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Very Important Question

Ok you runner-type people out there, I have a critical question that requires your immediate input. The fate of the world hangs in the balance. Ok, so not the fate of the world, but at least the fate of my butt and I know that all of you hold as a major goal in your life to make the world a better place for my butt, so here is your chance.

Are you ready? Good.

What underwear do you wear when you run? I've tried regular old underwear but it goes straight up my butt after about ten steps. I've tried a thong, but I think that once you reached a certain mileage there might be some, you know, chafing involved. And I'm sorry if this deeply disappoints anyone out there, but I'm just not a no-underwear kind of girl.

Also, do you wear sunglasses? Don't they drive you crazy with the bouncing and the slipping down your sweaty nose?

Also also, do you love that one of Mia's words is "bra" and that she says "running bra" by saying "bra" while running around like a little maniac? Yeah, it's totally cute.

And god, I know I know, another damned post about running. But hey, it was also partly about my smokin' ass, so some redeeming qualities, right?

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Have you tried boyshorts? That's normally what I wear when I run. Also, do your shorts have the underwear liner thing inside of them? Sometimes that helps hold "regular" underwear in the right places.

They also make specific running underwear. FigLeaves has a pretty wide selection as does Patagonia. Otherwise, I would stick with boyshorts ... running in a thong becomes uncomfortable quickly! :)

I wear sunglasses when I run and they don't slip down. But I have to wear glasses or I can't see where I'm going, so maybe I'm just used to the discomforts that go along with them.

As for underwear, I wear regular cotton ones that are completely non-sexy but they are the only ones that I can stand to have on during exercise!

I wear UnderArmour boyshorts and thongs and they are great. They are nice and comfy and stretchy as well as they are made out of material that doesn't get sweaty and yucky.

i do wear sunglasses but they don't really bother me.

try the victoria's secret body by victora panties. they stay nice and taut over the bum. otherwise maybe try actual running shorts with built in bottoms? i don't like these, but lots of running girls do!

I haven't been running in a while, but when I was, I wore athletic shorts that had the panties built in. Much more comfortable than ANY kind of separate panty.

I normally wear body by victoria underwear and so i just wear that when i run too and i don't have much of a problem. i will admit that the most i've ever run at a time though is 5 miles.

I wear Oakley sports sunglasses so they don't slip or really even move but I have found that sometimes they steam up as they're so close to my head and I'm sweating like a pig. Sometimes I'll wear a bandanna on my head and that helps. Plus I like to think I look all athletic and hot. ; )

I wear running shorts that have the underwear liner in them, then I don't wear underwear. Otherwise it would be way too uncomfortable & distracting not to mention ever so attractive for people watching me run by picking my undies out of my butt.

sooooo are you going to sign up for a 5K?

; )

So, delurking because I run, and I can't imagine anything worse than underwear chafing. So the bottom line is that you want to wear underwear that are specifically designed for running, or go commando. Which I do. Most running shorts will come with a liner anyways. And let me tell you - when you get to a certain distance, cotton is NOT your friend and will lead to all sorts of rashy disasters. Keep up the good work! Oh, and sunglasses. I also go without - I wear a hat to keep the sun out of my face and my hair contained.

That is a very important question! And I have no answers! So I hope someone else's helps you out ;-)

Yeah, I wore those cute runny panties that all the jockettes wear.
I don't even want to think what wearing a thong would have done to me then or now!

Sorry, but you must go commando. I learned that very quickly when training for my first half marathon. Everything else will chafe eventually and it's not pretty. Your other option is real running shorts with built in underoos. And if you get to longer distances, I highly recommend BodyGlide, available from any running specialty store. Anywhere that skin touches skin (inner thighs, pits, toes...) it'll prevent friction. It rocks.
Way to go on the running!

I agree with the running shorts with the built in liner. It may feel odd at first but its really the only way to avoid chafing. I've heard good things about the Patagonia underwear but never tried them.

Lulu Lemon (do they have that where you are?) makes AMAZING running undies and running bras for that matter, not to mention the yoga pants that make smokin' asses even smokin'er

ditch the sunnies and wear a hat

You are SO going to win at charades with Mia on your team.

I never wear any kind of glasses when running for the same reason that you mentioned. And I personally am a boxer-brief kind of guy (support 'the boys' without suffocating them...that's my motto). Butt-creep still happens occassionally, but I simply view it as something that must be endured. Kind of similar to our newsmedia.

I might give the thong thing a try, though.

Underwear? We don' need no steenkin' underwear!

Shorts are for spectators, liners are for runners.


love love love love them

I also opt for running hat instead of glasses because the glasses make me sweat more.

$.02 please

OK...I am not commenting on the post..but I read everyday so I had to leave this comment:
I AM SIX WEEKS PREGNANT!! FOUND OUT TODAY AT DOCTOR!! Been trying for a year now..and dammit I guess he finally did it right (he: my husband) ha ha. Had to let you know my BIG news!! I love you and your family to pieces!! OK ill go back and read your post now...

running shorts that have a very loose liner in underwear necessary.

running short with built in undies.

I don't need sunglasses 'cause here in AZ, its inside on the treadmill. One hundred degrees in not condusive to running outside. but, my partner - who is a crazy enough runner to get up at 4am to beat the heat - wears glasses, and he got the wires put on the end that keep them around his ears so that they won't fall off of his sweaty nose.

I wear Nike running shorts with the built in underwear, but I still wear real underwear with them. I like Tommy Hilfiger (yeah, I wear it and can't spell it - sad isn't it?) undies though. They seems to stay in place well and I think that maybe having the extra pair built into the shorts causes the fabrics to stick together a bit for a no-slippage run. As for sunglasses, I don't wear any unless it's really bright out and then I think my face gets sweaty and the little plastic pad deals just stick. I'm such a pretty picture when I'm running! Got to say I love both your and Chris' blogs.

my boyfriend makes fun of me because I wear underwear with my lined-shorts. I run longish distances and don't have a problem with the regular old underwear. I do have two pairs of patagonia lycra-whatever underwear and they don't move at all...

Boy shorts or thong underwear. They won't 'travel'.

And sports sunglasses shouldn't move around too much, especially with a cord.

All my running shorts have undies built right on in there. That's why they're called "running shorts" and not just "shorts." :)

I was thinking of trying boy shorts myself. I saw them recently in an ad, but they look small. I wear Victoria Secret's low rise briefs. I must not run long enough, as I haven't found that they move around. I haven't ran further than thirty minutes in years.

Yes, I wear sunglasses on the rare occasion that I run outside. I wear a cord that keeps them from falling off. I'd keep wearing the sunglasses due to cataract risks as we get older.

I own a variety of running bra's. The best for me is the more coverage. It stays in place and I feel more comfortable in it. It's by Champion, style #147. The rest of my workout bra's are smaller and tend to move and lack better coverage.

Boxer-briefs. You might try boy-shorts underwear?

body by victoria hip huggers
I wear them all the time though. No wedgies and no pantie lines.

I only run to catch my tram or bus. No advice here.

I just wear regular old underwear (well, in the summer I wear running shorts that have a liner and so I skip the undies then) and I've never really had a problem with them. You're right about the thong, but "certain mileage" is usually up around 10-12+ miles in my experience. However, a little Body Glide (found at any running store) will help that.

As for sunglasses - I don't wear them, because I think they would bounce and slip and annoy the hell out of me. If it's sunny, I'll wear a baseball-style (but fancy dry-fit) cap to keep the sun mostly out of my eyes (and my big ol' noggin and forehead covered and protected from sunburns).

No underwear when I run. I hate panty lines. Even when I'm at the gym and a thong at the gym just doesn't sound right...
(uh yeah...'cause *no underwear* at the gym sounds right)

I am a runner - ex long distance runner really since being diagnosed with freaking SLE (Lupus), but here are my tips:

underwear: none - wear the shorts that have built in underwear, that way they don't rub and they don't ride up. Nike makes great running shorts, as does In-Sport.

bra: Tight fitting sports bra - that way you can wear a t-shirt over it and take the t-shirt off if it gets too hot.

sunglasses: I never wore them. They bounced around and I swear they kept the heat in my eyes. Yes I typed that. Yes I am crazy.

hat: only on chilly days. I used to wear them on hot days and put a baggy of ice in it, but that was too much of a pain.

All you need is a good pair of UnderArmor and Silky Underwear dusting powder from LUSH.

When I ran, I went commando, but when I did other sports, I usually wore mens boxer briefs. You get a little bit of ride, but if you wear them tight enough, not enough to annoy you, or make you want to pick them out. The best part? They're cheap at walmart!

let me see that thong.
that thongthongthongthongthong.

oh's all about the thong. v-string to be exact. there's no chafing involved. no ma'am.

I run about 40k (25 miles) per week. Avoid cotton altogether. Get coolmax (or similar) running gear to avoid chafing and to keep you cool. Don't wear underpants! They will begin to really chafe as you run more and more. I'm serious. Proper running gear has inbuilt underwear more often than not. Get a sportsbra that squishes down your boobs as much as possible as well.

I'm just here to read 30 women say that they run without underwear.


Oh, yeah, I run with running shorts and built in underwear. But I'm a guy (read: has penis) so a thong isn't a good option for me.

In case nobody said it: BODYGLIDE. Will prevent chafing. Anywhere you get rubbage. Get the exercise stuff, not the sex stuff (unless you are going for the difficult quadrathlon)

Good luck!

When I run, I run with my geek goggles which have the thick transition lenses on them. (You know, the one that darkens when you go outside and lightens when you're indoor.) They bounce all over my face. Now because they are prescription, when they bounce, I can't see a dang thing.

My solution is one word: croakie.

Dorky as hell but it works. What can I say? :)

And as for underpants, my well worn and trusty cotton panties, bikini cut, work best.

No running tips as I don't do the running thing. However, I totally had to comment on Mia's running bra cute! Kira used to call bras "abras" [pronounced AH-bra] (probably from hearing me say something like "I need to buy a bra")...all the way until she was about 5 or so. I actually got her her own "abra" and panty set when she was, I think, 3 or 4 (really just a half-cami type thing, but X was NOT impressed). I just had to do it, though, 'cause she was so cute saying it. sigh. I am pathetic. mk

I wear thongs everyday, so I feel that thongs are the way to go. At least when you are wearing them, you know they are suppose to be up your ass. I go with a really light weight one, not that there is a lot of weight to most thongs. I believe less is best when it comes to panties. I run about 10 miles a week and wear the snuggest bra possible. If not, there will be soreness.

I know you said you weren't the type, but I gotta say going without underwear is the way to do it. I don't run, but I get a good workout from mowing my lawn (hills). One day I decided not to wear underwear while mowing because I hated how sweat-soaked they got, which in turn caused rubbing and pain. It was great. So, no underwear for me when mowing.

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