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Random mommy stuff

Mia has been combining signs into what I suppose you would have to call sentences for a while now, and will occasionally combine a sign and a word, which is honestly very hard to follow and I sort of wish she would cut it out. Today though we got her first ever spoken sentence, "Uh-oh Mama." It was followed shortly by her second ever spoken sentence, "Uh-oh Mia" and then by her third and fourth and fifth and so on of very similar construction throughout the day. (She has also been saying things like "Noodle. Cheese." for a while, but those have clearly been two separate utterances in her mind.)

She says hanger and hair tie and ipod and grilled cheese and ... Damn, y'all, there's just nothing to do except admit that my baby can talk.

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I read that as Mia can say "damn." It would probably be cute if she did, though :)

Mia can say "damn y'all"? Too cool!

Is "Uh oh, damn y'all!" a sentence? That's awesome!

And soon, there will be endless sayings of no Mommy, I want that Mommy, not that Mommy, no Mommy. Oh wait, that's just my kid. Mia has a few more months before she turns the joy that is two.

And now?

you wait so long for them to talk and you are so happy when they do.
Then all you do is wish they would shut up!

can we get video?? i can only imagine that Mia saying "grilled cheese" has got to be one of the cutest things ever!

Yep, we can hardly wait for them to walk and talk and then it's "sit down and be quiet".

It's wonderful that she's chattering away.

Just wait until she asks for the car keys.

ok at first i thought you were saying that she also said "damn y'all" HA!

Fun! And I can say that because she's not my talking child!

How did you teach her to sign? Did you take a course?

Mia's sentences are so much cuter than those of my 18-month old: "No Daddy, my baabo (bottle)". "No, my book". "No, my nana (banana)". Seeing the pattern? This is what happens when your baby has two older siblings.

I too thought the "Damn y'all" was an utterance of Mia! That I would like to see....have her great Daddy with it tonight! HUGS AND KISSES!

Gabe and I were talking the other night and we both agreed that once Mia decided she was ready she would be speaking in full sentences right away.

We are so smart.

I know it may be annoying, but the fact that she combines signs into sentences and also words and signs into sentences is just sheer genius.

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