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Mia Monday #66: Hard to Explain Edition

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Aww! That brings back memories of when I used to totter around in my mommy's shoes.

My girls have taken to wobbling aruond the house in my heels. I don't mind, though. I figure SOMEONE should wear 'em.

She looks like she's really enjoying herself!

Soon after I started strutting in my mom's shoes, I got into her makeup and applied blush to my forehead.

She's totally seen you go to the potty in slingbacks. Totally.

Makes perfect sense to me.

i don't know if you've invested in any dress up clothes yet, but you will probably want to :) my daughter loves loves loves her dress up clothes.

It's the "Too much apple juice, can't walk, drunken teeter in mommy's shoes, so I need to take a break on the potty" picture. Duh!

If you have to pretend to do your business, you do it in classy shoes! Too cute!

Adorable. There's something about little girls in mommy's shows (or little boys in daddy's for that matter). How does she do walking in them?

I'll bet she's wondering the same thing I always have about high heels..."These can't be comfortable...why would anyone willingly wear these?" Ironically, I'm also usually holding a sippy cup.

Wait until she tries to drive in those shoes.

Dude, everyone needs to look their best while learning to use the potty. I totally get it.

Are you potty training Mia? Can you come over and potty train Michael next?

do you have any idea how many of those kinds of pics I have with 3 crazy boys? ;)

real cute!

Love the shoes!

Are you pottytraining??? I bought those seats to stick on the "real" potty... but I haven't even thought of trying to get Zoe to use them. I'm too lazy. I like diapers!

Yeah, I always wear spiky heals when I use the potty!

it's not hard to explain. she's just imitating you since you must go to the potty in your heels, right?

Too cute! I really need to drag out a potty chair again soon.

Well, at least she's wearing shoes for the correct sex! There are pictures floating around, of me wearing my dads workbooks, buttondown shirt and hat. I'm thinking maybe they wanted a boy! lol

think of how many times in your life you've ended up on the toilet drink in hand, in your good shoes.

Love it! She's sporting the new Seasame Street potty chair isn't she! My 21 month old son just got it and can't figure out how to sit in it. Must be that he's male! She's such a cutie!

This comment is brought to you by the "Not going to ask" edition. And "She is unbelievably adorable," too.

THIS is why I won't try for a daughter, Beth. Why bother, when you have the cutest one?

That takes me down memory lane--trying on all of my Mom's "clappy" shoes!

It may be hard to explain, but it's still pretty darn cute!

At least those potties are good for something, huh? ;) So adorable!

What's there to explain?? She's totally just hanging out with her milk, her potty and her heels. A girls gotta do her thang.

Nothing like some killer sling backs to turn the potty into a partay.

Wow, Mia is a big girl now. Those shoes fit.


She has great taste in shoes!

haha nice pumps! Hey i just blogged about potty training if your interested

Hell, even on the can a girl can look her best.

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