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Going Dutch

We had lunch with the Dutch today, and then wandered around town searching for a place for a couple of toddlers to chase a tennis ball and getting caught in a rain storm and eating a dandelion (that was just Tim, but they did look tasty). Turns out that the Dutch are lovely people, at least these particular Dutch are. Anyway, after two outings with the Dutch I felt I simply must tell you two things.

1. Mia is madly in love with Tim. She wants nothing more in life than to hug him and kiss him and pat him on the head, and when we left him today I thought her little heart was going to break. However, for the rest of the afternoon I was able to talk her into things by telling her that Tim was doing it too. Such as, "Hey Mia, I bet that Tim is taking a nap. Wouldn't you like to take a nap too and be like Tim?" Or, "Hey Mia, I think Tim is eating his dinner right now. How about you eat your dinner too so you can be like Tim?" I have no idea how long it will last, but I plan to milk it for as long as possible.

2. The Dutch are hilarious. I present transcripts of two conversations as proof:

Example One: last week at the zoo
Me: Is he [Tim] talking at all yet? I mean, he could be talking right now [in Dutch, of course] and I wouldn't know it.
Nadine: Oh yes. That "da da da" he just said means "I read the Financial Times, how about you?"

Example Two: today as we were looking for a stretch of grass where the kids could play

Me: Don't worry Tim, we'll find you some grass.
FreezeM: It's sort of funny to tell a Dutch kid that you will find him some grass.
Me: Oh right, maybe Tim should find me some grass.

(Also hey, how many of you can make jokes based on the slang of your second language? Yeah, me neither. Oh wait, I don't even have a second language. No wonder.)

So, if Nadine (who I keep calling Sweety) and FreezeM (who I just avoided addressing at all because I was worried I would mispronounce his name) and Tim (who I was so tempted to steal so I could take him home and eat him entirely up at my leisure) ever come to your town, you should definitely camp out in their hotel lobby and refuse to leave until they agree to hang out with you. You won't be sorry.

Stay tuned for pictures of Mia and Tim making out under the table at lunch.

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please tell Mia Michael is devastated he has lost her love.

That thing about da da da and the Financial Times wasn't a joke! :) We had a lot of fun hanging around with you guys. I hope Mia finds a new love. Otherwise we'll just have to move here.It's funny how you know what's on her mind. As Tim doesn't really speak yet, we have no idea what he's thinking of.

Looking forward to seeing the pictures, particularly of Mia and Tim! How cute!

It is my experience that the Dutch are very nice, but yours sound particularly wonderful!

Wow...sounds like all of you were having a great time together.


Fun times! I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Usually I can't even make jokes in my first language...those two are hilarious...thanks for the laugh.

Since I'm secretly a 12 year old boy..I would have made "pot" references all damn day. Awesome.

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