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Mia Monday #64: So Bright I Gotta Wear (Dora) Shades Edition

Oh yeah, she's cool.

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Such a celebrity.

Noah would LOVES those glasses...but noooooo Dora is only marketed to GIRLS and the boys must settle for Diego her coat tail hanging less than adequate rescue cousin.

she's a cuite.
I am digging Chris's hair

I love the shot where she's got the glasses pulled halfway down her nose. It suggests that she knows just how powerfully cute she is. That's not possible at her it???

Ok, she's adorable.

I agree about the Dora marketing. My son just has to wear pink sometimes to get around it.

that would definitely brighten my day.

The third one is beyond adorable.


That second one is brilliant!

She's so stinkin' cute it hurts. I wish you'd stop it already with the cute.

You need to frame that 2nd one....WAY too cute...I think that's the one that did me in.

I do believe Ms. Mia is ready for her close-up. A star is born...

She blinded me with cuteness!

I love how Chris makes a cameo for Mia Monday - oh, and your comforter is really lovely!

Oh my darling cool girl! Great pictures!!!

She is cool all right. And I really like your blue quilted looking pillows too.

Such a little rock star! Sign me up for her fan club!! :)

It's almost impossible to decide but I think the glasses all lopsided on her adorable little face is the best.

Mia is totally rockin' those shades. I agree, frame the second one. Or better, get one of those triple-framey-things and frame the first three in sequence. She is just freakin' adorable. mk

She's just the cutest girl I have ever seen!

These are absolutely adorable...but that third one down is absolutely the most adorable!!

Ah. I envy you having a child that will actually WEAR sunglasses. Harry has just been decided that hats are not the instrument of the devil, but as far as he is concerned, the jury is still out on sunglasses.

Love the third shot!

I love the third one down, so CUTE!

LOVE the second one :-) Also, you kinda have *two* cuties...not such a bad deal!

I just kept looking at each picture thinking "awww, that's my favorite", "no, that's my favorite", "nope, this one". Such a cutie!

Adorable photos of an adorable girl!

with a future that bright, why isn't daddy wearing shades, too?

Whoa....looking a little drunky wunky in that third pic.

Sorry...the fourth pic, not the third. She looks totally sober in the third one. Could probably even pass a breathalizer if she had to.

For Pete's sake...tell her to stop growing up so fast!?!?! She's adorable!!!

She is so beautiful, I don't even know how you can bear it.

Of all of the kids here online in the blogging world that I read of - the DooceKid, the AmalahKid, and the SundrymourningKid - HANDS DOWN(!) Miabean is the most adorable. I'm talking kicks all of their asses!!!

LOVE that second photo!

Awww! She's such a cutie. I just love her hair too! I can't believe how much more grown up she looks then my little guy who was born around the same time! It's gotta be the hair. lol

That there is some serious cute.
And also, does Chris have highlights? Where have I been?

THOSE ARE SO CUTE. Shes a doll.

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