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Mia Monday #71: What I Did instead of Cutting the Grass Edition

For those who don't speak toddler, Mia is saying cheeseburger, Mia Bean, and tortilla, or possibly Ikea.

Video after the jump.

Comments (33)

Yay, Mia! Bean!
She'll be ordering off the menu in no time! Love the clapping for herself! We've clapped so much playing basketball that every time Madison makes a basket she stops to clap for herself. This might be a problem when she plays organized

So how does the kid of two vegetarian parents enjoy cheeseburgers so much?? :) ADORABLE!

So! Darn! Cute!

I think she is ready for scones w/ Michael!

Awesome video!!

Thanks so much for sharing. I really love the videos, and it makes me want a child all my own!

take care!

I could eat her with a spoon!

So adorable! I think she WAS saying IKEA at one point. She'll have clean Swedish design in her furture domicile for sure! ha.

A big clap for Mia from me!

Love her little tongue wagging there at the end. So cute!

Tortilla!! So next, tortilla hat!

I know you're vegetarian and all. But what is that you're feeding her to make her say "Cheeseburger!". Boca with cheese?

And the tongue wag? That is just so dad, isn't it? CUTE!

You taught her the important words cheese and tortilla. Adorable!

Ha! I heard Cheese burbuah, mia bean and tortilla loud and clear!! Good job! =]

Clap clap clap clap!!!

Tim does the clapping too.

She is ADORABLE! I love the little videos you're doing lately.

Awwww! So cute!

I vote for IKEA. Maybe they need a toddler spokesperson? ;)

So cute! Go Mia Bean. I think I also heard "wiggle, wiggle" during the tongue wiggling? Her "cheeseburger" reminds me of this:

Terribly cute.

Dead. From. Cuteness.

*clap, clap, clap*

So cute. I could watch Mia videos all day!

Excellent video. Love the way she says "Mia Bean".....too cute!

What a sweetheart!

Mia! Bean!

And I'd like to think that she's already trained to say Ikea rather than tortilla! :)

Mia videos always make me LOL! CHEESE...BOOER! Hee! So ironic (in the Alanis sense of the word?) that you're vegetarians! hee!

Mia videos always make me LOL! CHEESE...BOOAH! Hee! So ironic (in the Alanis sense of the word?) that you're vegetarians! hee!

Sorry for the double comment. But, it really should be BOOAH, not BOOER. Had to be done.... ;)

And I thought I was just going to get a dose of cuteness before I staggered off to bed. Now I am dead from the cuteness. Thanks Beth... ;)

Love the video! She's a great clapper too!

Does she watch Sesame Street? She's at the age where she will absorb so much knowledge. Maybe that's where the "P" came from.

i love love love that she claps for herself. not only is she talking like mad these days...she's proud too. too cute.

We LOVE the videos! Molly watches them over and over and talks back to her LOL!
Mia is so adorable we could just gobble her up.

Oh. So. Cute. I'm overdosing on cuteness here.
I really need to get me a kid.

Mia! Bean! So darn cute! And so is Chris heh stickin his tongue out at the end like that.
And it sounded like Ikea to me ;-)

Much better than mowing the grass any day - I'm clapping with you all!

I had all the neighborhood kids gathered around for that one. That was great!

Ha! Tortilla. She is the smartest toddler ever. That's awesome!

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