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Did I ever tell you that I did a speech on triskaidekaphobia in elementary school? It was awesome.

A couple of pictures of Mia and her horrible new habit are here, if you are interested. (Sorry y'all, I can't double post and I've already talked about it over there, so it seemed appropriate to follow up over there.)

And hey, here's a special bonus:

Photo by Sarah. That's the charming and lovely Ian climbing the walls in the background. Not pictured are the also-charming and lovely Claudia (although she didn't deign to speak to me yesterday) and the incredibly patient Klaus (the cat), who spent several minutes wearing the same necklace Mia is modeling, much to her delight. Now she wants to have him over for a tea party.

Hey, speaking of Sarah, go tell her she looks fierce. Also speaking of Sarah, she pointed out that I could have just crimped the hot water hose when I disconnected it from the washing machine to discover that water was still gushing out at an alarming rate, to which I say 1) oh, duh, and 2) WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU WHEN I NEEDED YOU, SARAH? ANSWER ME THAT, WHY DON'T YOU?

And hey, you guys are a big bunch of lovable freaks. Entertain me today by telling me about your superstitions. I would go first, but I don't have any. Don't worry, I'm as odd and twisted as anyone else, just have never been bitten by that particular bug. At least, not unless you count my firm belief that the dishwasher has to be loaded correctly (as in my way) or else the world will come crashing to an end, but I don't think that counts.

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From the American Heritage Dictionary:
tris·kai·dek·a·pho·bi·a n. An abnormal fear of the number 13.

An abnormal fear? So there are people out there who fear the number 13, but when they explain it to someone the other person is like, "Well ok, you have a perfectly valid point. 13 sucks!" Therefore having a normal fear of the number 13? Hmm. I must investigate. Thanks for the word of the day!

Superstitions or fears? I can't stand seeing salt spilled and must immediately throw some over my shoulder. I also believe that if I dream or imagine something horrible happening to me or my loved ones, it won't. I love the # 13 however - it's been quite lucky for me.

sorry, no superstitions... man of science here...

Heh. I hate it when my husband loads the dishwasher, if he doesn't load it enough to run it. The plates are backwards! Argh! I must fix before I can finish loading!

Though I have a few phobias, I don't think I really have any superstitions. Sometimes I play the "don't step on a crack" or "hold your breath going by a cemetery" games to amuse myself. I guess I do have to admit to being compelled to wear a team shirt on VT football game days.

Much like Jaime, my superstitions are football related.

If the Bucs win on Sunday, I make sure I wear that same pair of underwear the next Sunday. If they lost, I wear a different pair.

Sad but true.

(I have more than one pair of Buccaneers underpants.)

Oh, and regarding the crimping thing: Isn't it obvious that everyone should call me with any problem they might have due to my super-genius?

not so much superstitious - but all numbers must be even if possible. the volume on all things electronic, the alarm, the time i set for the microwave/oven... odd numbers simply won't do - they just look.... um... odd.

I am also wierd and twisted but I only have one fear. It scares the beejeezus outta me to drive beside a Semi-truck, I always fear that they will tip over on my little VW Bug and squash us.

No superstititions really but I do have particular methods of doing things that I must not deviate from or all H3ll breaks loose!

I am crazy superstitious about the number 13, but in a good way. Lucky stuff always happens for me with the number 13 (I'd like to think so anyways!) See, my birthday is on the 13th, my 13th birthday was on Friday the 13th, and soon my 30th birthday will be on Friday the 13th. Well, maybe my luck is changing for the worse.


My family holds the superstition that if you kiss someone who is on the toilet, bad fortune will follow. My grandfather was a gold miner and, so the story goes, two times that he kissed my grandmother goodbye while she was on the toilet, he was trapped in a mine collapse.

Ew, I know.

My mother's side of the family has tons of superstitions that, from what I can tell, seem to have originated with one particular crazy-ass great aunt way back when. I managed to keep from getting pumped too full of them growing up, but I do have this weird thing about even numbers. I don't like for there to be odd numbers of things. For example, I get bothered if I'm climbing a set of stairs and I count an odd number of steps. Sometimes I recognize it as a superstition and intentionally leave a count, no matter what it is, at an odd number.

I notice all of them. I try very hard not to actually alter my behavior or anything (at least not where anyone would notice me acting stranger than usual). I don't like to leave from a different door than I came in (means you stole something). There are two that I get confused about. Its either you shouldn't put shoes on the table or a hat on the bed, or is it hat on the table and shoes on the bed? I won't do either, just in case. I avoid black cats, walking under ladders and I do the salt thing.

I also made a weird one up when I was in Catholic school. If I made the sign of the cross, that was like a "hello". So when I was done, I would have to make another sign of the cross, "Goodbye". If I did an uneven number it was like leaving an open line to God and no one wants that. So I'd be trying to remember whether I did the good bye one and have to cross myself wherever I was to end the communication.

Lastly, I happened to have my first two children on multiples of 7 (the 14th and the 28th). When I was pg with my third I NEEDED him to be born on the 7th or 21st to stay in line. He actually was born the 14th naturally but I was still hoping for a different mulitiple of 7.

Its very loud inside my head. Can you imagine if I did drugs?

i'm emetophobic.
irrational fear of vomit.

geek warning: triskaidekaphobia is just the fear of the number 13 ... fear of Friday the 13th in particular is Paraskevidekatriaphobia.

I just learned that this morning on the news ... and the news guy actually took a stab at pronouncing it and didn't flub it ... I wonder how many times he practiced it before going on the air?

I am particular about doing many things my way ... but not because it will cause the world to end ... just because my way is more efficient (and I've probably done the math to prove it).

Superstitions are a part of Thai culture. So, I've got plenty. But the main one? Chris will hate me for this.

I don't kill spiders. Not since I read Huck Finn. I killed a spider the day before I read that part, and that afternoon I was locked out of the house for hours in the cold. If there's one running around the house, I'd trap it and take it outside.

Actually, 13 has always been a lucky number for me so I love days like today.

I can't really think of anything I'm particularly superstitious about. Which probably means I actually do some weird stuff but have no idea other people think it's weird!

Actually, 13 has always been a lucky number for me so I love days like today.

I can't really think of anything I'm particularly superstitious about. Which probably means I actually do some weird stuff but have no idea other people think it's weird!

My company allowed us to wear jeans and football team gear every Friday throughout the playoffs. When I couldn't participate in the first one due to off-site meetings with outside vendors, my team won. I never participated the rest of the season and THE COLTS WON THE SUPERBOWL.

I have magical powers.

the obligatory: I was born on Friday the 13th, it's a fantastic day!

my supersition: It's a bad idea to ignore a cat who is attempting to greet you, especially if you've never met that cat before.

Ok, Adrienne and Holmes, you and I share the same weird even number thing. I count steps and get unnerved and a bit weirded out if the number of steps is an odd number. (Thank god I have exactly 12 steps leading upstairs in my house.) The volume on my TV has to show an even number of little bars. I will also only eat bite sized food in even numbers. (i.e. cereal, corn, m&m's, nuts, peas, popcorn, etc, etc, etc...) If I see an odd number in my hand or on my fork, I will flick one away or add one more to make the number even.

nothing really here but i can't imagine that breaking a mirror can be good for anyone. of course i hate broken glass more than just about anything.

i don't really have many, but i do refuse to walk under a ladder and i also wont let my kids do it. i don't care if its a folding ladder or one just leaning up against a building. As for the 13th, we just got a new kitten today and she just happens to he all black :)

I'm with you, I don't have any superstitions. Nothing gets to me. I could break mirrors, walk around with black cats, walk under ladders, and I probably wouldn't even notice.

I NEVER criticize my car lest it decide to break down on me out of spite. Crazy? But I can't make myself stop thinking it could happen. Haha

I'm too OCD to have superstitions. I'd never leave the house if I had both *and* I'd be mentally exhausted :-)

I am superstitious about the month of August, to the point where I don't do August anymore and have created my very own alternate reality.

I don't give blades or knives to friends without the exchange of a few coins, same with salt.

I also do not sleep in a room with mirrors, and if one is there I cover it. (too many bad experiences)

I'm sort of weird about mirrors too. I can't look anywhere near a mirror if I'm in a dark room. Too freaky, even if I know it's me.

I can't watch horror movies, because even though my rational brain knows that no ghosts or serial killers or anything else freaky is going to pop out of any dark corners, I have always been scared of the dark, and it's just amplified by watching scary movies.

I guess that I have a couple. I don't walk under ladders but that seems like common sense [maybe not?] and I don't kill spiders. It occured to me a couple of years ago that I make a lot of wishes; when the clock turns 11:11, coins in a fountain, birthday cakes, backwards necklace clasps, fallen eylashes .., whenever I get the chance. It struck me as odd then that I still do this as a "grownup" but they often come true which is even stranger.

Greetings from a former "lurker." Though I don't believe in them, superstitions are part of my culture. These are the 2 that I still follow.

1. Salt cannot be passed from one person's hand to another person's hand. To pass salt, you must 1st place it on the table and allow the other person to pick it up. It's something to do with bad luck, I think.

2. Never place your purse on the floor or you will run out of money. Even though I don't believe it, I realize that I have never put my purse on the floor, haha!

Ummm... I would like to claim that I am not a superstitious person, but I have a confession: I am 24 weeks pregnant, and I STILL haven't put my "feminine hygiene" products away. The little tub of them is still sitting on the bathroom floor, like they have for the past 6 months. I think I kind of believe that if I put them away (under the sink), that I will need them again. ::sigh::

I hear you on that dishwasher thing. I basically unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher yesterday because it was loaded incorrectly.

I "knock on wood" on my head (as inconspicuously as possible) whenever i think or hear something bad (to prevent the something bad from happening).... I've been working on this with my therapist....

I never ever put my purse on the floor. My mom told me once that you pick up a lot of bad energy, and my wallet does not need anymore bad energy that what it's already got.

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