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I blame you. Yes, you.

Holy crap, people! Why in the world did you let me fire the lawn boy? Didn't you hear me thinking to myself that I would just cut the grass myself this year and count it as exercise and thereby feel all self-righteous about it and also pocket the lawn boy money for a Beth Needs Pretty New Shoes fund? I know you must have heard that, so why oh why didn't just one of you smack me around until I came to my senses?

I cut the front and the side yards yesterday. With the reel mower. With Mia "helping" every step of the way. Then I decided today that it would be so much easier to just use the weed whacker to do the entire back yard, or hell, forget the mower, I'll just use the weed whacker to do everything. Have you guys ever used a weed whacker? I had not, and I still have no sensation below the elbows.

I don't think I'm cut out to be a lawn boy.

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I used to cut the grass occasionally for the hubby. Finally, I quit. It was too much damn work and I was always pissed when I was done.

I don't mind the weed-wacker, but I'm used to that. I despise the edger though.

I vote for the rehiring a lawn boy or having Chris do it.

Just think of how great your legs and arms will look by the end of the summer. At least that's what I always tell myself.

Okay, you need to take all that money you're saving by not having a lawn boy and splurge it on a riding mower... with extra horse power... or a lifetime supply of bandaids...

Reel mower? Well, that's your problem! Repeat after me... self-propelled is my friend. My very best friend.

I just mowed our lawn for the first time in my married career and I can tell you, it will be the very last time it will ever happen. When I came in to tell this to my husband (who has a herniated disc in his neck,hence me cutting the lawn)he laughed and said I had to do it one more time since it was such an entertaining sight watching me try and start the mower 500 times. What a brat!All I can say is that we have 3 nephews that are plenty old enough to drive over and cut our grass this week.

But more importantly, did you get the shoes?

This only proves that you are insane. Running? Mowing? Fixong the washer? What is next? Eating live bats?

Is your weed whacker electric or gas powered? Ours is gas and has the added bonus of extending the numbness up through the entire arm and most of the chest and back! It's like a really bad massage, at $3.00 a gallon!

Glad I stopped by here! I am proud of you...

Rehire the lawn can get cute shoes quite cheap from DSW or famous footwear...just pointing that out..

Oooh, weed eaters are very loud. Bless your heart. Also, they seem to run out of the string stuff and that's annoying.

Im sorry for the confusion. I cant believe you even tried..I am too scared to use any outside equipment

Maybe you are no lawn boy, but I bet your husband thinks you look cuter in shorts.

Well, I HOPE he does. ;)

Not to mention that then your lawn looks like you cut it with a ... well, a weedwhacker.

Hi Beth,

You seem like a good person. Please come by my blog.


I used ours the other day just to trim, and lost feeling in my left hand.

It's still curled into a little ball.

Found: Woman confused by power tools, lawn, and car maintenance. Can't move arms. Is babbling something about a Cactus.

When we lived in FL I once did our whole back lawn with the weed whacker. I had huge blister for a week.
Wouldn't it be better to hire a really cute lawn boy and consider it money well spent?

This is when a suggestion to Chris about a pet goat would come in handy.

Maybe you should find a totally new law boy. That way, you don't have to face the old one, and go through that pesky crap about pleading to him to come back.

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