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I love the smell of sweatsocks in the morning

I've been going to the gym a lot in the past six weeks, and it's been a little odd. For example, there is usually a basket on the front desk with free samples of various low carb/low calorie/low fat/ god-awful tasting snack bars. One day a few weeks ago, that basket was replaced with a big box of donuts and a sign that said "take one." Yes, thank you dear gym management people for helping to support me in my fitness goals. Then there was the day that one of the front desk staff was sitting behind the desk wearing a full body dog suit. And he was sitting in a garbage can.

The most curious thing though was last night, when I happened to glance over at the basket of towels and industrial-strength cleaning products that conscientious gym-goers use to wipe their sweat off the treadmills when they are finished, and among the cleaners was a bottle of something called Club Aroma. Club Aroma? Ah yes, for those times when you want your surroundings to smell like old sneakers and ass sweat. Especially good for those romantic moments. Scented candles are a fire hazard! Get your bottle of Club Aroma now.

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Spanish Fly and Rhino Horn are so 10 minutes ago. Ass sweat is WHERE ITS AT.


My favorite gym oddity is the fat gym employee. Who is that guy? Why is he offering fitness advice? How do these people get hired?

So THATS what that smell is! And here, all this time... I've been thinking it was real ass sweat I was smelling!

I can make money selling my ass sweat? And here I am working at a desk like a sucker!

Doughnuts at the gym's front desk. Genius. Kudos to the intellectual dynamo who crapped out such a brilliant concept (I wear my jealousy on my sleeve). I think that provides you with a "license to slap"; a freedom you can use on any non-steroidal member of the gym staff simply because one of their co-workers is the doofus king.

Gah - ross.

And doughnuts. Mmmm.

I may be asking for it when I admit this, but I like the way my gym smells… It smells like black rubber, but not like tires- it smells like hockey pucks. The locker rooms smell like sweat and cover-over-the-sweat air fresheners, and so do the studios, but the big open equipment room smells good to me.

Club Aroma: The poor relation to New Car Smell.

Good for you going to the gym! I, on the other hand, have not run for about three weeks. The weather crapped out. I may do freezing, but I don't do rain.

Do you go in the early morning before Chris goes to work? Or when?

You and Sundry being all healthy and fit.

Damn you! Now I want to, too.

*flicks you off as I do lunges and sit-ups*


I always thought there was something unusual about the way gyms smell. I had no idea you could bottle that stuff up and sell it. It's news to me.

the smell of the gym makes me want to hurl. ew.

What the hell kind of gym are you going to? I always find it interesting to "observe" people & the things going on around the gym. Fitness seems to bring out the freaks!

I used to work in the gym we have on base, at the little smoothie bar. And I can tell you from experience that working in a gym is dull work. If the gym wasn't on a military base, where the front desk folks are either in military BDUs or the 'fitness uniform' we had, I could fully picture those guys wearing dog suits.

And I love the doughnuts bit... :D I got a lot of folks complaining about the smoothies (which had no fat, but a lot of natural sugars), and I wanted to poke their eyes out with straws. Having doughnuts on the counter would have ROCKED!

So, are you being serious? Does club aroma ACTUALLY smell like ass sweat -- ew, by the way? ;)

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