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The Continuing Saga

If you missed yesterday's post, where were you? That thing was up for hours! I really think you ought to be more dedicated than that.

The short version is that we ran into the Hotty Pediatrician and his Totally Adorable Wife at lunch on Saturday, and while I did offer a friendly smile when we made eye contact I did not, for various reasons, stop to say hello. I then proceeded to get incredibly embarrassed thinking I had made some terrible social faux pas and would have to leave the state as quickly as possible.

However, because you are wonderful people, you quickly convinced me that I had not in fact done anything all that embarrassing and also gave me the perfect excuse for my behavior, which totally would have been the real excuse for my behavior if I had thought of it ahead of time, so see really I am totally polite and mature, just not very smart.

Anyway! Entirely coincidentally (hand to God, don't even start with me on this one) I had to take Mia to the pediatrician this morning. She went to bed last night as a perfectly normal, if cranky and congested, toddler and woke up this morning as one large, red, angry-looking, incredibly itchy rash. And you know what, I wasn't even nervous. That is how much you people helped me yesterday. Tongue kisses for everybody! Except then I had to take the entry down because I was embarrassed that I had ever been so embarrassed about it, and that second round of embarrassment is really your fault, so maybe only half-tongue kisses.

So, we were most of the way through the appointment and going with the just don't mention it approach when the Hotty Pediatrician said to Mia, "You know, I ran into your mommy at [restaurant] on Saturday." And then...

Well, I don't know exactly what happened then because all I could hear was a voice in my head screaming "This is it! It's GO TIME! Move fast! The future of the universe hangs in the balance!" Or something like that, maybe toned down a bit. I think next he said how much he liked [restaurant] and I said oh really because we hadn't been that impressed and he said oh yeah he really likes whatever and I said oh we had this other thing and I disliked this about it and he said well it must depend what you get and I said oh certainly. And then he told me how he grew up near the original [restaurant]. Or maybe that was earlier, it wasn't all that interesting of a conversation.

And then I said yeah, we weren't sure what the etiquette was there, you probably can't go to lunch without getting swarmed by the parents of your patients (which is what you guys suggested, which is probably true, so good call).

And then he sort of smiled and said "I know how to say hello." Which y'all, was that a burn on me? I mean, it wasn't like "IIIIIIIIIIII know how to say hello" with all sorts of meaningful inflection on the "I" bit, and wasn't rude at all, but still, maybe just a little burn? Probably not I think, but if so I can live with it.

So that's that, the end. I don't have to leave the state and I don't have to go searching for an Unattractive Pediatrician (which is a good thing for all of us, because then what would we talk about?) I think, though, that I have devoted entirely too much mental energy to the Hotty Pediatrician this week, so we are all going to put him totally out of our heads for a while. I mean, after we finish analyzing whether that was a little burn on Beth or not. Oh, and also after I call him this afternoon, but I swear on the ashes of my dead cats (which are no more than five feet away from me as I type this, so I can do that) that I am calling for an entirely legitimate medical reason in the best interests of my poor, itchy, rashy baby.

Oh, and I have to go to the bank tomorrow, which we all know is Casual Friday, which we all know means Hotty McBankTellersons in short sleeves, so that will distract us nicely from the entire Hotty Pediatrician debacle.

Comments (34)

I don't think he was dissin' you. More of an invitation to say high the next time you see him in public.

BTW, how's Mia?

Gosh, Beth... Men have feelings too ya know? He wasn't burning you, he was hurt that his patients hotty mother neglected to stop and say hello! He was, in fact, so taken aback, that he just HAD to bring it up the next time he saw you.

He is totally into you, but just a tad on the emo side!

:::whew::: Glad you can move on.

Sorry to hear about the itch and rash. Try this:

Put about a half-cup of old-fashioned oatmeal into a muslin bag, large tea ball, or (in a pinch) the knotted toe of an old pair of clean pantyhose. Toss into a lukewarm bath and let her soak. You can also add a chamomile tea bag as long as she doesn't have pollen allergies. The oatmeal is very soothing and good for itchy skin, and chamomile is helpful for skin ailments.

Woohoo for Casual Friday Hotty McTellersons! I wish I had a hot casual Friday bank teller. (Except, wow, "casual Friday" just took on a whole other meaning in my head as I typed that. Ahem. Moving on.)

Is this rash contagious? I don't think I can handle any more sickness around these parts.

These parts? Who talks like that?

so what was the rash about?

You're a scream. Dying of the funny over here. :)

Hey... you're so concerned with the Hotty Pediatrician issue that you totally glossed over the rash issue. How's Mia? Is it the diaper related rash... or a new rash? Inquiring minds want to know.

I'm with Suz - that was a totally nice way to tell you that he'd like you to say hello next time you two run into each other.

Cause then he can show his wife that the hotty mom of one of his patients knows who he is and wants to talk to him.

Oh, and three cheers for casual Friday and short sleeves on Hotty McBankTellerson. W00t!

Since I am neurotic and paranoid, I probably would have taken it as a burn.

But since I also like to justify my own irrational behavior, I would also have wondered that if he truly does know how to say hello, as he so snarkily pointed out, why didn't he say hello first?

So then it would all be okay. In my mind.

Yep that's it. He felt sad that you didn't say hello. Maybe his wife, (the bitch) was really ragging on him and your sweet smile and sexy hello would have brightened his day.

(shudder) That would be "hi" not "high"

I *should* read my posts before posting, then y'all wouldn't know what I was thinking about when I typed it.

Is it too early for wine?

I'm with Colleen here, how is Miss Mia?

Ah, Beth. You get just as tongue tied as me, and it makes me feel better! :-) I think you did just fine, and that he probably likes you and was a little disappointed that you didn't say hi (or, yknow, smother him in tongue-kisses) but he probably won't hold it against you :P Now you just have to worry about the next time you run into him in public! Eeep!

What's funny to me about that whole story is that he made the comment to Mia, like some 12 year old boy who can't quite say it to the adult in front of him. Glad the whole thing is over. :-)

I hope Mia is better soon!

Eh, you're just forgetting that guys who specialize in pediatrics tend to have a better rapport with their young patients than the kids' parents anyway.
His comment wasn't a dig at you; it was really just his way of saying that he doesn't get swamped nearly as much as you might think. Personally, I think that when one runs into someone they know only on a professional level they should let said professional be the one to initiate conversation outside the office. On your part, a smile, nod or discreet wave is definitely sufficient. Then, if Dr, Dentist, Therapist, etc. wants to chat, the ball's in their court.
So, what's with the itchy rash? Roseola?

YOU ROCKED THAT SITUATION! You amaze me girl...I would have fallen on my face and wanted to be Mia's bunny in the pot. Thanks for the email back to my comment before...didnt get a reply to my question though..LOL was I naughty?

I don't think it was a burn, although I, too, would be uncertain and would have to analyze for tone and inflection and facial expression. I think it was more like, "Yes, I know I'm basically a celebrity, but it's okay to say hello to me, I won't mind." Like he was saying he knew it would be awkward and that people wouldn't necessarily know what to do.

Burn! Well, a polite burn, but a burn nonetheless!

I guess that means next time you'll have to go over and say hello. You know, all up close and personal.

Glad it wasn't too painful ;) Um, I was just reading this website,, and I came across this one...I only read the most recent ones, but really, did you write it or do you need to go click the "me too" button? ;)

04.19.07 4:51p
I have a crush on my child's pediatrician. I would have an affair if he asked me to. But he probably wouldn't... so i have to dream about it instead.

Wow, for the past 24 hours I've been wondering whether I was going to have the Hottie Pediatrician on my own from now on :) Sorry I didn't have any advice, I'm as hopeless with this stuff as you are. I hope Mia's rash gets better soon, and I'm with everyone here and insanely curious as to what his diagnosis was.

A couple of things I'm confused about-

Is Mia ok?

You see the same dr. ever time you go? Even for sick visits?

What did everyone advise you to do? I read the entry but not all the comments. Work cuts into my blog reading time and I was going to go back and read them.

See Beth, I do think you are shy :) I would have done the same thing and then thought about it for a week or so, and bugged my husband endlessly over whether I should have talked to him, and if he thought the pediatrician was mad at me for not talking to him and then I would have been nervous at having to go in and see him. But, it sounds like he was just saying, you CAN say hello.

Sorry about missing your post yesterday! I was in a seminar all day and had no access to the internet!

I think what your doctor was trying to say to you in a teasing manner was a reminder that he's just a real person that you can say hi to like any other normal hottie person. :)

Here's to the hunka hunka burning teller love showing off his pythons! :)

I'm with the invitation crowd - actually - think of it this way - since you've had this conversation it takes all social pressure off you next time you see him out and about - you can just say "hi" and not have to go through the whole "what do I do?" meltdown - woot!

is the rash an allergic reaction?

It was a total burn. But a good burn. Now you'll have to say Hi the next time you run into him.
I work with doctors and they aren't as untouchable as people think. They're normal peeps. So what if they have the ability to save lives. The other night, I got to work with our 2 McDreamy's. 30ish, tall, dark and handsome. It made my 12 hour shift fly by.

I did look for the deleted post but you must have already taken it down.

One of the disadvantages of living 3 hours earlier than you.

Hope you and Chris are enjoying his day off.

Definately sounds like a dig at you with that "Hello" comment, but then again since you two did make eye contact, its not like he came over and said "Hi" to you and Chris, especially since he came in after you and you all were already seated.

A burn? I say quite the opposite! OBVIOUSLY he's madly in love with you and longs for the day he can leave his wife to be with you. I read it in his blog. He calls you Mommy McSmokinAss.

RE: the links... you're SO CLOSE! "text decoration:" needs to be "text-decoration:"

Hi! Just to let you know I have a hotty doctor too...He's not a peadiatrician, he's a GP, but I take my baby, Adam, to him when its nothing too serious. (Adam's peadiatrician is good looking too, but my sister-in-law and I discussed it and decided he is CUTE not HOT). Anyway Dr. Hotstuff has biceps that make me melt everytime I see them, and he is unbelievable good looking. I am terribly in love with Dr. Hotstuff. My husband knows it too (seeing as I refer to Dr. Hotstuff as my boyfriend) and thinks I'm a nutcase. My friends just laugh at me, they say Dr. Hotstuff looks like Johnny Bravo, and they tell me I have Munchhausen's Syndrome because I get so excited about taking Adam to the doctor.xxxx

i wonder (or i may have actually heard this?) if it is common to have a crush on one's child's pediatrician? i have certainly been hot for mine, but i sort of chose him knowing he was single and wonderful, with a child of his own, and i was a single mom at first...and i seriously entertained the idea of us somehow getting together. then i realized how annoying it would be to have him be such a know-it-all when it came to matters of childrearing, and i knew we would just end up fighting all the time, or i'd feel totally inadequate as a mom...etc. anyway, now i am no longer single, but i still get completely nervous at every appointment.

Okay, dude; I just got here today, very first time, via That33Girlie at Diaryland, and *I* already have a crush on Hotty Pediatrician. I wouldn't have been able to do more than mumble and then run from the restaurant, so you're eons ahead of me. And very funny to read; looks like you gotcherself another fan. :)

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