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Personal problem

So y'all remember that day I went crazy and went running, right? Well, I thought I had learned my lesson. But then on Wednesday I went to the gym and decided to try the treadmill. I hate the treadmill - I always fall off and then when I do manage to stay on I fall down as soon as I get off because I feel like the floor is still moving. I made a deal with myself: if I could last 20 minutes on the treadmill then I could go home without doing anything else and wouldn't go to the gym on Thursday. I did 40 minutes, a little over three miles. And hey, did you know that if you actually tie your shoes sort of tight so that you can't just slip them on and off without untying them, they are a lot more comfortable to run in and also you don't get covered in blisters? Learn something new every day.

Then yesterday I woke up so happy that I didn't have to go to the gym, except that as the day went on I started feeling something strange. I didn't know what it was, I had never felt it before. And then it came to me, I was feeling like I wanted to go run. I went to lie down for a while to see if the spell would pass, but it didn't, so last night I did another three miles.

I have two theories about the cause of this illness. Either it is because for the first time in two years I am sleeping through the night on a regular basis and my body no longer knows what to do with itself on all that sleep so it is trying to force me to maintain the same level of exhaustion it has grown accustomed to since about 30 weeks pregnant or so, or else it is some misguided effort to impress Sarah and make her want to be my friend, because both bouts of running have occurred when I had plans to see her (we had lunch today), although she might actually stop speaking to me over it because sitting down to eat an entire pizza apiece is not nearly so much fun if one of you insists on talking about exercise.

And don't get me wrong, I'm not a couch potato (not usually, anyway) and I actually like to exercise because it feels good when you finally stop and it keeps my ass from spreading at a more alarming rate than it already is and it has fewer side effects than Prozac, but I am not a runner, I hate running. Except that I think I am starting to like it a little bit, and it scares me. In fact, I am half thinking that I ought to go run again tonight. I am going to have to start drinking at 4:00 just to rule out that possibility. But I'm starting to think it isn't so bad and that also I might actually get those nice calf muscles that runners have and which I have always secretly coveted.

I'm also thinking of turning this into a diet and exercise blog.

Ok, definitely not that last thing. Hope I didn't scare you there. Oh, and quit emailing me, although you are so kind to be concerned, because I did not mean to suggest in my last post that I am quitting, just that I am experiencing a brief moment of ennui. I will get over myself shortly, I am sure.

Now, who wants to go jogging?

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Ooohhh...when you figure out what caused this odd mindset, pass it on, because I want some of what you're having! Intrinsic motivation is a good thing and I've got none! I've been on the treadmill daily for 10 days in a row now and there still isn't a single part of me that says "I want to go running!"

Even though you have clearly gone quite mad, I am hoping that some of this energy you seem to have will rub off on me.

Except, not right now. My stomach hurts. I ate too much.

BWAHAHAHAHAAAA! Welcome to the dark side.

Good for you! You'll soon be wanting to run a marathon, or at least a half marathon, or maybe a 10k! I never thought I'd be that type, either, but I completed three half-marathons last summer and enjoyed (almost) every minute of every one. The feeling of accomplishment is awesome! I really think you should consider it! :)

You're on your own with this this whole running thing. You go ahead and I'll be here sipping on a Dr Pepper when you get back.

Glad to hear that you're not going to quit blogging, although I must have missed the que in your previous post that alarmed everyone else! Wow.. I suck!

I just stumbled onto your blog and cannot wait to continue exploring! (And, I think you've inspired me to get my booty to the gym shortly!)

I just stumbled onto your blog and cannot wait to continue exploring! (And, I think you've inspired me to get my booty to the gym shortly!)

Nope, I'm worried. Bored with sitting on your ass and browsing the Internet; wants to go and run (you know exercise!) and feels good about it? Beth I am just going to have to come down there and make sure you aren't finally going off the deep end!

If you start liking to do crunches I am calling 911!

Too late, so sorry, but I just got back from a 3.5 mile run. Maybe tomorrow?

I thought I was the only one who not only had trouble staying upright while on the treadmill, but once off sort of wobbled around a bit because it felt like the floor was still moving. I guess that means we should not be workout buddies because it would be too dangerous, but it is good to know I'm not alone.

psst! Beth!

Its RUNNING, not jogging.


And yes, I'll go with you.

You know, the RBF does have that annual meet-up at the New Haven Road Race on Labor Day. Driving distance for you...

The runner's calves are what motivate me to run. Oh, and then there's the whole feeling good after the run thing. That too. But mostly vanity.

I have actually fallen off the treadmill running before. I just flew right off and the guy behind me on the elliptical was either blind or he just chose to ignore this mishap. I hopped back up and kept running as if nothing had happened.

Saying all that, that is awesome about wanting to run! I wish I could have that motivation with running, but I just can't get into it.

I'm game. I run 2 or 3 times a week. When I don't, my body whispers to me in the dark. "You're old and fat." Mean, isn't it?

Run Beth...Run!

(I totally know what you mean about the calves...)

And you though you were delusional when you weren't getting enough sleep - but jogging? Yikes!

tell me when you go completely over the edge and get a jogging stroller, and then when you go one up on the crazy ass ladder by placing Mia into the jogging stroller and running around town with her in it.

and when you're done passing this particular brand of crazy along to everyone else who has requested some of the running crazies, give me the leftovers.

I'm not friends with the treadmills at my gym. They seem to like to literrally eject me from them. I'm now addicted to the elliptal machines instead.

It's amazing how quickly the running becomes something you want to do. I'll run with you any time!

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