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Mia Monday #65: Sunday Easter Sunday Edition

Comments (45)

love the dress, and you with the curly hair!

Oh, my, how precious! The curls!! AND gingham! :)

Cute pictures! You curled your hair???

So pretty - did the dress manage to stay that clean all day?

Your curly hair looks good too!

Mia looks so cute. (I wish I could get Zoe to let me put things in her hair.) That's a really great family shot too!

Yyes, the dress is cute, but please tell where did you manage to find a long-sleeved Easter dress! The clothes manufacturers around here haven't figured out that it's ALWAYS cold on Easter!

Nuthin says Easter like a finger up your nose!
She's freakin adorable.

Oh my stars, I wasn't prepared for that much cuteness. I need to lay down for a bit.

You look skinny here.

Love the family shot - the finger in the nose really makes it! She's adorable and I don't think you look like you need to worry about loosing weight!

That dress looks as though it is fresh from the ironing board. And that hair! So incredibly cute! These pictures remind me of all the times when our oldest was so small (and the ONLY grandchild on either side of the family). Most holidays consisted of watching him wander around...that is...until his brother was born the next year.

Damn, that is a good looking family.
Sometimes life just isn't fair to us ugly people.

Hope you all had a good easter


I love her Peeps basket! And now I am jealous because did I get a Peeps basket? NO I DID NOT!

She looks like a child from a picture book - she could give Madeline or Mary from the Secret Garden quite a run for their money. And what a great family photo!

Ya'll look fabulous!

Those are so awesome! Thanks for posting them. As usual Mia is so sweet I need to go and take some insulin! LOL

the cuteness just killed me.

That may be the cutest spring dress I have ever seen. And I love her hair!

I LOVE that last picture. I was going to ask you how to get fingers out of the nose for pictures because we have that problem here too, but I guess you haven't fgured it out either.

Oh, and Daya has the same hair thingies! :)

Oh my gosh, I didn't realize your hair was that long! Wow! Love Mia's dress, she looks like a little princess.

Wow. Just wow.

Beautiful pics! Was Mia filled with helium? I ask, because I noticed you're holding her down by her feet in the last pic.

I also wonder if she got sick from the Easter candy. When my son was that age, he wasn't used to eating that much sugar at once, and puked in the car ride to my brother's house. That was a lovely Easter. Thankfully I had packed an extra set of clothes.

Very cute family.

ah. she's too cute.

(and beth, you look awesome. super skinny. and your hair is sooo long!)

Oh what a beautiful family photo. I absolutely love the little foofy things in Mia's hair. And you look so hott. Working out looks good on you! :)

What a beautiful family!

You know, for someone who says they don't so much clean, your house always looks significantly cleaner than mine.

And that baby really should lay off all the cuteness. It's not terribly fair to all the other babies.

Live Mia's hair, she's so beautiful.

You all look so happy and what a beautiful family you make.

She is unbelievably cute. The hair and the dress just put it over the top!

I'm loving the finger up the nose action in that last shot... :) She's so cute, and of course.. loving the purple!

She's adorable at always. Look at you and your long hair - love it!

Dude, you look HAWT. I can't believe how long your hair is already!

sweet, sweet, sweet! And you guys are adorable too...loving your hair!

Lovely pictures! You all look so great - and Mia is really stealing the show. What a doll.

The cuteness of the gingham burns my eyes. And the little tuffet.

We all need a good tuffet in our lives.

Pretty much as everyone else is saying, Mia looks adorable, I love the hair bows, did she manage to stay clean? Samantha never stays clean? You look amazing, super skinny and the hair looks great. I'm trying to get motivated to lose 10 (or 7) pounds. How did you get motivated?

Love the Easter dress on Mia, and I agree, you do look hott!

Ya'll look so adorable :)

Awwww! Isn't it amazing what little girls they're becoming! I LOVE the purple thingamajigs in her hair!!! So cute!!! And, her little dress!

And, YOU! Look how skinny you are -- and your hair looks FAB! :) You look GORJ, dahling!

What a beautiful family - and look at YOU, hottie!

Simply awesome pictures (the last one especially)!! And 'Peeps' easter baskets?!?! That rocks! (Where did she get them from and how can I get one?!) ^_^

OH! the CUTE!! Make it STOP!!!

And a visit from the Easter Booger! How special!

Mia looks adorable. I wish I could get Maggie to sit still long enough to do her hair properly.

Simply gorgeous shots of Mia. Love the dress and her hair. Outstanding.

She's lovely in her easter dress!
And I love the family portrait...

LOVE the family photo! And, of course you look awesome. Are you still on the wagon?

You guys look like the picture-perfect little family there. Man, do you have us fooled!

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