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Mia Monday #69: Mia and Tim Edition

Under the table at Jaleo...

Somewhere near the Washington Monument...

And blurry, but too cute to resist. On the way home in the car, she insisted on having a wet wipe to wear as a hat, and promptly fell asleep with her new fashion statement...

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Awwwww!!! Too cute!!! Love that last one of her sleeping. She must have been tuckered out good! And I just want to squeeze Tim. His cute little round belly is adorable in that 2nd pic!

I loved watching my kids interact with other toddlers. I wonder what's going on in their heads when they see another little person just like them. Fabulous pics. It's fun watching Mia grow up.

Entirely too adorable. Her hair! The pig tails! I cannot stand it! Mia is about the only thing in this world that makes me actually WANT to have children.

GAH! The wet wipe. Oh, that's hysterical.

(also, she really is gorgeous. Holy hell.)

And, here I thought they'd be a little older before they drank themselves under the table! Too cute! Love the new fashion accessory in the last pic!

You have singed my nosehairs with the strength of her cuteness.

Those pigtails make me want to devour those adorable cheeks of hers!

Awww, they do make a cute couple don't they! :)

Did you put Mia's carseat in the middle? Do I see that correct? That's what we did too. We figured that was the safest spot in the car :)

great pics...I love the pic with the wipe!!!

She is too cute! I love the pig tails!

More proof that Mia is the world's most beautiful child...until I have children of my own ;-)

i am SO with Mia. Wipes make the BEST hats :)

I'm glad my kid isn't the only one that loves the wipes. Odd, yes. But at least I know he's all about keeping things clean.

and also, if Tim is wearing a Snoopy shirt..then I'm in love.

Oh they are so cute! She is totally in love with Tim! As showen in the 1st pic! Too cute!

That's just too much, sleeping with a wet wipe on her head. I love it!

They are too cute. They looked like they so enjoyed each other and the day. Love the wet wipe picture.

Nice to know that Mia has a mind of her own and an independent streak.

those pigtails drive me BONKERS! Too cute!

She gets cuter every time I see her.

They are way too cute and that is the cleanest restaurant floor I've ever seen. Love the baby wipe accessory. I bet all the cool kids will be wearing them this summer.

That is too funny.

MF, my 2 year old boy, would like to know whois this Tim and why does he get to play with the ever-adorable Mia ?

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