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Never, no never, no way

We had a make-up class for Mia's Mommy and Me thing this morning, and one of the women there was talking (at considerable length to anyone who would even pretend to listen) about how her three and a half year old daughter was joining a competitive cheerleading team and in order to join had to be able to do a cartwheel and therefore was taking eight weeks of gymnastics classes to learn that particular skill and how the mother made her practice an hour every day because she wasn't raising her girls to be failures.

And she might have had more to say on the subject, but that is the point at which I punched her in the mouth and walked away clutching my child and whispering "no way in hell" into her ear.

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Oh dear lord. Thank you for punching her in the mouth.

I can't believe what some people put their kids through. Seriously, like a 3 year old needs to be in competitive gymnastics! $10 says that she'll be burnt out by the time she's 10!!

I just watched a special on childhood pageants and the girls were so little and their moms were, quite frankly, trying to relive the youth they didn't have through these poor girls. It sounds like this mom is doing the same thing!

I hope her daughter never does the cartwheel so she doesn't have to go through that!

That didn't happen right? please, tell me you made that up.

There is something seriously wrong with this world.

I really, really, REALLY love the image of that woman talking, and then you hitting her really hard, and then you whispering to Mia. That whole image is good. I'm working on enhancements, such as each OTHER woman in the room following your example, one after another.

YEAH YOU DID!!! Rock on!

Dayum. People are psycho. Gr. Anyone treating their kid like that just makes me very, very angry.

Sounds like the momma has some inadequacies issues to work through. Hopefully Dad can balance things out.

People are fucking insane. What is wrong with people, honestly. I feel like punching someone in the mouth now.

Sounds like mommy should save her money for some therapy...yowza...I feel sorry for her little girl who will never be able to measure up to mommy's standards....

Ah, yes...mommy was undoubtedly cut from her Jr. High cheerleading squad and ruined for life. I wish you'd have punched her once for me while you were at it.

I HATE competi-mommies. Why can't they just let their 3 year old be a kid?

Not raising them to be failures indeed: raising them to hate their mom and sign up for therapy at 5...

Good. For. You.

Holy pressure, that is nuts!!!
That child is going to have ISSUES....

Unbelievable. Wow.

Ahhh ... I know that lady, she's from Texas right?


omg.. it's people like that who make me hate people. yay for punching her!


They still do that?!?

I thought crazy obsessive moms and dads were no longer in style. I hate hearing people talk like that just as much as I hate dads yelling at their kids, the coaches and referees during a sporting event.

That is what todays kids are expected to do. Try reading this article from NPR. SAD SAD SAD. I want my baby to PLAY. And learn to imagine. I also want him to have time to mow my lawn when he is old enough.

Eesh, parents like that are creepy. A couple of weeks ago I watched a dad chew out his teenage daughter at the park because her soccer skills were not up to his standards. Vicarious living is gross.

Can we say reliving our wanted childhood... Yowza!

Oh, that makes me a little sick...what the woman was bragging about, not your reaction.:-)

Be. Agressive. B.E. Agressive.
B. E. A-Gee-Gee-Are-E-Ess-Ess-Aye-Vee-Eeeee!
Gooooooo Beth!
Kick some psycho mom ass, woman! Woo-hoo!

This makes me so sad (but happy you punched her, please tell me you really did, PLEASE!) that people treat their children this way and it is not considered abuse because it is abuse in the worst way. Kid's need to just play and be kids for as long as they can, they all grow up much too fast all on their own. So sad =o\

Next time you see her, punch her in the vajayjay for me.

OMG. That's awful. I'm glad you punched her. (at least you really should have :) )

(by the way, we found out that after 3 boys, we're having a girl this can be sure that I'll not be that mom with my baby girl!)



And also, thank you for punching her in the mouth.

That's like watching those documentaries on beauty pageants where the 3 and 4 years olds have fake teeth, BIG hair and make up that looks like a 65 year old retired stripper.(not that I've seen a 65 year old stripper, but I would imagine it would look just as gaudy.) All the while their mommy's are hyping them up on sugar so they perform with personality and the little girls just want to go and play. All so their mom's can feel good about themselves...or in my opinion anyways...

Punching in this instance is well deserved too...

huh... I thought that kind of thing only happened in Texas...

That just screams "I feel like I failed as a person so I'm going to compensate by forcing my kids to do something they probably don't want to anyway".

Just a thought.....

the poor kid! Is her name Britney, by the way? ;)

wow, that is such a sad sad story. I mean about the mom, not about you punching her, that was the happy part.

Seriously, WHY are people like that?

That is truly disturbing. Poor little girl.

I can't even believe that's real. Did you also call Child Protective Services on her?

Sad! Why can't people let kids be kids these days?


next time kick her in the shins too

LMAO @ Meegan's post!

The only thing more perfect than you punching her in the mouth would be if Mia had done a cartwheel right in front of the woman. That would be justice.

What?! You punched her?! Only ONCE?! Sheesh, that was at least a 2 punch offense... and yeah, I was lmao at Meegan too...

You are so totally cool.

"because she wasn't raising her girls to be failures."

Nope, because raising them to be flaming assholes is SO MUCH BETTER.

LMAO! U r awesome, Beth!

I'm not raising mine to be failures either - happy, healthy and not burned out before grade 1 is a good goal, too!

And, who will she be chearing? The competitive football team?

Shocking that you have such low expectations for Mia. Maybe she really WANTS to be a competitive cheerleader. At three and a half.

You would deny her that right? Shocking.

Poor kids. This week I was talking to a mom at school, and her daughter does gymnastics 20 hours a week. I don't thik that I could keep up with that schedule, much less the kid. As it is they grow up so fast, why not let them be cute, uncomplicated people for as long as possible.

Sounds right for some parents. My professor who is also a therapist was trying to schedule an appointment for a 3 year old that was brought in because she is pulling out her hair in clumps and not eating. The three year olds schedule
Monday: ALL day Pre-school for the gifted
5-6 Math Tutoring

Tues: School
4-6 Various dance classes
Wednesday: Repeat Monday
Thursday School
4-5 Music lessons
Friday: Repeat Monday
Sat: Religious school
Horseback riding lessons
Play date (Scheduled of course)
The only free time she had was on Thursday after music so now she has therapy at 6 which means she gave up her FREE TIME. WHICH WAS SCHEDULED!! No wonder this child has to be therapy at 3.

I don't blame you one bit - good for you!

She won't get the chance to fail, she'll self-destruct first. So very sad. This is why I resist signing my child up for anything organized. These folks scare the hell out of me.

How I envy you!

For the record I'm not a mom but I am a dance teacher for 3-4 year olds for a class called Creative Movement that is a 1/2 hour ballet and a 1/2 hour of tap. I love the little ones (most of the time) but the dance moms sometimes... Honestly, when it is performance time I'm happy as long as the kids stay on the stage, smile and attempt to dance. I want them to have fun. Some of the mom's freak out that their 3-4 year old don't know every last count of the dance to perfection. I usually have to remind them that if their kid is having fun, more then likely they will keep dancing but if they are putting pressure on them and the fun goes away, it's not good for anyone and I've seen more then my fair share of kids burnout by the time they are 8.

These are the same kids who drop out of HS at their first chance and work at the 7-11 for the rest of their lives. Excellent parenting technique.

And excellent punch.

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