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Oh vomit

The Washington Post Magazine (registration required) runs a weekly feature called Date Lab, god only knows why, where they set two people up on a blind date and then interview them. I was flipping past it in last week's edition, when I noticed something. When asked to state her "Desired Superpower," last week's female contestant said "Weather manipulation. That way if I'm tanning and a cloud blocks the sun, I can move it."

The hell? That is the most exciting thing you can think of? Improved tanning performance? Am I the only one inspired to give her a smack?

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A smack, a bottle of sunscreen and a biopsy. And then, perhaps, she should be forced to sit and watch 48 hours straight of bad reality television and made to write on the board, "I will not try to be a famous 'ho'" 450 times.

Just sayin'.

Thanks for diminishing the female gender,

Not at all. In fact, I sort of want to smack myself after reading that, just for good measure.

Oh my. People are dumb. :P

At first I thought - Hmmm, weather manipulation. That could be useful. You know, to calm hurricanes and tornados, end drought, that sort of thing.

Then I read the next sentence.


Clearly she is just being benevolent and allowing herself to take the brunt of all the ultrviolet rays with her weather manipulation powers, annnnnnd in the process becoming a poster child for skin cancer. Now that's what I call unselfish....haha what an idiot.

I was too lazy to register for this and didn't read the article in full.

It's no wonder so many don't take women seriously with lame chatter like hers. Really, of all the self centered crap just so she could get a proper tan.

For those that bothered to read the article, did it say how old she was? Curious.

Actually, I wouldn't mind that super power. That way, when it starts to get cold and snow (which I despise) I can make it warmer (or at least just rain).

And yes, that girl can't be the brightest bulb on the tree....

I have no desire to smack her, but I do want to show her women in their 40's who tanned a lot when younger and then laugh at her future leathery skin.

Because tanning is much more important than things like averting national weather crisis events and all that good stuff. ::sigh:: Some people.

I'm right there with ya!

i dunno, she's an idiot but at least she knew the word Manipulation & how to use it in a sentence. ;)

HAHAHAHA! Funny! That really is hilarious -- i.e., that THAT'S what she came up with. Classic!

I don't know and I should probably read the whole article.

I wonder if she decided a stupid question merits a stupid answer.

Maybe she's brighter than we think?

I like the weather manipulation answer, but she stupified it with the tanning reason.

Don't worry- she'll get a good smack in a few years when her skin turns on her with a wrinkly, cancerous vengeance.

The dating-pool pickin's are slim, indeed, these days. You and Chris should just hold each other and cry at the thought.

Did it give her age? I'd like to guess. 24.

Beth told me she is 27.

Personally, I was hoping she was 20. I would have given her the benefit of being young and immature.

Hey! I'm 20 and even -I'm- not that stupid!

Instead, I go to the beach in a long dress with long sleeves and giant hat. No way am I spending my vacations ruining my hair color and peeling off flakes of burned skin when I could be focusing on my reading and keeping an eye out for dog poo.

does she not watch heroes?????

Having read that, I want to have a superpower of just thinking of the stupid people and moves them into another dimension where all the other stupids live.

Yeah, I saw that Sunday... what a ditz... can you just see the slight head tilt, right before the hair flip? I'm sure they could have chosen a better question.

And yeah, they're begging for people to email them to be hooked up... Not at the chance of meeting Ms. Meteoroligist. again... what a ditz.

Yeah, I flip my hair too...

Meteorologist. :P

Oh, God. I HATE the Date Lab. With the intensity of ten blazing suns.

Doesn't keep me from reading it every Sunday though.

weather manipulation - the ability to never have another bad hair day - I kinda dig it
the tan thing was rather lame-o though

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