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Mia just lined up her yogurt cup, cereal bowl, and water and pushed them across the table making train noises.

Where did she come from, this imagining, pretending, thinking person?

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That's so awesome! Imagination is a wonderful thing.

Have you gotten the first verbal "I love you" yet? If you haven't, be prepared for your breath to get completely knocked out of you.

Um? Where's the train pictures? You can't keep all that cuteness to yourself. That's like a crime or something.

That should have said
"Where are the train pictures?"
The nuns at my parochial schools would seriously beat the crap out of me for that grammar snafu.

That's awesome. I love imagination.

thats too cute... I am guessing she came from two very creative, imaginative parents...
Is it weird everytime I hear the word "Imagination" all I can think of is a certain yellow invertabrate who lives under the sea with a rainbow forming over his head??

I hope she keeps that imagination forever. Knowing the two of you, I bet she will.

Why is there no movie of this event? Why? Why?

Oh my gosh, I so love her!

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