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I'm crazy, and other tales

I ran four miles last night, because I rock. Sure, I can barely walk today, but we're overlooking that.

We are seriously considering buying a new house, which would mean shelling out a tremendous amount of cash and packing and moving with a toddler "helping" and trying to sell this house, which would mean chasing said toddler around with a mop for weeks. It's early stages yet, but is looking more and more like it might actually happen. Who wants to talk me out of it?

We taught Mia to say "cheeseburger" last night. Yes, we are vegetarian, and yes I got it on video. Stay tuned.

My friend Laura and I took our combined three girls to visit Mia's peacock yesterday, and Laura took this picture. Aren't the curls just too much? Couldn't you just lie down and die?

Oh yes, let's talk about me being a sell out whore. Do you hate the ads? Well tough, because I think they are staying. Well really, the google ads suck for me, but you have to hit a minimum before they pay you, so they are staying until I hit that minimum and then they are dead to me. The others though are just about keeping me in wine and ice cream, so I'm keeping them. And for those of you who are interested in helping, if you click here and sign up for Cafe Mom (which is mostly message boards and "journals" but is painless and they don't spam you) I get a kickback. So if you're interested in that sort of thing, go for it. Just to make it more fun (for me, at least), at the end of the month I'll tell you how much I made from that and you guys get to vote on how I should spend it. You could vote for "pretty new shoes for Beth" or "closing costs for the new house" or a "stripper-gram for Chris," or whatever. You don't have to sign up to vote, of course, but it won't be much fun to vote on if I only make 20 bucks from is. I mean, what kind of a stripper-gram can you get for 20 bucks? A very bad one, I assume.

Other new words from Mia: tortilla, picture, uterus, wine store, Target. And people wonder what we do all day.

If you ever get the brilliant idea to remove a sheet vinyl floor, stop. Don't do it. It would be easier to move. Or torch the house for insurance money and get caught and go to prison for 20 years. Guess what I get to do now?

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My attempt at removing sheet vinyl resulted in us *covering* it for the next potential buyer. I felt bad doing it, but had to sell the house.

Good luck. Selling and buying homes has been more stressful than being pregnant and giving birth to twins.

Honestly? I didn't even notice the ads until you pointed them out. This is how well advertising works on me; although maybe it works in a subliminal way...

I feel your pain, Beth, and I empathize with ya. I ran 3 days ago and am still walking funny.

I don't mind the ads. If they bring you some cash, leave them up!

Curious... other than the google ads (which I have and have made a whopping $7.52) how do you set up the other ads? Do you sign up for them? Do you have to meet some criteria? I could use some wine and ice cream money!!!

Also... uterus? How did that get on the "words Mia knows" list?

We are in the process of selling our house. Peanut is 19 months. It's a challenge to keep things under control. I have two bits of advice. 1. Have a drawer you can stash stuff in temporarily if you have to get out quick for a showing. 2. Put things away as soon as you can. I end up having to go back and clean after myself because I put my toothbrush on the counter instead of in the drawer. It's not easy, but it helps.

i don't notice ads on blogs. ever. i guess it's because so many sites have ads...i would probably do it too if it didn't completely ruin the look of my site!

I remember feeling almost sick to hear that some of my parents' friends spent more than their entire house was worth just to add on two rooms. I thought, "Why don't they just MOVE to a BIGGER HOUSE?" Now I feel differently. I never want to move again. EVER. I want to stay here until I die, not because I love the house so much (though I do like it) but because I can't face the hell that is moving.

I don't usually notice ads. When I do notice yours, I don't mind them. I think the Google ones are fun, the way they pick up things from the post itself. Today it's all about buying and selling homes.

You're torching your house and going to prison? Well, I promise to come visit you in the pokey if that's the case.

The curls are very cute.

The ads aren't bugging me a bit.

I agree ~ uterus? How'd that happen?

I really, really want to move. And we are in the beginning process also. But I'm terrified of all the same things. Selling our house (which is nowhere near as nice as yours, trust me, I can tell from the pictures), moving w/ a toddler, moving at all, more money, yada yada.

Let me know how it goes for you and then maybe I'll jump in.

So wait, Mia and Claudia both say uterus? What the hell do they talk about when we aren't paying attention?

(You are moving next door to me, right?)

I've seen the pictures of your house and it looks beautiful. So I'm pretty sure you are crazy. I get possession of my first house next week and it's been a big pile of stress from January to now. And it won't end anytime soon ! I don't even have kids, or a house to sell.

Oh man, those curls and little girl jeans are just the sweetest!

We're at the same stage of moving. Met with a realtor and that's it. It's freaking expensive but I'd rather do it with a 14 month old than after the next one comes at Christmas when I have a 20 month old and a newborn. That just may be the deepest darkest pit of hell. Not the kids. The moving with kids. ;-)

Wait a minute. Did I miss something? Why do you want to move? Is it the cleaning of the four bathrooms? Not that I mind your urge to move, I'm just curious.

The ads don't bother me because I didn't even realize they were there. However, I got you 4 clicks closer and I promise to pay more attention.

Have a great weekend.

I moved with a three year old and a nine month old. It really wasn't so bad. Packing with a toddler isn't so bad, though you may have to look for important items You decide which of your family and friends are going to help during the actual moving process and then you assign one (your mom comes to mind) to keep Mia that day/weekend, including overnight. Then, you set her room up very much like it was in the old place so she feels comfortable. It's really not so bad. It's the keeping your place showing-ready that sucks. But, it's worth it for a big yard, a garage, etc. Sooooo worth it!

I was kind of wondering how "uterus" became part of the vocabulary myself. (Then again, my kid's newest word is "vulture.")

I didn't notice the appearance of the ads; so many blogs that I read have them, they just got folded in to my brain's "Those have always been there" lobe.

If you want to be talked out of trying to do the moving thing, check out the realty drama going on here:

Good luck with the house hunt. We looked at moving but our options were limited so we decided to add a second story ... mid-pregnancy ... during hurricane season.

Uterus? That's priceless!
Good luck with the house decisions - I'm quite sure you'll make the right one, and that Mia will be happy and well cared for no matter what because your love for her shines through in every word you write, every picture you take, and reflects in that beautiful glow in her eyes.

Wow! Is it the same house Chris was talking about just a few days ago? I hope it works out! Do you need to do a lot of things before you move in?

You'll be just fine with moving with Mia. We've done it with Tim. You got your family close by, you'll do great.

The curls! And the cute little elastic jeans! It's just too much.

And a move like that is both dreadful and exciting at the same time. Good luck. I hope it all works out!

My middle son called Cheeseburgers "Chinky-burbers". This is, of course, wrong on 7 different levels. But we STILL call them that to this very day.

WOW, that was quick. I realized that the house was great, but it was expensive. So, I'm surprised to hear that things are moving forward and so soon. Good luck with whatever happens.

I don't really notice the ads as nearly every blog that gets much traffic seems to have them.

4 miles. You so rock. I can't even imagine, though I toy with getting there on occasion. One knee bugs me when I run too often and when I think about getting ambitious.

The day our son learned the word "Target" was a major milestone :)

Crap...I am actually planning on removing vinyl flooring tomorrow. Now I'm scared. I have a feeling it will be as easy as removing wallpaper.

The CURLS! Yes, they are beautiful and boost my confidence in the world's goodness. Or something like that.

Hey, so we JUST sold our house and moved with a 1-year-old. It was no picnic, I'm telling you. The worst part was trying to keep the house clean. Also, the stress of real estate negotiations caused me to form a small nervous tick. Well, not really, but almost.

BUT, it was worth it. I can say that now because it's o-v-e-r. And we're in a much better house and I love it here. And we're having another baby in a few more weeks, which gave us adequate time to nest, nest, nest.

Good luck with your decision! Don't fret about the ads. I hope you make mucho dinero off them. You're a great writer and deserve it.

Poor Sarah... she's going to be sad when she realizes you're moving over to my neighborhood instead :)

Do whatever you want with the ads, that's what I say! It's YO blog, right? :)

Uterus??? ;)

I love the CURLS in that pic of the girls! So cute! :)

29 people comment before me and not ONE of them got to what I *assumed* would be the question on everyone's mind: What did you end up choosing to wear under the shorts to run?

Just goes to show that people are easily distracted by adorableness and scary home improvement projects. sheesh, people. mk

30 people comment and not one mention of an attempt to put 2 and 2 together: mia says "uterus", thinking about a new you have an announcement to make? ;-)

Those curlz are just priceless!!!

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