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Delicate little ego, do not crush

The charming and lovely Haley-O went and nominated me for a couple of those damned Blogger's Choice Awards, which was terribly kind of her and you should all go give her kisses with tongue. If you wanna vote, the links are below. If you don't wanna vote, that's cool, I assure you that I do not care. Oh, except in that I would like to get more than one vote, due to the delicate little ego mentioned above.

And also, I recently ran my first ever SQL query to reopen comments on all of my old posts, so if you are one of those odd people who occasionally mention to me that you sat down and read my archives and managed to somehow not expire from boredom, now you can let me know you were there, if so inclined.

My site was nominated for Best Parenting Blog! My site was nominated for The Blogitzer! My site was nominated for Hottest Mommy Blogger!

Comments (12)

I will vote for you! I got nominated, too, for Best Photography Blog, believe it or not...

What is a SQL query?

I never get nominated for anything. You are my hero.

I'm, like, BOOKED UP with makeout sessions now. LOVE! ;)

I never sign up for internet things, but I'm signing up to vote for you - cuz i luvz yoose.

Go Beth, go Beth go!!

Totally deserved and I'll definitely vote for you!

And yes, this IT blondie would also like to know: what is a SQL query??


SQL Query = Structured Query Language Query.

A type of software used to retrieve information from a database. Here endith the lesson.

BTW, how does one get to the front of the makeout session line ?


IT seems that everyone is nominated on this thing. I think it's their marketing ploy. Hmm maybe i'm disgruntled? LOL

done, done and done.

but damnit to i have no chance of winning ;)

awe you took the post away.
I was going to say....just fess up. You'll both laugh about it.
He's already figured it out anyway.

You decided not to post it? Darn.

I'm pretty sure I already voted for you for Hottest Blogger. I didn't know about the others but I'll get myself back there and check them out.

I didn't realize how much fun it is just to be nominated.

Yeah, I think someone nominated me for hottest daddy blogger which is funny... so feel free to do that thing for me if you're over there anyway.

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