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Let's Play!

Today is Game Day, because I said so and we all know that it is all about me. Today's game is:

Things that Sound Dirty but Aren't

I will go first, and you all will go second. I have two entries:

1) Dongle
2) Crevice tool (Which um, from that site: "Extends and flexes to clean awkward gaps and spaces. Quickly attaches to the hose or wand." That's totally dirty.)

Now you, go!

Comments (39)

Sextuplets. Which better NOT be dirty because that's what Mark and the other five boys in his class are dressing up as for Twin Day today. mk

Fuddruckers - restaurant
Clematis - flower
Poutine - french fries with cheese curds and gravy
Cockchafer - bug
Cunctator - Roman soilder and politician - Lake Tahoe Visitor's Bureau - Custom Pens

This is fun. Have a great weekend.

Clambake - well you know

Seaman - Ha!

Poop deck - my personal fav.


bundt cake

Ahogo - I assume it's Spanish for "choking" since all the "What to do in case of choking" posters say "Choking/Ahogo."

Penal system

T'aint - as in "it ain't"

Caulk/caulking. I can't help it, but when we were redoing the bathroom and Mike told me it was time to caulk the bathtub I couldn't stop giggling. And it was only made worse when he pulled out the caulking gun...

I am clearly five years old.

Bushtit-- small, sort of chickadee-like bird

bullocks - It's the brit term though for "shucks!" But really it's cow balls isn;t it?

Blue-footed Boobies - Birds of the Galapagos. Actually, the world of birds is resplendent with breast-related names. Tits and Boobies for everyone!

Lake Titicaca - It's the highest commercially navigable lake in the world. Also, it boasts a name that's comedy gold.

Ballcock: That little thing in your toilet.

Bunco: Dice game ladies play as an excuse to get together and drink. My husband finds it's name hilarious.

Our dog constantly lays in the living room licking the carpet.

Five-Hole (hockey term for scoring a goal by shooting the puck between a goalie's legs)

"The goalie drops to his knees and swallows!" (beat... beat...) "the puck."

[T'aint - as in "it ain't"]
-- Holmes
That's supposedly where the slang term came from:

Let's see...


Fed Ex. Usage: Go FedEx yourself.

Uvula. The dingy-widget that hangs down in your mouth/throat - sounds suspiciously like another part of the anatomy.

Titmouse. And I agree about caulk--I can't even say it without a wildly overkill context so everyone is SURE to know what I'm talking about.

Ball-peen hammer.

I work in construction and find most plumbing vocabulary to be very dirty:

pull out spray
gas cock
packing nut
rate of flow
self rimming
single hole faucet
coupling nut
hand shower
jet tool

I will shut up now.

I once met a man whose job title was Master Baker, which sounds dirtier the faster you say it.

I second "Jigger."

In similar fashion, "Hot Toddy," which my daddy used to give me. (WHEN I WAS SICK, it's bourbon and lemon and honey, warmed up. For my throat! Aaagh, it's getting worse!)

(The plumbing ones were hilarious.)

HA! I got nothin', but your comments are hilarious today! =D

Sarah Goon Squad's word, pussywillow, reminds me of my favorite dirty sounding childhood song.

I have a little pussy,
Her coat is silver grey.
She lives out in the meadow,
She'll never run away.
She'll always be a pussy,
She'll never be a cat.
'Cause she's a pussywillow,
So what do you think of that?

My mother refuses to admit me taught me that song as a child.

caulking in the bathroom.
I still get a nerdy giggle about asking a cute guy if he has MicroSoft.
Master & Slave computer terms (also demons and male and female parts)

FLANGE: Defined by an online dictionary as...
1. a projecting rim, collar, or ring on a shaft, pipe, machine housing, etc., cast or formed to give additional strength, stiffness, or supporting area, or to provide a place for the attachment of other objects.
2. a broad ridge or pair of ridges projecting from the edge of a rolled metal shape generally at right angles, in order to strengthen or stiffen it.
3. a ring or collar, usually provided with holes for bolts, and screwed or welded over the end of a tube or pipe to permit other objects to be attached to it.
4. (in plumbing) a plate or flat ring bolted to the flange at the end of a length of pipe to close the end or to connect it with the flange of another such length: blind flange; spectacle flange.
–verb (used without object) 5. to project like, or take the form of, a flange.

squall line (a term used in meterology)
homo erectus (an evolutionary brother to humans)
piloerection (a medical term for goose bumps)

I have nothing... except my husband used to have a co-worker who's last name was bitchvan.

The only one not mentioned so far on my list is the name "Percy".

It's just one lisp away...

Grand Tetons (mountain range)

I always giggle like a twelve-year-old when I hear Kutcher, as in Ashton. Kutcher. Kootch-er. Heh.

• penuchle
• there's a restaurant near us, Martha's Exchange. But their web address is: hehe :)

Oooh, do I LOVE the premise of this. Because I'm a geek who whores himself out to media, my responses will be tech-focused:

Dongle - a term that loosely refers to USB-based devices, but sounds more like something a person of one gender would slip into the person of another gender.

Hard drive - 'nuff said.

Titsworth - last name of my friend in high school. She didn't have an easy life (or big boobs, come to think of it).

There's something definitely dirty-sounding when the weatherman talks about a "warm rear inflow." Discussing an inflow notch makes it even Yes, I'm a geek!

Inflow Notch - A radar signature characterized by an indentation in the reflectivity pattern on the inflow side of the storm. The indentation often is V-shaped, but this term should not be confused with V-notch. Supercell thunderstorms often exhibit inflow notches, usually in the right quadrant of a classic supercell, but sometimes in the eastern part of an HP storm or in the rear part of a storm (rear inflow notch).

I couldn't think of any until I read the word "bling" one too many times last night. It's like chalk squeaking on a blackboard to me.

I couldn't think of any until I read the word "bling" one too many times last night. It's like chalk squeaking on a blackboard to me.

Blown Head Gasket - A head gasket is a gasket between the engine block and cylinder head in an internal combustion engine. Occasionally, the compression in the cylinder may cause a leak to form in the gasket (a "blown" head gasket).

I'm a little slow on the comments - but the oil/gas services industry is rife with these...For example:

potted spelter socket
hairy fairing
slewing winch
paravane pig
tug crab
compatible stubbies
ionospheric scintillation

I'm not making these up - I swear!!

For some reason, vacillate ALWAYS makes me think of something dirty someone does to themselves...

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