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Not what I meant to write, oh well

I can't believe you people! Here I am regaling you with the fascinating tale of my bumbling interactions with the Hotty Pediatrician, and you want to know about my kid? Where are your priorities!

The kid, she is fine. In fact, she had improved quite a bit between the time I decided she needed to go to the doctor and the time we actually got to the doctor. She has had a rash on her legs for a while that comes and goes that came back with a vengeance yesterday and she started scratching it for the first time, and she also has a little eczema on her hands that she started scratching for the first time yesterday too. Nothing too serious, but the sad little look on her face as she scratched was enough to convince me that medical intervention was required. Nothing a few quarts of steroid cream won't fix, and she is already considerably better and not itching anymore.

Now honestly, can we go back to talking about the important things? Like whether or not I have accidentally given the Hotty Pediatrician the idea that I am more impressed by him than I should be (but not necessarily more than I actually am)? See overall, I'm not all that thrilled by doctors, mainly due to the tendency towards snobbery and also their habit of calling me Beth while expecting me to address them as Dr. Hotshit, which I'm fine with calling you Dr. Hotshit, but them you had damned well call me Mrs. Bupkis. (Dudes, not my real name, obviously.) The Hotty Pediatrician cleverly avoids that problem by failing to ever address me at all, except for one time as "Amelia's Mom." I doubt the Hotty Pediatrician could tell you my first name if his life depended on it, maybe that's part of the appeal? And oh my god, we weren't going to talk about him anymore. Ok for real this time, starting now.

Anyway, I was going to play this dumb game thing with you people today, but in order to do it I need to fix my comments so that links are underlined so you can see they are links and I am too dumb to figure out how to do it at the moment, so I'll work on that over the weekend and maybe we can play next week. I was also going to let you dress me for my sister-in-law's baby shower tomorrow, but turns out I am too damned lazy to try on all the clothes and take all the pictures. I guess this means I'm on my own. Well, on my own except for Chris, who is basically useless because no matter what I put on he says it looks good for fear that if he says differently I will castrate him with my tweezers. Which I would never do. Well, at least not just for saying a particular outfit wasn't my best choice ever. So I dunno, maybe later if I get inspired during naptime, but probably not.

Seeing as it's 10:15 and Mia and I have yet to even think about getting out of our pajamas, I suppose I had better go see to that. Have frabjous weekends, y'all.

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I think you've inspired perfect behavior in every husband who reads this post. Cause I don't know about you, but castration with a tweezers made ME twinge, and I don't have anything to castrate!


I just want to hear more about the hot bank teller. You ARE going to the bank today, right?

I like our pediatrician, who calls me "Ms Surname." Not even Mrs. but Ms.! And we have a really difficult surname!

I love dumb games. Bring on the dumb games!

i demand to dress beth again. that was fun. even if you didn't choose my outfit ;)

is it possible to sneak a photo of hottie-P? hm. maybe he wouldn't be cool with about the back of his head? so curious to see what he looks like.

OMG, how many cups of coffee did you drink before yesterday's post? lol
Glad to hear Mia's rash is clearing up. Have fun at the baby shower - you will totally kick ass on all the games now.

Enjoy the baby shower!

Glad to hear that Mia's all good!

I's gorgeous outside. Go the park!

I didn't get dressed until noon so you are doing well to even consider it by 10.
My doc calls me Maribeth and I call him Dewy. Works for both of us.

"for fear that if he says differently I will castrate him with my tweezers. Which I would never do. Well, at least not just for saying a particular outfit wasn't my best choice ever. So I dunno, maybe later if I get inspired during naptime, but probably not."

I love how that last sentence makes it sound like you may get inspired during naptime to castrate Chris with tweezers...

hot teller??? hello??
you get us all yipped up and then nothing...

SO glad Mia's rash is gone.
My pediatrician is old and no one understands why I'm attracted to him.... He looks like Ed Harris....But, anyway....He's not the nicest guy! He never laughs at my jokes, which is totally mean. He says "hey gorgeous!" To the monkey, and I always say, "HEY!" But, he doesn't crack a smile. Why are they so mean. But, then again, he's always there to listen to me kvetch. He's awesome. And, sometimes he can be surprisingly aiight in the human department.

In your stylesheet (site-style.css), your links (a:link) say "text-decoration: none;". Change them to say "text-decoration: underline;" and your links will underline. :o)

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