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Hotty? Or Oldie?

I stopped on the way home from the gym last night to buy cheese for Mia and wine for me. Hey, I had just run three miles and I'm not so much sleeping well lately and I thought it would help. Anyway, the disturbingly cute child who checked me out (when did the children start looking hot to me? He was probably 18.) carded me, as happens often. And then he went about his business, and then at least a full minute later he said "it must be fun to get carded, huh?" And I said "Yes, and moreso every year." And he said "Ha ha." And I said "It was annoying at 25, but once you hit 30 it gets pretty exciting." And then he said "Yeah, it sucks at 20 but as the years go on..." which a) was what I had just said, and b) there's no way in hell that this kid was 20, and c) you can't by wine at 20 you silly, silly child.

And so I thought he was calling me old, but then he told me to have a nice night three times so I thought maybe he was wowed by my incredibly sweaty, stinky, yoga-pant clad, doughy bod and was hitting on me, but then he called me Ma'am. Twice. So I grounded him and sent him home to do his homework.

He totally thought I was old, didn't he?

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Totally. But he was really polite.

He was struck dumb by your beauty.
Yep that was totally it:-D

He wanted you for sure. those young'uns just get all tongue tied and goofy. On the ma'am thing- it only bothers me when people OLDER than me call me ma'am. Otherwise I think how nice it was of their parents to teach them good manners....

Heck No. He was totally hitting on you.

MILF, dude. He totally thought you were a MILF.

I had a 15 year old checkout girl tell me I look way too young to be 30. She said I didn't look a day over 18. Is that weird?

By the way, he was totally in love with you and I think you should ditch the pediatrician and run off with inappropriately good looking boy cashier.

Oh god, the ma'am thing kills me. It makes me feel like my 80 year old gramma.

He totally wanted you. "Ma'am" is a come on in child-speak.

Oh, he was so checkin' you out! Only at what...18...he has yet to be cultivated, shaped, molded, lovingly forced into a man women can deal with. So in his natural state of organic stupidity, it simply didn't come out right.

Beth has a boyfriend...Beth has a boyfriend...

Shh, we won't tell your husband.

BTW - did the wine make you dream about him?

Hahaha! You were being checked out. No surprise, you're a hot chick!

Yeah, and he wanted to tap that.

Twenty-year-olds always call MILFs "Ma'am."

The fact that you can't buy wine at 20 is why it sucks to get carded then.

Totally, but in a Mrs. Robinson kind of way.

Down south...EVERY woman is called ma'am. Even if you're 18.For that matter, every woman is called sweetie, doll, baby, sugar, honey. Lol Maybe he was originally from the south???

Yes, ma'am, I think he did.

But it really doesn't matter, does it? I believe you and I are the same age (or close, anyhow) and people call me 'Sir' all the time. It never bothers me, but if someone called me 'Ma'am' I suppose I, too, would feel a little old. And slightly confused.

Well, I've never been called ma'am, only because it's not a popular thing to say up here... at least not in my city. Unless you're at a really classy kind of place.

I vote for the MILF thing. He was all "You're hot, but you're older than me, so I am confused and will call you ma'am".

Worse than being called Ma'am by the hot check out boy... having the pizza boy (also hot) say "Hey Lady, your pie's ready" LADY??? do you know what usually proceeds lady in my mind ???



He wants to huuuuug you
and to kiiiiiissss you
and to be your boooooooyfriend

Totally wanted you, yo.

No, he didn't think you were OLD...just old enough to buy the wine that HE can't buy yet.He was hopeful...and tripping over his tongue while hoping you didn't notice what was going on in his pants! Can I say that here? lol
Being called Ma'am by girls/women bothers me, but the way southern boys/men say it is kinda sweet. Cowboys and members of our military say it too, and there are plenty of each around here so I'm used to it.

You can't buy alcohol at 20, but you can buy cigarettes, and they do card (occasionally) for those, so it's entirely possible that he knows what he's talking about.

And he was obviously checking you out, but what's with this "it must be nice to get carded" bullshit? Like, wow, grandma...

I second the tripping over his tongue thing, but come on, even bringing it up? He's clearly trying to pretend he's way older than he is. Most likely so that he can see you naked.

If he thought you were old... he wouldn't have carded you would he? Unless he wanted to find out some information about you???

I'm thinking he was intimated by your hottness. He was just doing his best to remember his job training class. The one where they teach you about being polite and respectful...obviously wasn't thinking too clearly...

hottie. totally.

Damn. The Ma'am totally negates the carding.

But, there's no doubt about it. You are a Hotty. Take it from someone whose Real Life 18-year-old Son just told her not to worry about the imminent dating... that she was "bangin'". So now I'm an expert.

Naw, he thought you were totally hot and was trying to make a good impression.
And by the way, you are so not old because I am old enough to be your mother and I am not old, got that?
(don't make me ground you! LOL)

Yeah, he thought you were a MILF. He was flustered by your hottness, which is why his small talk made no sense.

You are hot ... accept it ...


Sigh. I've lived those moments, too. Here's a new one that happened to me, though. A child-waiter calling me "miss" to cheese up his tip (or so my cynicism suspects) after calling me "ma'am" throughout the meal. Hmph! :o)

Boys who think women are old do not bother to talk to them anymore than absolutely necessary. Hottie.

You ran 3 miles!?!? I cannot get motivated to get out of bed when my alarm goes off.

Oh, he was totally trying to flirt. No question.

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