved herself and had a great time mooing at the cows and baa-ing at the sheep and looking quizzically at the goats. She expressed an interest in taking a bath in every pond we passed and giggled at the pick-up trucks and silos. When we got to the farm, there were four or five dogs wandering around outside the barn, which thrilled her little soul and caused peals of amazing toddler laughter, while I broke into a sweat trying to make sure none of them were about to attack the defenseless child strapped to my back.

To find the friend I was looking for, we had to go into the horse barn. Have I mentioned that I hate horses? I know that I have, and every time I do someone tells me that I am a horrible person and horses are magnificent creatures and they are never reading my site again, so let me save you the trouble there and say 1) good riddance and 2) shove it because 3) I hate horses. Ok, so I'm weak-kneed, cry-like-a-baby terrified of horses. Same difference.

Mia loved the horses. Loved them so much that she told her Dada about them (several times) when he got home. And now I can see my future. Mia isn't going to rebel and break her mother's heart by being a cheerleader or entering beauty pageants or even turning Republican. No, Mia is going to ride horses, and I am going to have to smile and applaud and cheer without hiding under my car and sobbing.

Parenting is hard.

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oooh horses!!! It's ok that you don't like them. But they are really cool.

As long as Mia doesn't make you ride the horse too, I guess you'll be ok.

I totally agree with you - horses are just so HUGE!! That's what scares me. Last year my husband finally conviced me to go into the horse barn at the MN state fair, I didn't let go of him the entire time. Never again, I say.

"Parenting is hard"

That says it all.

My paralegal owns horses, so let me know if you need a horse connection.

At least you have a BIG critter to fear,... imagine now silly it is to watch me cower in fear over a spider. And I wish I was kidding...

yes indeed!

With me it's small stinging or biting things. I'm still not over it and probably never will be but I've steeled myself to not run screaming from the room. I somehow manage to deal with the bee, wasp, black widow.

And heights. I can't even watch a ferris wheel, let alone go on one. The second step of a ladder is about my limit.

What? No cute pics of Mia with the cows and horses??? I feel robbed.

It's funny how we go into parenting with an idea of what it will be like, and what our kids will be like, and it turns out to be mind blowing how much it strays from our original ideas. I am constantly amazed at how my son challenges me every day, and makes me face the stuff I hate the most. Like spiders...I hate them, scared to death of them, but he won't touch them either so I have to be the spider killer. But I feel your pain. I doubt Colin will want to ride one when he's older

You are a horrible person, horses are magnificent creatures and I am never reading your site again! . . . unless I want to know what you are doing tomorrow.

I don't hate horses, but they really are some of the stupidest creatures.

Is there no way we can get you to a happy medium regarding horses? You don'thave to love them but I also don't want you to have to hide under your vehicle.

Let me chew on this for a while, will report back..

On a fun note, the ASL sign for horse is kind of cute. Certainly better than the one for dog.

I'll turn her to the dark side of Republicanism or worse Libertarianism! You are so my bizzaro. I grew up with horses and I like crunchy food.


Wow. I'm with you on the horses - hate them. I wouldn't mind in the least if they disappeared from the earth today.

My own encounter with horses, if you care - my boyfriend's father is a farrier (he shoes horses for a living) and the first time I went to their house? Yep. I had to meet the resident horses. Of course, I cowered in the corner the whole time, trying to not have my feet stepped on. What kind of first impression is that for someone who might someday become an in-law??

I've never 'met' another person that's terrified of horses like I am. They're just so big! You're braver than I!

How funny! I love horses and my daughter is the one somewhat afraid of them!! My worst fears for my daughter are still of the cheerleader/beauty pageant variety.

we so hope that bee is not a horse girl. can't stand horse girls. of course, every time bee cries her dad is ready to run out and buy her a pony. so how do you feel about ponies?

She can have all my old riding stuff. And good for you! I know what a big deal that was and you must have done a great job since she didn't pick up on your fears.

My mom was never afraid of my actual horse, just watching me in y jumping competitions. For every horseshow she would buy a HUGE pack of Twizzlers. And gnaw on them ALL WEEKEND LONG.

So maybe you can try that.

I can relate to the horse fear, except mine is focused around ducks and geese. Also sometimes dogs or bees. But especially geese -- I just can't stand them. But Grace loves all kinds of animals and I'm determined not to pass my fear on to her and so, like you, I just try to suck it up and not let it show. It's hard sometimes but, like you, I think it's worth it.

Aw, I'm sorry you don't like horses. I love them ever so much, but I understand that they can be scary! If Mia does decide to be a rider, I know you'll support her the best you can!

Aw, I'm sorry you don't like horses. I love them ever so much, but I understand that they can be scary! If Mia does decide to be a rider, I know you'll support her the best you can!

What happens if she becomes a famous Republican horseback rider?

there are worse things...

my kid thinks she's going to be the next american idol...well, in 2018

I don't love horses, so your fear (hatred) of them is fine with me.

But do you have to go out of your way to cultivate a love for them in Mia? Silly. ;)

Then stop taking her to the horse farm, silly ;)

My Little loves horses. I mean, LOVES them. All I've heard about for nearly 2 whole entire years is horses. And I did nothing to cultivate it, just started. Be glad he's mine ;)

My sister was the horse girl in our family, and she had a beautiful, gentle sweet horse who would bring even a non-horselover like myself around. She also had a pony who was the devil. So don't let the size fool you. Ponies are e.v.i.l. But even ponies cannot approach goats for evilness. The goat would actually try to kill small children. Now that is probably more than you needed to know, but I am just saying - if you are going to have a mortal fear of a farm animal, I would not base it on size, I would base it on who has horns or a deadly gleam in their crazed eyes.

Ooh, did you go out in the Loudoun area by any chance? I only ask because I am such a local - I'm from rural NW Virginia, I go to Mason, and my grandma has owned a cattle farm outside Leesburg for the past fifty years, so I've always been in "horse country." And I wouldn't knock hating horses. I'm the only person I know who hates and fears water/swimming/boating/the ocean/excessively fast-running streams.

Way more scary than the horses: the price of becoming an equestrian. Pompoms are much cheaper.

Wow, I didn't realize that rebellion against the parents was starting so young these days - good luck!

I hate horses, too (hate = terrified). I grew up in the country across the road from people with horses, and their horses scared the crap out of me.

You are not weird or a horrible person. I'll punch any person who says otherwise. :)

BTW, this past Christmas we drove from Charlottesville, VA to Harrisburg, PA via US 29 and US 15. The last time we did that trip was about 4 years ago, and I couldn't get over all the freaking huge mansion subdivisions in what used to be beautiful horse country! WTF?!?!? There was so much traffic on Friday morning that it is now quicker to drive all the way west to I-81 to be on a freeway. Total bummer.

Gosh... So I guess if you're ever in Texas, I shouldn't invite you over to our ranch for dinner? Yeah.. we breed/train/stable horses for a living!

Oh well, we all have something we hate. Snakes are extremely high on my list. =P

Yesterday must have been animal noise day.
Wife emailed me complaining that the child was barking like a dog.


Wait till you have to go muck out horse stalls to help defray the cost of lessons or the boarding costs for that pony you will buy her.

I like horses when they are the movie theater screen or behind a fence where they can't get to me. Otherwise they scare me. AKA the reason at 35 and growing up in rural West Texas that I have NEVER ridden a horse. People find it hard to believe but those suckers out weigh me and I don't try to ride elephants either LOL :)

My mom's a rider.... And, my dad would tell you NOT to encourage Mia to be come a rider, unless you're one of those rich rich RICH country folk! ;) Sooo cute, though. The monkey loves horses, too! She loves going to the barn with my mom and I. :)

I hate horses too. There, I said it.

I'm very afraid of cats. Therefore I can't say I like them very much. That will probably make you block me from reading your site !

That's cool that you faced your fears and exposed Mia to the horses.

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