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Wine with everything

I had plans this morning to sit down at naptime and write an actual post that wasn't so freaking boring, but then I decided to give myself a pedicure instead. See, about a week ago I gave myself an emergency pedicure (one coat of polish only, just enough to wear sandals when it hits 80 and hope nobody looks at your feet). Since then, Mia has been telling me to clean up my toes, and I have to say I quite agreed with her, although she wants me to take the polish off, not just make it look a little better.

Anyway, you are neglected yet again today, but at least it is for a good cause and not because I'm spending my time mulching the yard or pulling up the floor in the basement bathroom (which holy hell am I glad I decided to do that because a distressing amount of cat pee got under the vinyl where the litter box used to be and now I at least know why the bathroom still stinks). Hey, does anybody know anything about sealing concrete? Are you so impressed by my rock star lifestyle? You know you are.

And ok, the truth is that I'm a little bored with the internet at the moment, which I know! What am I talking about? I love the internet! And I do, I would totally make out with it if I could, but lately I feel like we just don't have anything to talk about anymore and are growing apart and that maybe what we need is a romantic get-away to rediscover why we fell so deeply in love in the first place. And this is where you come in. Leave me a link in the comments to your best post from the past three months or so, or the best post you have read recently, although I would really rather have one of yours, and then I can go read them all and then it will be like the internet and I are feeding each other strawberries and champagne and we will love each other again and then we'll have wild make-up sex and hold on, I think I am taking this whole thing a bit too far.

Anyway, leave me a link. Sure, I probably read it already, but who cares? We all like greatest hits albums, don't we?

(Oh yes, the title is the current color of my toenails. So me, don't you think?)

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Yesterday I posted about my son being a fool for blondes. I think it's an amusing post, but then I also wrote it. So my opinion might not count for much!

I'm going to link you to one of my MEEMS. Ha ha. Just kidding. :) Off to search the archives and feed-readers! I ... don't wanna lose you, bay-bee.

I so know how you feel. I get these days where the internet is just not fun enough for me.
On a better note, yesterday was a great internet day, I read through some of your amusing archives about Mia at the age my son is now, (just shy of 3 months) and was SO happy to read that Mia was a big baby too, we've been told by almost EVERYONE that our breastfed baby is HUGE, the size of a 4 1/2 month old and we should put him on a diet. Hello how the hell do you put a three month old on a diet? Anyways thanks, for your blog and for having a cutie sumo baby too!

Not sure I've written anything fantastically amazing recently but this might amuse you:

I am bored with the internet too. It is a weird feeling. I get mad at my google reader when it is so full.

OK. but remember. You asked for it.

As you may know already, everything I write is amusing...especially with wine. For example, earlier today I was able to discuss Beat Box, Beer, Bon Jovi, American Idol, Oklahoma, my 5-year-old and hot guys all in one entry.

I know.

I'm very talented.

And if I don't amuse you, well go over to Kellyology's picks and click on "Why?" from Dadcentric. It was pretty funny.

Trying to find a post worthy enough to link and I realized, I have been posting lots of pictures over the past few months.

Surely you already caught these gems:


Now grind your comedy requirement back down to my level, and enjoy this:

and this (warning: Precious ahead) :

Okay.. Since I no longer have a blog, I will leave a link to THE FUNNIEST story I have ever read on a blog.

Well, sure! I love talking about me:

Do you want scary :,


or scary: (this one won't be up until six, but it is about Bob Dylan scaring children, so you don't want to miss it):

(I'll give you the direct link later if I remember.)

I think my favorite of the last few months was a post about celebrities (, mostly because it was fun hearing about my friends' celebrity sightings. My favorite post elsewhere would be the Greece story at Sweet Juniper ( Dutch is a great writer.

I know you're very "purple" and I'm kinda "black" but here's a post I wrote yesterday that has elicited some interesting responses.

I've got lots to write about but have also hit a ginormous blogging-blahs streak. I present to you my most recent entry, not super-entertaining, but worth the read:

I'm hoping a shiny new blog (with a non-crummy, non-spammy address) will solve the blahs and I'll be back to slingin' snark in no time.

p.s. your idea of a "freaking boring" post is still fantastic by most bloggie standards

I've been relying heavily on meme's for content the last couple months, but I'll give you this from January. Not the next greatest thing ever, but I'm interested in your response.

Also, it's not recent, but this is probably one of my favorite posts ever:

I'm to lazy to look very far in my archives, so I'll give ya this:

Oh man, I'm not in love with the internet right now either. I blame myself.

I wrote a post about something on the internet that I love over at Frema's site. Go here to read it.

(First time doing a link in a comment. I hope it works. If not, sorry...I'm an idiot!)

I don't know if it's the BEST, but it still makes me giggle:

I'm afraid I haven't written anything that I'm the least proud of in quite a while. I took a picture that I liked though!
So that's about all I've got to offer :-)

Hey, I'm pretty much a lurker but I've been reading Chris' blog for a while and came over here for the pictures. You don't know me from Adam, but I had a quick conversation with my wife recently that reminded me of some of the conversations you've had with Chris - it's all about the misheard words...

Ack, that last statement came out wrong. I came over here for the pictures, I stayed for the writing. Sorry!

OK, it makes me very uncomfortable selecting a "best" post, so I just picked the most recent one that is, in a small way, related to yours. I mention a pedicure at the end.

Here's an interesting post I wrote...last week? For me it was a jaw dropper, one of those I thought I'd seen everything and then there's this so I have to blog about it things. Oh-the link would help: Extraordinary.

Otherwise-my blog is pretty boring and uneventful.

Most of my posts are me talking about my son, but on one occasion I wrote about the other men in my life....

Nothing like saving the Earth to get your spirits up!!!!

I'm new here, so I guarantee you haven't read any of my posts! Here's one I wrote on my friend's blog when her baby was born:

Here's my latest entry on my blog:

Somewhat comical, you be the judge!

I'm at the beach with mom who does not know I have a blog, so leaving you a link would be tough. But, I know you already read my favorite post b/c we talked about it, it's Michael's 2nd b-day post.

Lately, I've been a combination of bored and busy...and yes...strangely puzzled by the changes in the blog world. Many people giving birth and moving. Also, an equal number just giving the old "heave ho" to blogging altogether. What does that mean for me, you ask? Low comments, that's what. And loneliness. I'll get back to you with a link. Right now I just need to be alone.

I left you a comment earlier that said it was going to be moderated?

Mom went to bed, so here are mine-

this is not going to cheer you up, but my post about the va tech shooting I'm pretty proud of-

and letting go of the mommy wars-

Damn, Beth. I hope you're satisfied as hell, because all you did for me is make crystal clear the amount of shit I've contributed to the cyber-dump in the past 3 months. This was a tricky one. But I decided I like this one because it's about my sister and she cracks me up. And I needed that tonight.

See? I can't even get a damn link to work tonight. Let's try it this way:

Pass the wine.

Not an especially inspired post but a pretty freakin' funny video of my kid. Plus you are one of the very few bloggers who would appreciate how much it sucks when it pours rain on Picnic Day!

Well, we had a crazy person turn up at our front door in the middle of the night a few weeks ago:

Then I wrote some haikus about bugs:

And, I've just learned a new way to keep the baby entertained:

I like this self horn-tootage. Very fun.

get bored with the internet?

wondering if i can...

well, I'd love to direct you to a link of one of my entries...but my scheming, lowly, ex has actually brought a case against me for emotional distress caused him by my writing about his misdeeds...I am not allowed to share until further notice...Please pass the wine.
But may I direct you to my current obsession:

I don't have any experience with concrete. Try looking for concrete sealer information on the following links. If that doesn't help, go speak with someone at your neighborhood home improvement store.

I'm not sure how interested you'll be in a blog that's mostly devoted to Goth arts and crafts, although here's one that's reasonably generic:

Instead, let me point you to Miss Doxie, who routinely makes me snort coffee out my nose:

Hi Beth!

I think everyone goes through times where the Internet is no substitute for a best friend (oddly enough, that means there are times where it actual is!) When it happens to me, I usually just flow with it and take some time off from it.

It's pretty amazing to me that you are able to post things on at least 2 blogs a day- I'm not sure I could keep up that kind of schedule!

I recently posted some pictures of my life on my blog (that I'm still working on developing) but the writing is definitely not as good as yours!

best wishes!

I'm still new and working out the writing kinks, but I hope there might be something here to amuse you:

It's okay if you don't want to make out with me or the rest of the internet afterwards. Sometimes relationships just need to wane for a little bit. Especially in the spring, when there is sun and flowers and such.

Hmmm... this one was pretty fun:

Enjoy! And hopefully we can all successfully lure you back into loving the internet again. God forbid you stopped kissing us all with tongue -- what would we do then?!

I am wearing the same polish on my toes right now! My favorite color. Is yours Revlon?

Here's a link to my latest. If you like pictures of adorable dogs (I'm not biased), go back a couple of posts instead.

Here it is...

Not a blog but I thought it was funny yet scarily familiar.

I recently wrote about father/daughter relationships - and especially about becoming a new mommy and experiencing that from a different perspective.

Okay, first of all,
on this limited amount of time to think, that's the best I can do for now...
Second of all, my husband and I own a concrete company and I'm sure can get you any and all knowledge needed or questions answered about sealing concrete. There, I feel of some use for today!

this one still makes me laugh becauae I am still dealing with the underlying issues and my lovely assistant, who is actually responsible for most of the content, still blames me for causing such emotional distress (I kid, but we do find it odd and wrong that we are still dealing with this crap)

p.s. I too love that OPI colour - it's my winter fave; in spring I'm a Strawberry Margharita girl

I've been writing mostly drivel lately too...

Luckily I only had to go back one month to find a post worth listing for you:

Hope the internet and you make up soon.

Thats so funny b/c Wine With Everything used to be my favorite lipstick color... although now I am relating it to toes so... maybe its ruined for lips.

Want to read about the weirdness that is the last six weeks of a school year? Here.

Feel free to read my latest. I'm still kinda new to blogging and have received no comments ever. Feel free to pop my cherry.

Then we can make out!

I think this one of mine is funny, but only if you have a toddler.

Well, there' this one, which is actually about one of the monkeys,

But then there's this one,
which is long, but it tells a lot about what my mind has been like for the last few months :)

Anyway, boring from you beats boring from me anyday ;)

I think this one might be the best from the last 3 months or so...

The post I wrote today is nice :)

I thought I'd posted something here yesterday, but I don't see it.
So, first of all, we own a concrete company and can get you any and all information you need or questions answered.
Second of all, here's my go at something to read...

I don't feel like I've written anything of worth lately. Pregnancy is sucking my brain and creativity dry. But I'm glad this is just a passing phase of boredom - I know sometimes I feel like I've reached the ENDS of the Intraweb and there's nothing good to read anymore - and then I get over it, too.

This isn't exactly one of my BEST, but it's damn funny and a good example of Why the Internet is Awesome. Because this is the kind of stuff you can find on it:

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