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Bits and other bits

The streak continues, we're eight for eleven. Shut up shut up shut up! Actually it really sucks because I am starting to get used to it and am going to be in agony when it ends. Also this is Day 2 of a two hour nap, which I could also live with for the foreseeable future.

Everybody loves camera phone pictures, right? Of course they do. This is Mia's beloved peacock:

Mia with cow (and random toddler):

Hey, does this look like poison ivy to you? I've been on a yard work kick the past two days, and 20 bags of mulch later I have a pulled ass muscle and this sexy rash.

But hey, at least there are no more weeds. Because I mulched over them, not because I pulled them out. It wasn't that much of a yard work kick.

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Hmm... I've contracted poison ivy many times and it didn't quite look like that. Or maybe that was poison oak... or chiggers... I've had 'em all. Heat rash, maybe? Mad manure disease?

Good luck with that -- looks like a ton of fun. If it's any consolation, I don't believe you can overdose on hydrocortisone cream. :)

"Everybody loves camera phone pictures, right?"

Yes! But not everybody like peacocks (i.e. me!)

I've had Poison Oak and it doesn't look like that either. What it does look like to me is that same type of rash that I get every time I work in the yard. I blame it on allergies. Take a Benedryl or 2 tonight to see if it will help clear it up.

I'm with Kelly. Doesn't look like poison oak but it does look like a rash I get every time I work in the yard. I think I'm allergic to yard work.

What a pretty peacock! I don't think I like them very much, but they look nice in pictures.

doesn't look like poison ivy.....maybe chiggers?

I vote allergies. See if you can convince them that it's an allergy to yard work so you can drink a mojito on the porch while "supervising".

I get that all the time when I do work out in the yard, then my head gets all filled with cotton until I take a Benedryl.

It looks like the rash I used to get as a kid when I'd roll around in the grass - totally allergies. I'm with the others, take a benedryl before bed and see if that helps.

My husband does the yardwork at our house (well, if we had, like, grass and stuff he would - we're still living on a mud lot), so I'm pretty spoiled.

I went to the dr. two weeks ago for that rash. I'm having an allergic reaction to sunscreen. 2 weeks later, I still have it!

I am not sure about the poison ivy but I can tell you how good it is that Mia is separated from the peacock by a cage or whatever because honestly? Those things are evil. One tried to attack me once. And I was just in Dubai and they just wander free in front of the royal palaces and of course they are pretty so I tried to take a picture but apparently you can only take a photo of the peacock and not the palace, and it was just not good!

It looks more like the kind of rash I get around when I contact most green and growing things. I make it go away with hydrocortisone usually.

Poison ivy or oak generally looks much worse.

Love the pics, as always.

That looks like the whelps my son gets (from allergies to grass and trees). Try benadryl cream and take some, too. It helps!

If you remove the word "around" from my first sentence, it may make more sense. That's what I get for trying to edit without thinking at the same time.




When I was 16, I went to sleep-away summer camp in an area where peacocks were raised and permitted to run free. They used to make so much noise in the middle of the night -- "aayaw! aayaw!" -- that one of my bunk mates was inspired to rise from his bunk at 3 a.m. and throw a shoe at one of them. Have you ever heard the sound of Vans hitting a peacock? It haunts me still.

I don't know what it is, ut I get some spots like that (though not as many) if I've been outside working in the warm weather on our property. It goes away the next day, for me at least.

yikes...i don't know what that is! i hope i can't catch it through my screen!

Try using the Burt's Bees farmer soap or it might be gardeners soap when you come in from gardening. It really helps prevent those nasty rashes!

Um, Beth? Where'd you take that picture? Just curious :)

Looking at your rash is making me itch. Damn you. And that is totally not poison ivy.

Hey! We were looking at that very peacock on Sunday! And petted that self-same cow!

It looks like Poison Ivy or Poison Oak. Calamine lotion or cortisone cream.

I'm betting its Chigger bites and that they were probably in the mulch you were using. Do a search for images of chigger bites and compare them. If thats what you think they are... some of the following will help...

- Take a bath or shower as soon as possible after any possible exposure to chiggers
- Apply an OTC anti-itch medication, such as hydrocortisone, Calamine lotion, Sarna, oatmeal baths, etc.
- Oral Benadryl or a prescription strength steroid cream may also be helpful

I don't think it's poison ivy. Perhaps contact dermatitis.

I'm embarrassed to admit that the notion of just mulching over the weeds never ocurred to me. I think you've just revolutionized my gardening life.

Hope that rash clears up. It looks itchy.

I got a that rash last year after doing yard work and I had to get a shot and some prescription allergy medicine, perhaps the cortizone cream will help take the itch away. Now dont be scratching! :-)

Delurking to say your blog is one of my favorite places on the web. Must be lots of us living in the same area because I know that peacock too!

We don't get poison ivy on the left coast so I don't know what it looks like. Poison oak presents in big patchy bits, not so much with the dots.

Whatever it is, it makes me want to do you right now. SO HOTT!

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