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Geekery and bleach

Two totally unrelated topics, as if that were unusual for me.

First, a while ago I stopped providing a full feed of this blog in favor of excerpts because I found a porn site that was ripping off my content. I don't object to porn, but I do object to finding pictures of my daughter on porn sites. As soon as I went to the excerpt, Adam started harassing me about going back to providing the full feed. I had fun torturing him for a while, but eventually mentioned that he had gotten close to annoying me enough that not only would I never go back to the full feed but I would also break out a can of IP Deny on his ass.

Adam, as it turns out, is really a rather lovable geek, and he wrote me my very own plugin to remove images from my feeds. So, if you read me by feed, you should now be getting full entries again, with the exception that you will have to actually come here to see any pictures I post. Also, you should go make friends with Adam, because he's a nice guy and also because it is very handy to have a friend who can make you your very own fancy code.

Second, I am loving reading all of your ideas for what to do with my hundred dollars, but decided I had to throw in an idea of my own just to see what you thought. I am planning to chop all my hair off at the end of summer and donate it to a worthy cause, and because of that I'm thinking about spending the summer as a blond. I mean really blond. Not like platinum, but the full-on dye job, not just highlights. Now, this would cost more than $100 because I would surely have to have touch-ups between now and Fall and would also have to pay to go back to my usual mousy brown, but I think it might be fun. So tell me, can you see me as a blond?

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post a picture with you in a blond wig.

I think it would be super fun.

If you're considering something like Locks of Loves, you'll want to make sure you can still donate your hair if it's been colored. I know they used to have rules about that, but I think they've changed.

When I tried to donate my hair to locks of love they didn't take it becauase it had highlights. : (
But it was beautiful!

I think it would be awesome. You've got the face for it, and especially if you didn't go 'fake blonde'. Make sure you've got a good stylist though!

What a fun idea! Sure, check with locks of love first, but if they will still take it, I say go for it! When will you ever even think about doing this again?

I say go for it, too! Hair should be fun!

When I chopped off all my hair locks of love would not accept it because of the highlights.
(picky bitches...kidding)

Ohhh yes do that!!

You should so try being blond!!

Why not? Who knows you may love it!

For some reason, I can't shake the mental picture of you with ultra short, spiky, platinum blonde hair, with a miniskirt, knee high pleather boots and a pleather trenchcoat... with dark sunglasses... and honestly, it made me laugh.

But seriously... how short are we talking?? The blonde, I can see... it's the short that I'm having trouble with

I can't picture you blonde. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't go for it! You could have a very Sydney Bristow summer!

no, I cannot.
but no one could see me as a blonde either and I now have been for 7 years.
go for it.

Have you gone blonde before? I don't know, I have trouble seeing natural brunettes as blondes. If you do it...don't forget the eyebrows!

I have to delurk for this one. If you are planning to donate to Locks of Love they will NOT take hair that has been bleached or is damaged (bleach = damage, always). They will take hair that has been colored but not bleached. Maybe you wait till the end of summer and then after you chop your hair off you try blonde then. Hair is my thing so let me offer a little hair advise, wait until you cut it to go blonde. It would be very damaging and take several applications to go way blonde with your long dark hair however if you go way blonde with shorter hair it wouldn't be as much trouble and when you got bored or decided you didn't like it you could go back to brown. Also keep in mind when you do go back it's not as easy as just throwing on some brown dye and your done, you will need to have a filler applied and then the shade you want otherwise the bleached hair will just soak up the dye in not pretty ways.

One more thing, have you thought about going red? You would look great as a redhead!

Go for it! If you don't like it, you can always dye it another colour.

I can't picture you as a blond, but I can see you as a redhead.

Darn, Dawn beat me to it.

Lovable geek by day, geeky lover by night.

Also, I don't think blonde is your color, (I could see redhead, as others have suggested) and apparently you can't donate it if it's colored anyway. Don't let that stop you from donating it, though. I was only a few inches away from being able to donate mine when I had it cut off, but I couldn't take it any more, and sometimes I wish I had just stuck it out.

I donated my hair to locks of love a few months ago, and it was (surprisingly) a ton of fun! I believe you have to cut off 8" to donate but 11" if the hair is colored. I just chopped off 12" and called it a day. I also decided that drastically short hair needed a drastic color change -- the shock factor was fun and I like it. You should totally go blonde. You have the face to rock it. =)

I agree with several before me- color your hair after you cut it.

surprised no one has asked this - how did you happen across the porn site with your content?

Hmmm, I'm not sure. Can you post a recent photo? Maybe have Chris Photoshop you as a blond and post that?

Blond would be so much fun! But like others have said make sure that wherever you are donating your hair will take coloured hair first.

Sure, what the heck. I tried blond once. I am not a blond. Light brown, yeah, that's good enough for me. But heck, I'm an old woman. Go for it.

You know, I just noticed how long your hair had gotten in a recent photo you or Chris posted.

I think you could pull off blonde. You'd just have to get a colorist who could help you pick the right shade.

I like the hypothetical photoshop idea! Locks of Love info can be found at
I've thought about donating my hair, and in my poorer moment, selling it, because I am a greedy beyotch like that.

Cut the hair, then color it.
I always do a competition thing with my students which ends each school year with me shaving my head.

Oh it is good in the summer.

As for the spare hundy you have, send me some ideas.
My mother gave ME $100 for my birthday in December and I have no clue what to get.
I don't want to nickel and dime it like you said, I want to get something that I want.


I am going to be a bitch and say exactly what I think, which is: the only people who look good as blondes are people who were little blondies as babies (i.e., have the coloring to go with it). If you are this person, I say go for it! And if not... well, you will probably carry it off fine and change all of my preconceived notions with your hott-ness.

And for the question that you didn't ask, but I will answer anyway just like all of the other kids on this blog: I think that a more efficient way of donating your hair than to go through a wig-making charity is to sell your hair, and then donate the proceeds to charity.

Why, aren't *I* in a know-it-all mood today!

No. but highlights rock.

Hmmm... I'm not too sure how the blond would look. I'd need to see a recent photo that accurately shows your skin tone.

Don't forget that when you change your hair color, if you wear make-up, you may need to change that up a bit as well.

BTW, I think donating your hair is a wonderful thing!

Yes. But be advised that going from dark to light blonde requires HUUUGGGGEEEEE color lifting, bleaching and processing -- which kills your hair. It kills it dead.

Don't ask me how I know this.

But, as one who recently chopped off seven million pounds of hair myself, knock your socks off! :)

I have also heard that you can't donate your hair if it has color in it, but if you still can, then absolutely!

I am personally blonde scared b/c while I loved it when I did it, it absolutely destroyed my nice, healtly hair. If you are okay with that, and don't mind waiting for it to become healthy again, go for it. Although, I personally say go a red shade...pretty and warm and not so damaging.

Having been varying shades of brown, red, or black my whole life, I must admit the lure of blond has tempted me too. You are so very beautiful with brown hair, it's hard to picture...but as I said "very beautiful", which means you would probably look amazing with any color hair.

WOW!!!! That's BRAVE -- even to suggest it. I'd say NO! Don't do it! I mean, you'd look totally GORJ, no doubt, but it's a PAIN IN THE ASS to maintain. I had short short short dark red hair for a while. I got sooooo tired of colouring it! But, donating your hair to a worthy cause is VERY admirable!

YOU SO HAVE TO DO IT, so many people are chicken S*i*s about daring new hair, I think you only live once, and why not test the 'more fun' theory while your at it! I enjoy it!

We're doing Locks of Love with Queen B's lopped off hair, too. I agree with the others, be sure to check with them first, before you color.

I can't quite picture you as a blonde, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't look great. Having professional haircolor done is certainly a nice treat.

I agree with trying a blond wig on for size first. If you like it, go for it. I went brunette (from almost natural platinum) when I was nineteen or so.

Just wanted to see how the other half lived. Took me forever to have it stripped out and in between it turned orange. Never again.

I'd say go wild! No more mommy haircuts. :)

Maybe you could save yourself some of the $100 bucks and check to see if your salon offers a discount if you donate your hair to Locks of Love. One national chain - McCutters (not their real name - but it's almost like a drive through haircut) does.

Oh, but you have to have 10 inches of hair to cut of. And yes, guys, length does matter. ;)

Ohhh. That would be so cool. Please post pics when you take the plunge!

P.S. When I see Clive Owen in a movie? I always think of YOU.

It might be fun to see you as a blonde. I'll miss the long locks though.

Porn sites? But it's not So the fish taco said.....weird.

i once tried to donate my hair and they said they needed 12 inches. i couldn't part with that much hair. :)

blond is fun. it's an expensive habit. i have the color brown that one has when they were blond as a child, but are not longer blond. so... light brown? medium brown? mousey brown? i don't know, i haven't seen a full head of my natural color for a while.

a few years ago, i went blond again and LOVED IT. i had to stop for a while, due to budgetary restraints, but last year started up again. in fact, i just got my blond fixed on wednesday. my advice, make sure a professional does it. they'll put a a few different colors in at once and you'll look awesome!

if you are worried that you can't donate your blond locks, you can always go red with a semi-perm like Natural Instincts. Something I've done many times. Red is fun too. But, nothing beats the sunny mood going blond can give you.

My pentecostal aunt recently chopped off 14 inches of her hair and donated it to locks of love. Only she still had like 2 feet of hair left over that she wanted my sister to perm. But that's another story. So yeah, donating the hair is a great idea. And spending the summer with short blond hair could be really fun.

FYI - Locks of Love does not give free wigs to kids with temporary hair loss - their wigs are only free to children who have permanent hair loss. Which most kids with cancer do not.

Wigs for Kids is a less famous org, but the wigs they provide are always free, to any kid that needs one.

Just FYI.

If you go blonde then we'll be hair twins again - I just highlighted the heck out of mine.

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