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Monday by the numbers

4 - hours Mia was up in the middle of the night
4:30 - first time I fell asleep Sunday night/Monday morning
7:30 - time Mia woke up for the day
3 - total hours of sleep for me, for those playing along at home
24 - maximum age at which it is possible to function successfully on three hours of sleep
32 - current age of your dedicated reporter
6 - kinds of ass I felt like all day
2 - rooms I rearranged just to keep myself awake
4 - times I moved the honking big armoire in our bedroom
3 - total inches armoire ended up from original position
524 - times I washed Tigger's hair with pretend hoopoo (shampoo)
1 - hours of Elmo I attempted to bribe my child with
0.2 - hours of peace Elmo actually earned me
2 - exhaustion-inspired fights I had with my husband
0 - number of fights that I won
1.5 - days I estimate remain before I am miserable with my own version of Mia's cold

129 - the number on the scale on Monday morning
29 - months since I've seen anything under 130

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There's always a bright spot, and that's a pretty big one :)

Call a babysitter to watch Mia for a few hours. Pretend to leave. Sneak back into the house and go to sleep.

Call a babysitter to watch Mia for a few hours. Pretend to leave. Sneak back into the house and go to sleep.

I hope today is better for you.

I'm an insomniac, so I feel your pain. I average four hours a night. I had about 30 minutes sleep last night. I feel like ass today.

2-were the number of times I laughed out loud
4-were the number of times I felt bad for you not getting any sleep
100-congratulations for being under 130.

Wow, that's pretty rough. Glad we aren't at the teething stage yet, but I know it's coming.

And yay for you! 129 is fantastic!

That post was fun to sing to the tune of "Twelve Days of Christmas." I hope my co-workers didn't mind.

129... I only wish... yeah for you. As for the sleep/sick/arugh, it does get better.

Yea for you for seeing such a low number on the scale. Hope you and Mia are both able to catch up on your sleep soon.

Hee -- the monkey just pointed to Mia's picture and said her (own) name! ;) Funny!

Sorry you're having it so rough! Teething? But, that number -- 129!!!!!!! Wow.

Looks like there is a silver lining to everything. Skinny thing. :-)

If I didn't like you so much I'd have to hae you for being thin and beautiful and all.

Congrats on the weight loss! I hope to get back to 150 some day! :)

These are the days Grandparents were made for! My parents are always happy to take one or both of my kids when we need a break. They also happen to live 2 hours away, so its usually at LEAST an overnighter, which is very rejuvinating to the spirit of a parent. Maybe after Mia's cold is gone and yours kicks in? heh

Congrats on the weightloss! You're looking, like... SO hot!!!

Ah, 129: The very best number of them all!


Are you keeping your nomination for Hottest Mommy Blogger a secret? Not any more.


Oh. Yuk! Must be the new moon. Both kids were up and down all last night. Ended up with the 3 year old in my bed and me & the baby in her bed...

I would have to be dead for approx. 3 weeks before I hit 129. My goal is 148 by July 27. Only 18 more to go!!

um...yeah...totally worth it! yay for 129!

Yikes, that definitely sounds like a rough night :-/ I hope that you don't get the cold, but if you do that it passes quickly. I can feel myself getting sick right now, and I am so.not.impressed.

129. Congrats and F You.
(not that I'm bitter or anything)

The way I see it, you've got the following things going for you:

1. Tigger must smell awesome right now
2. I think there only 10 kinds of ass, so you're almost home.
3. You're skinny.

Clouds. Silver lining. Yadda yadda blabbity blah.

Survival is what counts. Well, that and looking cute in skinny pants. Sorry for the rough time.

129!!! That is awesome!

The last time I saw that number on the scale was right after I had mono. In 11th grade.

lol. Nicely done on the scale, by the way. Numbers, great idea for a post:).

Gah, you poor thing. Hope you get some sleep soon. Hey! Congrats on 129!

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