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Do not fuck with Mia, people

She will totally cook your bunny.

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That's pretty disturbing....

There is always a soft spot in my heart for the bunny boilers of the world.

But, what are her martini's like?

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE "ASSHOLE" POST? Dammit I take a nap and come back to reply and it is GONE!! That is why Mia is cooking your bunny LOL. I am officially ADDICTED to yours and Chris's Blog...this is an illness!!

Hey, as long as she doesn't grow up to have affairs with married men, I don't think there's any problem with boiling bunnies. Add some veggies and she'd have a great stew! Well, except for that whole vegetarian thing....

Heh this sent me looking for Lord of the Rings quotes about Rabbit Stew and now I'm wanting to watch all the movies like the geek I am but I really don't have 12 hours to spare! heh

What? Was Glenn Close on Sesame Street again?

I guess crazy starts young...

She won't be ignored, Dan!

HA! Oh that's hilarious. Honestly Beth, this just cracked me up all evening.

(Oh and please come for waffles. MMMMM. AND BACON.)

At least she won't be ignored ;-)

You will have to warn her dates about this later in her life!

A bunny boiler! Cripes! She didn't even clean it. Or add water. That's pretty hardcore. You're probably going to want to turn on the exhaust vent for this one.

Looks like you won't have to worry about future boyfriends...she'll take care of them all by herself.

I love it! Hilarious! Aaron likes to cook his Little People that have butt cleavage.

How funny is that. That made my day!

how i love that kid.

that's hilarious. I don't remember how I found your husband's blog, but that's how I got here. two funny parents - cool.

Well, she DOES have that little toy kitchen thing, right? I think she just wants to make you a rabbit stew. Right? RIGHT??

I would so totally send this pic to Michael Douglas.I'm sure Catherine Zeta-Jones would understand, and approve! You know, just as a reminder... HAHAHA too funny!

Poor widdle Bun Bun. Doesn't Mia care that Bun Bun has the cutest little pink schnozz and white fuzzy cottonball tail? Could she really be that cold and uncaring? I was sure you and Chris would have taught her better than this. Hrmph.

Just make sure she stays away from scary, frizzy perm.

I hear they're tasty.

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