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So far, Mia has had ginger ale in her sippy cup, french fries and pizza for dinner, and apple chips for breakfast. I think she is enjoying vacation very much.

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sounds like my kind of vacation... ;)

awesome! we had ice cream for dinner the other night, highly recommend it. ; )

Can I come on vacation too?

I don't consider it a vacation until I have pizza. So this sounds just about right!!

call me, we are here.

THAT sounds like a great bit of vacation to me! I plan on doing that over the weekend ... as a birthday vacation! :)

I can't wait for our vacation! The food is always one of my favorite parts!

Sounds like a great vacation, but why are both of you posting on vacation? Did it rain for 10 minutes or something?

Mmmm... sippy cup... Oh, I mean french fries! French fries.... :)

Glad you guys are getting a well-deserved vacation.

Hahaha! Yeah, vacation food is definitely fun for the little ones!


I just found your blog accidently. I love it. I'll visit later.. I hope you don't mind.

BTW, Mia is cute..! Cheers...^o^

Sounds like a DELICIOUS vacay! :) enjoy!!!

Mmmm french fries!

Now she needs to have cheese fries ;-)

Yep. 22 months is about when our toddler discovered french fries.


Yep. 22 months is about when our toddler discovered french fries.


Looks like you've got just about all the staples covered except for ice cream. I hope that's on the menu before vacation is over.

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