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Mia Monday #70: Whiny Monday Edition

As we were lying in bed last night, I said to Chris "Oh no, she didn't poop today! She's going to be in a horrible mood tomorrow morning."

I know, sexy. Also, is this really what my life has come to? Also, I was totally right.

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Ahh to be a toddler again, so that when Monday morning rolls around and you want to cry and be cranky about it, you so can, instead of sucking it up, going to the gym and plastering a smile on your face :P

Hope she gets less cranky soon...

Awww.. The poor little darlin. At least she's having a good hair day... Which is more than I can say for me!

Hope she feels better!

Poor baby! Harry had constipation exactly once, thank God. And that was enough for me.

World's Most Beautiful Child's HAIR, OhmyLord!!! She looks like she's just stepped out of the salon!

(Also: the pitiful wittle wuzzums!)

Poor Boo.

Hope she poops and feels better soon!

And it's odd how we know that stuff.

Oh no! Ouchie. That sucks for everyone involved.

*praying to the poop gods*

poor sweetpea. rough life. and i'm not saying that sarcastically.

also, i want to put "hope you poop and feel better soon" on a t-shirt. :D because i'm that kind of dork.

Same problem. Different toddler. Maybe they just didn't want us to have to change a poopy diaper on Mother's Day.

LOVE her hair. Its gettin' long!

That face? Exactly how I feel when I'm not...regular.

Awwww......poor Mia!

oh lord, the poop.

I remember the times when I was convinced my babies were the first human beings to use every molecule of their food for nourishment with no waste by products, because of the DAYS that had gone by with no pooping.

I hear ya.

Glycerin suppositories always worked really well for my son when he needed to poop, and I was always told that a rectal thermometer coated with liquid soap would "motivate".

I'm feeling like that but for slightly different reasons. Hope Mia is her usual self soon!

Awww, poor thing! But her hair does look great.

What a great way to start the week, huh!?

So, your super-mom talent would be poop and mood detection?

She looks so pitiful. I hope she's feeling better soon. It's enough to make any girl cranky.

Well, Mia's ALWAYS had FABULOUS hair. BUT, WOW! When did it get THIS FABULOUS!? The colour is amazing!

Even when she's sporting the pouty face, complete with tears, she is still the most beautiful child! & her hair - I'd kill to have hair that gorgeous! Do you spend more time on her hair or yours? (I'm sure I already know the answer but I had to ask)

Poor thing! And poor you! Her hair does look great though heh. Good thing we can all focus on what's important ;-)

Poor Beth...

Poor thing. No pooping makes Zoe quite cranky too. : (

awe... no poopie days.. thats rough. Sorry she woke up cranky. hope she eventually poo'd. lol ok enough poop words for the day.

Oh...her tummy hurts...she is still gorgeous!!

Who knew a child's poo would change your (and hers) whole day? But it does...

Loving the mia bean's hair!

That first sad photo is just too much. Poor Miabean! Poor, poor Mia and poor you.

I actually gasped when I saw her widdle face with those tears! Broke my heart!

Now stop it and put some smiley pictures up before my heart rips out my chest!

cutest damn constipated face i've ever seen :)

She looks so miserable. Poor baby.

I think you need a beer ;-)


Poor Mia - she's such a sweetheart.

Oh, awesome.

I never believed you before about the crying, LOL. She is the CUTEST!

OMG. I know exactly what you mean. Sully has stopped pooping. I think its because he's eating too much bread stuff and too much milk... but we almost had to go to the hospital.. ended up giving him an enema instead. Dear god. My life has been hellishly involved with what is coming out of my son's butt. That top picture was basically what my son looked like. For three days. With bouts of ear piercing screams while he tried not to poop. *shudders*

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