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Mia Monday #72: Belated Beach Edition

More pics coming, but here are a few:

And now, I have three favors to ask you guys. Hey, I never said I wasn't demanding.

Favor One: Please click over here today if you have a second. Honestly just because I need the traffic this month and it would be helping me out, but also so that you can perform favor two.

Favor Two: Leave my mom (who has been posting for me) a comment, because it will make her happy. But don't say like "hey, Beth said to leave a comment, so here you go." because that isn't exactly the warm-fuzzy effect I'm going for here.

Favor Three: Send my soon-to-be niece very strong thoughts about how nice and comfortable my sister-in-law's uterus is and how she really ought to hang out in there for at least another week or so. The kiddo is trying awfully hard to get herself born a little early, which would be ok, but would be a much better idea in about ten days.

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I wish I looked that cute in a swimsuit. :-)

Favors 1 and 2: Completed.

Sending your SIL and niece stay in uterus vibes.

I will go over and leave a helpful comment, definitely - maybe it's because we're down in the South that I don't think that matching outfits are strange at all - especially for pictures!

Anyway, yes, STAY IN THE WOMB, CHILD! The end.

I have already been doing my commenting duty. And yes, the baby needs to stay in mommy's uterus just a tad longer.

AND OMG!!! Can Mia be any cuter? I don't think so. Adorable pics, really.

Awesome pics!! I have started to blog...check out my URL =) Not sure where to start!!

Happy thoughts to the little in-utero munchkin! Hang in there, kid! That said, my twins were born at 28 weeks (really, you guys didn't want that extra 12 weeks on the inside??) and they're a-okay, so popping out early isn't so, so bad. Medical science for preemies is amazing.

I already commented on the matching outfits ~ sorry, I kinda told her that I agreed with her...but if you were looking for comments that will make her happy that one probably will. :)

Mia looks so cute in her swimsuit! I'm totally diggin' the hat and really jealous that you are at the beach.

Sendin' the niece the stay in utero vibe as I type. :)

I've left your mom a few comments already but will do so again.

Welcome back.

I've been reading and commenting to your Mom all week. She's actually very good at writing blog posts. She should start her own blog... I'd add her to my must read list!

Glad the beach was so fun. We head to the shore (in NJ it's the shore... not the beach) in a couple weeks. Can't wait!

Mia is just beautiful!

Accomplished #'s 1 and 2 early this morning. Will do #3.

I think matching outfits are cute on little kids. Told your mom I put them on the girls (in different colors) when they were little.

I'd never get away with it now.

when did she get so skinny??? :)

Super cute as always!! :) all favors completed! welcome back. :)

Love that swimsuit!


Much love to your sil.

Best photos EVER! She looks so happy and delighted with the sand and water and so cute in her little ensemble and I just love her. That's all. LOVE HER!


What a fabulous swimsuit! My baby is still in last year's Target. You've put me to shame.

You must have posted this early. Your Mom got tons of comments. I just finished reading them all. I left her a comment this morning.

Mia looks like she enjoyed the beach. Looking forward to seeing all the pictures.

Did I miss exactly where you guys went?

Check one, two, three.

Ahh so cute!! I love "Mondays" just for that :-D Thanks for brightening up mine and Garfield's least favourite day!
Two and three are already done, but I'll check back again, see if she maybe replied :-D

Actually I meant favours one and two, didn't I? Silly Heather. But sending all my best wishes for 3!!

No pics of the house choices??? Tough call, but I'd be inclined to say House # 1.

Love the pics -- Mia's hat and aqua shoes are too cute!

She is gorgeous!!! Great pics...I see that she really does look more like a little girl than a baby! Wow!

So adorable!
On my way to do the others now...

That bathing suit is ADORABLE! They should have it in adult (read: Tent) sizes.

I will go give some more traffic at you other place.

Oh and because I'm too lazy to comment twice. Go with the first house option. For the 25k less you could do a lot to personalize the cheaper house.

EEK! *Sends happiness in utero vibes to the baby niece* Hang around there for a bit longer babygirl! It's tough world out here!

Welcome back, Beth. Glad to hear you guys had a great time. I totally enjoyed your Mother's posts! Be sure and have her back sometime. =]

she's so sweet. that is a darn cute bathing suit, too! looks like a fun vacay!

Looks like she had a great time at the beach. She's beautiful!

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