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Message from Mia

Hey, she's trying right? Although I had to edit out all the times that I asked her to say "Claudia" and she signed "crocodile." I assure you that Claudia is nothing at all like a crocodile.

Now go tell a couple of very cool brand-new three-year-olds Happy Birthday.

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Aw, sweet! We've got the same bedside cabinet as you...

She's chattering up a storm and I understood most of it.

I wished the 3 year olds a happy birthday.

Happy Mother's Day to you.

I can't help it. Her tiny little voice and mannerisms just make a big lump in my throat. You can't see me, but I'm signing "hello" with my hands, Mia. Off to wish those other kiddos a big Happy Birthday.

Molly wants to be best friends with Mia, she just made me replay this video about 20 times and she blew kisses to Mia at the end each time!

They love it!

Tell Mia Claudia and Ian say thank you.




(They both typed their own names. Now they want to watch mia again.)

Ian keeps waving back to Mia at the bye bye part.

Couldn't understand a word, of course, since I don't speak Small Child but all the adorable totally makes us for it :-D

Oh my God! Your child just gets cuter every day! She's just so scrumptious!

Awwwwwwwww, the cuteness!! Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother's Day, Beth!

LOL! It is too cute! You may laugh at me, but it sounds a LOT like she is talking in Chinese...hheehehe...not like I understand that language either! :D

too cute! :)

I'm going to pretend she was saying "Happy Birthday Isabel" for me!!

Too sweet.

She is too cute for words! You must be so proud of her. Pretty soon she'll be repeating everything you say so perfectly, you'll wish she couldn't clearly say the cuss word you screamed when you slammed your finger in the car door. ;)

Oh, please give us more videos of Mia! She's just too cute for words, and I love her baby voice!

Even my nine-year-old wants to gobble her up!

Oh, the cuteness. Thank you for that.

But now I just want to know what the sign for crocodile is.

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