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It must be the squats

I went to the gynecologist yesterday (I know, lucky me), and we were chatting about the usual general-health things and she said "well, you look like you exercise." On the one hand, I've been working out like a lunatic for the past month, and it is really nice to finally have somebody notice, but on the other hand, I'm extremely curious about what tipped her off, considering her vantage point.

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You just made me dread my annual exam in a few weeks, cry because I haven't been to the gym in FOREVEr and wonder about what type of waxing the doctor enjoys, all at once.

by exercise did she perhaps mean kegels?

Excuse me while I wipe the coffee off my monitor. :)

Doctor's say the darnedest things, don't they?

I am now joining Susan in wiping the coffee off my monitor.

The only thing that kept me from joining your other visitors in wiping off the coffee was its temperature. I just poured it.

I'll have that mental image rolling around the rest of the day.

I guess we never know what someone will find while looking under the hood! =P

I think for the first time in my life I am speechless.

I wonder if she was hitting on you. ;)

LOL, you and the comments both crack me up! I'd hazard a guess and say it was the toned hamstrings she had a view of while your legs were bent, 'cause really, if that's not it, I don't wanna know!

Lucky me - my coffee is in the microwave heating. So no accident there.

I wonder just what she did mean.

I will go with it was your toned legs.

Is it terrible that I'm laughing over this post?

She must have meant your womanly exercises.

What a comment to make though!

Oh dear! That really is an odd comment coming from that...point of view.

I have to do that on Thursday. See the gynecologist, not exercise. I should exercise on Thursday but right now, I'm more worried about having someone up in my business.


what did she say about your lightheadedness?

Ha! I wonder if you can tone up, uh, "interior muscles." But I'm going to guess it was your nicely toned legs too.

I was thinking that all of those squats were resulting tighter lady part if you catch my drift. Also...maybe she could see how muscular you were because you were "clenching" when she said "scoot down just a bit".

This, I believe, falls into the "better left unsaid" category of comments. Or, "dirty, but not in the good way." Either way, creepy.

That would also fall in the category of "things my doctor will never be saying to me." ... especially since I don't have a GYN ... but that's besides the point ... hee-hee ... congrats ... and you DO look fabulous, by the way, if it hasn't been said recently.

I went to the gynecologist last week too. He did NOT say that I "looked HOTT like Beth". But he did put me on The Pill to make the divorce sting Just That Much More...

What are you supposed to say after that kind of comment from the gyno?

I have a friend whose tonail polish was complimented while in stirrups. Though hearing "that's a nice shade of pink" sent her for a loop until she realized the doc was referring to her pedicure.

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