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Of biblical proportions

The thrilling saga of how I fixed our washing machine for $40 and liberal application of the word "fuck" is here, if you care. If you don't care, well you can bite me because we really don't have anything in common right now. Since I fixed the washing machine all I want to do is laundry. It has very nearly supplanted vacuuming as my favorite chore (my favorite chore being the only one that actually gets done).

I will mention, just for your personal edification, that if you have any question in your mind that the wall water cutoff is not actually doing a thing to cutoff the flow of hot water to the washing machine, you should not under any circumstances disconnect the hot water hose from the washing machine. Because holy fuckballs people, I thought I was going to have to start collecting pairs of every animal on earth and set sail in my cooler, and Mount Ararat is a long way to go in a little blue cooler, even without the extreme overcrowding.

Moving on, I very nearly spent my $100 yesterday, to the point that I had the item in hand and was headed toward the register with Mia reluctantly in tow when I chickened out and ditched the box in a canoe display. I was going to buy new, fairly expensive, sneakers. I don't really need new sneakers. Sure, mine are a couple of years old and I got them for $35 at Kohl's, but they are still fine. I just thought I would get nice new ones since I'm going to the gym so much lately and also to have something cool looking to go with the three new pairs of yoga pants I bought yesterday to reward myself for fixing the washing machine and also because I discovered that the one pair of yoga pants I've worn nearly daily for four years has (naturally) a gaping hole in the crotch.

So, what do you think of new sneakers?

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If you'r a runner, the money for good shoes is so totally worth it. Ever had shin splints as a result of crappy running shoes? I have. It's an awesome, heavenly kind of pain that makes you willingly shell out whatever the devil wants you to pay for good running shoes. For the rest. Of your life.

So, treat yourself to a pain-free life. Buy the shoes. If you're not a runner, well then...maybe put a down payment on that canoe. It'll come in handy the next time the washer takes a dump.

actually, you should get new sneakers. You need new sneakers every 6 months. I have lots of problems w/ my feet and was told this by a podiatrist. Also, you should fitted for sneakers. I have a place right by me that does a great job. Seriously, I ruined my feet with crappy sneakers.

Are they really cool? If they make you want to go to the gym you should buy them.

I think you should get the new sneakers. It's always more fun to exercise when you have a new outfit to do it in!

Sneakers are always worth it. And I am WAY impressed by your washing machine fixing skillz.

Absolutely, if they make you look forward to working out, they are worth it. I use lots of tricks on myself to get myself to do the workout...mine usually center on the food I can have if I exercise!

I can't tell a lie:


I know I should have thrown in my $0.02 on the appropriate post. But I am late, and a procrastinator, and I didn't have any good idea at the time. I would have to choose between getting my eyebrows and legs waxed (and NOWHERE else) or really really really good food. I'd like a $100 seven-course dinner. DH would have to come along and keep me company, but he's on his own for his portion of the bill, or he can starve.

Congratulations on the washing machine repair! So far this week I've tackled a clothes dryer repair and I've taken apart the pipes under my sink (check out my blog for some tips...)

As for the shoes... if you don't really need them, then at least make sure they're cute!

i would buy a pair of lululemons over a pair of new shoes.
i highly recommend the reverse groove:

you will be THE hottest female at your gym.

seriously, lulus are like magic pants.

Okay, i wouldn't spend $100.00 on sneakers if my life depended on it. Call me crazy, but I just couldn't do that. Now some neat funky shoes yes, but sneakers? no way.
Still unsure how to spend that hundred burning a hole in your pocket? Go out for a super nice meal with Chris (or alone if you are still mad at him) and enjoy the foods and wine that make you smile!

You never think you need them and then when you buy them you're completely smitten with the way they feel and then you realize that--in comparison-- the other ones felt as though you had been working out in Roman sandals that had stone insoles and you wonder what in HELL would make you feel the need to punish yourself by wearing the same old shoes. That's what I think of new running shoes. It's never a bad idea and never an indulgence because WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THE CARE OF YOUR FEET! and that is never something to be sniffed at. Which reminds's time for a new pair of Asics.

It's true - Lululemon pants ARE magic pants. I've never seen an ugly bum in lulu's.

I would have bought the sneakers, mostly because I need a new pair. But that's just me :)

Way to fix the washing machine!

Good Lord woman! All that money should be to get yourself some new crotchless yoga pants. Or decrotching your new purchases.

No, I don't know why. Stop looking at me like that.

Um, the ones you didn't buy?

They are super! I am sure the canoe is enjoying them very much.


new sneakers are aiight, not my favourite new things. I'd sooner buy a new pair of lululemons.... ;)

I HATE laundry -- as much as I HATE vacuuming. So, no, you and me are so lacking in the stuff-in-common category. But, we DO both have 20-month-old cheaty little monkey's that keep us busy 24/7....

New Sneakers are nice, but only if you need them. I'd rather wear other shoes. Speaking of you 100, you were talking about hair coloring with it. I've donated my hair to locks of love twice and am going to do it again when I'm sick of it being long, but i was told it couldn't be colored. You may want to check into your organization if you haven't. It would suck to do all that work and they not take it.

I'm sure you said many interesting and pithy statements in that post, but they all fell away when reading the phrase "holy fuckballs." I think I will make that my new favorite expression... well, when not with my daughter, which is almost always. Ok, so, I guess I'll think it a lot.

Ah, that was the best laugh I've had all day. Holy fuckballs! Thanks!

I myself would buy a pair of Keen sandals. If I had $100 that is so what I would get.

I just bought a new pair of sneakers at KOHL's on sale for $28.99 + an extra 15% off deal I had since I have their credit card. It had been a good three years since I'd replaced mine. I can certainly see the logic in spending more on sneakers though.

Okay so buy the shoes because you should have good shoes. Especially if you're going to the gym all the time. And especially because you've had your old ones for way too long. But don't count it toward the $100 because that's for something you don't "need"!

No opinion on the sneakers but watch out for the "f-bomb". It's now Addy's favorite word - as well as a few variations. It was funny at first but now I feel like a derelict.

I've you're going to be sweating your ass off at the gym, new sneakers are in order. You deserve a treat. I have so much fun buying new workout stuff as my reward for working out. Makes me feel better to look kinda cute when I feel like I'm gonna puke up a lung.

You really crack me up.

I'm sure sneakers would be useful but they still come under the heading of clothes.

However, what do I know? If they make you happy, that's the important thing.

A firm "Hell yeah!" to fixing your own washing machine-- kick ass girl. And I'd say ass-kicking in a new pair of sneaks ranks right up there... although I have to second the Lululemons... Hottie Trainer Boy ALWAYS comes up to talk to me in the gym when I wear one of my pairs. Smokin' hott ass indeed!

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