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Mia Monday #67: Daddies need Pretty Hair Too Edition

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she's precious. but this you already know. i hope chris went to work sporting the new do. just because it would make me giggle all day to think about it.

She looks so sweet.

Nice 'do Mr. Cactus.

Did she yank them all out with great force afterwards? That would be pretty funny (well, it would be in our house anyway).

and that, right there, is why I'm a proud (and frequent) user of the 1/4" attachment on our clippers... ;)

Wow, that is one brave Chris! What a cool dad :)

She looks so proud of herself and what a charmer she is.

21 months old. (Other post - I'm lazy today). So many things she has learned since you wrote the last monthly update.

I can see why she'd think a turkey and a peacock look alike.

He looks very pretty.

Chris soooo loves his hair like that! ;) ADORABLE! What a great dad! :)


She was so proud too! (love her cute little dress)
What a great daddy to put up with getting his hair done.

Oh she so has daddy wrapped around her little finger. How sweet are those photos.

It's too bad Sanjaya got voted off last week, he could have sported the Chris Cactus Fro! ;)

hahah... that's awesome. :) Can I come over and let Mia do my hair? heeh

Now THAT is a daddy! My husband is a pretty great daddy, but there's no way in hell he would ever let anyone do that to him. Could be why we have boys...
Lookin' good Chris.

Mia still looks cuter though - love the dress!

She looks so pleased with her work! She looks adorable too.

She's prettier than paint. I want to smooch those pink cheeks!

And Chris is very brave.

Unbelievably freakin' fantastic. Just wait until she wants to paint his fingernails and put lipstick on him.

First, Mia really looks like her beautiful Mommy! Second, Chris is adorable in bows and third, I think Chris enjoys the bows!

Such patience on Chris's behalf!

I can't wait until our little girl is big enough to want to do stuff like that. Only, it will be that the kitty needs barrets because heaven knows that Daddy doesn't have enough hair to put clips in! :)

She's so precious!

She really is looking a lot like you as she grows into her little-girl face. Very, very pretty :-) (Oh, and Chris too, just I'm having a hard time not being slightly embarrassed that he's not wearing pants. I'm a prude like that.)

Lovely hairdo. Unfortunately Zoe's Daddy has very short hair... so she won't get to do this at our house!

Daddy has it going on!

how cute! Your hubs has a lot of hair! look at all those tails.

SHe just keeps getting prettier and prettier Beth!

You just gotta love a man who joins his little girl in playing Beauty Shop!

I love how Mia looks so damn proud of Chris' hair. Love it.

Those are the cutest pics EVER!!!

You gotta love a man who's not afraid of having pretty hair. Have a look at Tuesday's Strollerderby, because you're going to be on it!

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