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Mia Monday #68: Pink Hat Edition

With Tim, amazingly beautiful child of Nadine/Sweety and FreezeM. And people, he does this thing where he balls up his little hands into ittle wittle fists and throws his arms out behind him and runs off as fast as his itsy little legs will carry him and it is so cute you could literally just lie down and die from it and be quite happy about the whole thing because dude, that was so freaking cute.

Left to right, Me, Mia, Chris, FreezeM, Nadine, Tim and Zandria, yesterday at the zoo. Also, moo. Whatever you do, do not hang out with these people, because they will make anybody look like a cow. Despite that I want to tuck them all into my pocket and make them live in my basement.

(Also hey, I've actually been using my flickr account for a day or two, so if you are one of those freaky people (with impeccable taste) who are dying for more pictures of my kid, check it out.)

Comments (21)

ok...they are SO adorable.
And she's TEENY TINY (though sadly still taller than me)

We keep buying the same hats. I loved the little white winter hat we both owned. And now I see that you've got the same summer hat too.

It was great getting to meet you yesterday, Beth. (And hello? Moo? Whatever!) Great description of little Tim. And I was mad impressed with your Treasure Trove Backpack.

Beautiful little Mia! BEAUTIFUL!

ah...i'm green with envy.

so cute!

Does Mia's hat come in grown up sizes?

I just love the fourth one! But they all are great! That's one beautiful daughter you have!

Pretty in Pink!

Wait, you can get your kid to stay in a stroller? Superglue? Duct tape? What's your secret?

Comparatively, you don't look bigger than the other two girls in the picture, so take heart! :)

Looks like you all had a fabulous time. Great hat on Mia!

These are some great pics!!! Mia is as cute as ever...Tim is someone new to me and methinx he's cute as well...BTW you all are one helluva bunch of good looking people.

Look how much fun you're having! And what a gorgeous day it was to spend at the zoo, eh? And Mia is rockin' the pink hat. Delicious.

LOVE the hat--too cute!

The monkey loves her hat. She insisted on keeping it on in the house. I didn't mind -- because LOOK HOW CUTE. Don't they look just so DAHLING in their lil hats! LOVE! Mia's totally precious in pink!!!

Aaahhh, teh cute again! Can I have that hat next summer? Pretty please?? ;)

Ahh, so much pink! And so much cute!

My granddaughter had the same hat last summer! Does Mia have the matching bikini? Kylie looked so cute in hers, I'll have to find a picture and post it on my blog later~

Glad you all enjoyed the zoo!

Are you taller than Chris or is he just standing funny?

(not that there's anything wrong with short, we're a short family)

I am a Flickr nut, so I do appreciate the picture update. I won't say 'it's about time' because I'm not that kind of person.

Much cuteness!!! I have to tie that hat around my child's head also, but it's so darn cute!

Raisin has that hat. I love that hat. It looks good on every adorable baby who puts it on.

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