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Call me Baldy

I'm losing hair by the truckload. Actually, it may just be that it is so damned long it looks like a lot more than it is, but the fact remains that there are tumbleweeds of my hair all over this house, which has the double benefit of being disgusting and distressing.

Also, there are fucking termite swarmers in my fucking house a-fucking-gain despite the loads of money I have paid to make them go away and the fucking termite guys swearing that they cannot find a single termite anywhere in, around or near my house. I think the new deal is that they get to eat every bug I find in my house, that should motivate them to solve this fucking problem once and for fucking all.

Also I've noticed that I sweat considerably more with the right side of my body than the left side of my body, which probably means I have either a tumor or a rare tropical disease and also now you all want me so much you can hardly stand it, so I have to deal with that too.

You can see I have a lot on my mind. I also have a new Mia video here and it plays Van Halen because it was either that or the Pointer Sisters and we own the Van Halen. (We totally own the Pointer Sisters too, I just didn't want to admit it.)

I'll try to be having fewer personal problems tomorrow, but no guarantees.

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You are great sweetie! Sweat and all I am sure there will be a line to have a moment with MRS. MCHOTTIEMOMMY. Yep thats you! And the hair? Send some myway we can make extensions for my NEVER WILL GROW hair!!

I have a chin hair that despite how many times I've plucked it, the damn thing keeps on coming back.

And a 2 year old who will poop in the potty for everyone else, but at home? In his big boy underwear all the time. Little pun intended.

My hair does the same thing when it's long. Also, my feet sweat more than any other part of my body... actually, I'm becoming more and more convinced that I have no sweat glands other than my armpits and my feet. Oh, and then there's boob and asssweat... okay, so maybe I just sweat alot.... and now I've totally grossed you out...

OMG, that could totally be me. I am constantly finding copious amounts of my (long) hair everywhere. Everywhere. Like on other kids. That aren't mine. And the sweating on my right side thing really has been freaking me out lately. Is there a chance the two are related? And my youngest daughter is only a few weeks older than Mia. I think this is all officially weird.

I find my hair all over the place, too. I shed so bad. :( One of the times I got my hair cut, someone said that if I took iron pills, or got more iron, that it would help. I started taking multivitamins (because seriously, I probably needed more than just iron. lol), and that seemed to help, but then I ran out and never bought anymore... and now I shed.

"I'll try to be having fewer personal problems tomorrow." -> story of my life, sister.

I've got the hair thing and the weird sweat thing, too. If you figure them out, let me know. As it is now, I should be bald by October. And I'll probably also have quite the impressive deodorant collection. Blech. Effing hormones.

I heard that when you have a baby, some women lose some hair. "SOME" hair? WTF? After shampooing in the shower, I paste the copious amount of hair that winds up in my hands onto the wall. If I don't, we'd be using Liquid Plumber every-fucking-day. (Yes, I throw it away. I don't just leave it there! Geez!) It is SO gross. I also have developed "baby bangs". Short little stubby bangs that make me look like I'm 7 years old. Except, of course, the rest of me looks like the 33 years old that I am. And hauling around the Boohbah (7 months) and her gear leaves me sweating ALL the time. So I, too, am a balding sweating HOTTIE! Awesome.

Can we talk more about the sweating more out of one half?

I loose a lot of hair as well.. I dont understand how its so thick still... my hair tends to clog up any vacuum or pool filter :-) SO any time I swim I have to wear my hair pulled back.
which looks STUPID!

Just curious. But is the "f" word commenly used in the house? I dont really know anyone who uses that word... so I just find it interesting to see it used so often in your post.

(im not asking that to be offensive, so please dont get mad lol im just curious)

Dont feel bad about unequal sweating, I am hoplessly right-fatted and it sucks.

I shed so much hair, my roommates used to find it in their cars, even if I hadn't been in their cars. Made it very tough when they tried to pick up girls. And it is more noticable when your hair is long. A 3 inch hair you might overlook, but a 14 inch hair is tough to miss.

Well, I sweat all over. This morning at the gym while doing crunches, it was dripping into my ears. Not a good feeling. Kinda like a wet willie, without the willie.

Man, you just made my day seem better! Thanks! Hope it gets better, take care of yourself.

Have your thyroid checked. Other than that, know that I think it's totally hot (get my lame pun?!?)to be all sweaty and losing hair. I just chopped my hair because I was sick of seeing all the hair that was falling out. Now there is not as much all over the place, so clearly it is all better. I can pretty much talk myself into believing anything.

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